Taking out his cell phone, Dohyun reflexively frowned at the name on the screen.

“Are you not picking up the phone?”

At those words, Dohyeon slowly lifted his cell phone.

As soon as he answered the phone, he heard a familiar voice.

– Dohyun! Where did you go?

“I’m at the park, Helia.”

– I said you can’t go for a walk alone.


He was going to go back undetected, but it was completely ruined.

– Ha, really.… Did you say a park? Stay still! I’ll go there

“No. I’ll go in right now.”

After Dohyun barely persuaded the nurse by saying that he would go quickly, he felt a little lethargic at the thought of Helia’s nagging.

“Did you sneak out?”

“… Yes.”

Jung Heesung saw that Dohyun still had an expressionless face and a calm tone, but he seemed to have a drooping tail behind him.

Jung Heesung said in a laughing voice.

“Go in quickly before you get further scolded.”

“What about you?”

Jung Heesung had a better complexion now, but just a while ago, he looked like anyone could easily knock him down.

He was suffering from the same disease, so Dohyun knew full well how excruciating the sudden pain was.

Sometimes the pain went away in an instant, but it’s not guaranteed that it wouldn’t come back.

Jung Heesung thought about Dohyun’s question for a while before he spoke.

“Shall I go in too, then?”


Jung Heesung burst into laughter at the answer that came without hesitation.

“Okay then. Come with me.”

Jung Heesung rose from his seat with a sigh.

He looked fine that it was hard to see him as someone who had been sick enough to break out in a cold sweat just now.

Is he really okay?

Dohyun looked at Jung Heesung with a slightly suspicious look, but the other calmly talked about this and that as if nothing was wrong.

This was the first time Dohyun had a normal conversation with someone without the other having negative emotions about himself. That’s why, at some point, he forgot about Jung Heesung’s condition and immersed himself in the conversation.

After talking like that, they arrived at the hospital in the blink of an eye.

Was the park this close to the hospital?

Dohyun’s expression darkened.

I want to talk a little longer.

However, only Dohyun thought so.

Jung Heesung climbed into the elevator and looked down at Dohyun.

“What floor are you on?”

Dohyun, who was a little disappointed, replied in a slightly drooping voice. “The seventh floor.”

“The 7th floor? I am also on the 7th floor.”

“… Yes?”

Dohyun’s face brightened again. “What number is it?”

“Room 714. You?”

“Room 703. ”

“It’s not enough that we’re in the same hospital. We’re also on the same floor. That’s interesting.”


Dohyun said a little excited.

The elevator stopped on the 7th floor and Dohyun, who stopped in front of his hospital room, looked back at Jung Heesung.

When Dohyun looked at himself hesitantly, Jeong Heeseong waited for Dohyun slowly.


“Yes. Why?”

After taking a deep breath for a while, Dohyun tried to hide his trembling heart and asked cautiously.

“… Can I go to your hospital room tomorrow?”

Jung Heesung froze at the completely unexpected words.

On the contrary, Dohyun regretted bringing it up.

I can just pass it off nonchalantly, as if it doesn’t matter if he said no. Really, why am I getting excited by myself…

While Dohyun was blaming himself in his heart, Jung Heesung, who had been hard as ice, suddenly laughed cheerfully.

It was the first time someone smiled at him, so Dohyun was at a loss for words.

“Yeah, come play.”

For some reason, Dohyun felt like crying.

And, strangely enough, I thought that the man in front of me also wanted to cry.

It can’t be. 

A lot of strange things just happened today, so he felt a bit too emotional.

Dohyun tried to shake off his thoughts.

“There are conditions instead.”


Dohyun was a little nervous at Jung Heesung’s words.

What was the condition?

He did not know what it would be.

Seeing Dohyun like that, Jung Heesung smiled.

“Call me ‘brother’. Don’t call it without affection.”

“… Aren’t you an uncle, not a brother?”

Jung Heesung felt a bit pricked by Do-hyeon’s eyes, but he stood firm in his opinion.

“Then don’t come to play.”

Dohyun blinked.

How childish.

Unknowingly, Dohyun thought so and said with a slightly ambiguous expression.

“I understand, brother. See you tomorrow.”

“Ugh. Yes.”

After Dohyun said that, he entered the room and Jeong Hee-seong, who waved and saw off Dohyun, lowered his hand.

Jung Heesung looked at the tightly closed door with a bewildered face.