Chapter 79 - Chapter 79: Chapter 70 Is it really carrying the essence? 1

Chapter 79: Chapter 70 Is it really carrying the essence? 1

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Demon Valley is a ravine extending for twelve kilometers, where the flat wilderness sinks, forming a long narrow valley. Many of the buildings on either side are built into the mountain or directly excavated into caves. Fences were installed outside these caves to house slaves.

However, now the fences are all removed, and all the slaves have been freed, because the three leaders of the Demon Valley are dead, and a once-in-a-millennium Sword Saint has emerged from the human Ice City.

The environment in the Demon Valley is actually the most advantageous, because at the end of the ravine is the Great Rift, a chasm so vast it nearly splits the plane in half. This leads to a bursting hot lava, forming a ceaseless Lava River.

The chasm blocks the Resting Wind, making it spring all year round in Demon Valley, without distinctions of the seasons. Thus crops can be grown twice a season.

The terraced fields cultivated on both sides of the chasm provide ample farming area. The only drawback is the steep slopes, where people would occasionally slip and fall into the Lava River below, turning into ashes.

This could have been easily mitigated by placing fences or ropes, but neither fences made of wood nor ropes made of hemp, which are scarce resources in this world, were installed. However, slaves weren’t scarce, so slaves were sent to do the farming.

In Demon Valley, this is how negligible the life of a slave is.

But all this changed not long ago. A human Sword Saint infiltrated Demon

Valley, killing the two leaders. Then there were rumors that the third leader, Turus, also died as the brands of the demon Turus imprinted on those slaves gradually disappeared.

After killing people, Luther fled, but the leaderless Demon Valley underwent earth- shaking changes.

The Inferior Demons, Little Inferior Demons, Flame Demons, and the like who were under the demon leaders still wanted to enslave others, but they were rebelled against by human slaves, who threatened the demons, “I’ll call the Sword Saint to kill you.”

Well, under the formidable reputation of the once-in-a-millennium Sword

Saint, the demons gave up their privilege to continue to enslave other races. Different races co-existed peacefully. The land was still farmed, but fences and safety ropes were installed, and the slave caves were no longer locked.

Succubus Giggle came to the pool with a satisfied expression holding her clothes.

Although succubi also belong to demons, they were classified as slaves and deeply exploited in Demon Valley.

Under normal circumstances, they are constantly tortured, beaten, and starved. Thanks to the robust physique of the succubi, Giggle managed to survive tenaciously until she grew up. She owed much to a human slave whom Giggle called Giant Rock.

When on times of hunger, it was Giant Rock who secretly stashed food for her. When she fell ill, it was Giant Rock who, after a hard day’s work, looked after her until she recovered.

As she grew older, Giggle slowly developed into a beautiful little succubus. Not long ago, a demon had taken a fancy to her and was about to claim her for himself, to play with her until he got bored and threw her away to be a slave again.

Fortunately, the powerful Sword Saint suddenly appeared. Demon Valley underwent a sea change, and all the slaves were liberated. That night, in front of everyone, Giggle pulled Giant Rock into her cave and forcefully declared, “You are mine!”

The former human slave, Giant Rock, has now become exclusive ‘slave’ of succubus Giggle. Today is the sixty-ninth day of their mutual enslavement.

Humming her favorite tune, Giggle carefully washed the clothes. Last night, they had discovered a new position. The final ‘Divine Intercourse’ drew closer. When the time comes, she will be able to bear a halfling succubus for Giant Rock with human traits.

The reproductive ability of a succubus is very special (skipping six thousand words…).

A figure flew over from the sky glanced at her and suddenly stopped, “A heretic?”

Giggle sensed something unusual, looked up at the sky, and saw an angel in shining armor with wings on her back.

The angel suspended in mid-air, her hands clenched into fists and then slowly unfolded to reveal a substantial light sword in her hand.

Giggle sensed something was wrong, turned around and ran towards her cave. Her actions alarmed many people, and everyone looked up into the sky.

The angel muttered softly, “The holy light purifies worldly shadows, the Holy Spirit’s sword eliminates all heretics. In the name of the light, judgment!” Light fell from the sky, and a sword slashed towards the succubus.

“No!” A slender human rushed out from a nearby cave, throwing his arms in front of the succubus.

The sword light fell on the human, exploded into countless light spots, and disappeared. The human wasn’t hurt a bit.

The angel landed, clenching her fists again, ignoring the human in front of her, pulling out a new light sword, and said, “The Judgment’s Sword does not kill humans, step aside.”

The human thought he was doomed was scared until his legs weakened. He touched himself and realized that he was unhurt. After hearing the angel state that ‘it does not harm humans,’ he became more determined to protect Giggle, and solidly shielded her behind him: “No, this is not a heretic, this is my wife.”

“Demons are heretics, please step aside.” said the angel, her face expressionless.

Giant Rock, the human, bravely stared into the eyes of the angel, steadfastly refusing to move.

The angel swiftly reached out and grabbed Giant Rock’s throat, and with a twist, there was a crisp snap, and his neck was broken..