Chapter 41 - Chapter 41: Chapter 41: The Emergence of the Dragon_l

Chapter 41: Chapter 41: The Emergence of the Dragon_l

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With everyone else scurrying away, Ange was left with some free time. Holding the bronze dragon scale, he asked, “How do I use this?”

“What do you mean by ‘How do I use this’? What do you intend to do with my scale! Grind it into powder for tea or use it as a wall decoration!” Negris roared in despair.

Nothing could be more heartbreaking than witnessing your own ‘remains’. What’s even more tragic is that the remains are such a small piece. Where’s the rest of it?

The piece left was so tiny, and Ange actually intended to ‘use’ it?!

“Oh.” Ange turned around and found a basin, into which he placed the bronze dragon scale.

Negris was furious, “For Kvada, I was joking! You aren’t actually planning on soaking it in water, are you!”

Ange poured a bottle of essence into it, just enough to cover the dragon scale, then squatted next to the basin to observe.

“Heh, soaking dragon scales in essence, what a luxury. Thousands of demon crystals gone just like that.” Outraged by Ange’s treatment of his scale, Negris mocked sarcastically.

But it would be strange if Ange understood the sarcasm. After observing for a while and noticing no changes, he picked it up and shone Holy Light of the Purification Magic onto it, but to no avail.

After thinking for a moment, Ange cast the Purification Magic again, but this time, it was the Face Purification Technique that Lisa had improved.

Negris finally realized that Ange wasn’t just randomly messing around with his scale, he was conducting a targeted experiment, “What on Earth are you doing?”

Ange pointed at the angel skull, “Regrow.”

Negris finally caught on. Apparently, Ange hoped to regrow its body from its scales, just like the skeleton of the angel skull had done.

“Are you dreaming? I’m not an angel skull that can be regenerated with a beam of Holy Light,” Negris thought Ange was overly ambitious.

“Only angels, who in essence are not organisms but combat tools created by the gods of the Church of Light to combat heresies, can be resurrected by Holy Light. It’s different from natural life. To think that you can resurrect it with a single dragon scale is like reviving a person from ashes… huh…”

While Negris was rambling, a thin layer of something suddenly grew out on the dragon scale.

“Did that actually work? What the heck is that?” Negris let out a cry of surprise.

Ange continued to shine the Holy Light Technique without a break, and the growth on the dragon scale kept thickening, quickly reaching a thickness of about one millimeter.

“Despite its thinness, it’s clearly dragon scum. Kvada, did you just regenerate my skin through a scale? Impossible! It’s illogical! How can this be? There’s no theoretical basis! Does this mean there are gaps in my knowledge? No way! I am the God of Knowledge!”

This strange phenomenon shook Negris, causing him to subconsciously fall into doubt and ramble on like a madman.

When the dragon scum grew to three millimeters, a tissue clearly resembling skin began to grow.

“I’ve got it. It’s because of the ‘holy’ in the Holy Light. It contains your will in your casting of the Holy Light, which allows it to effectively resurrect normal life forms,” Negris pondered and finally came up with- or rather- forced out an explanation that seemed plausible.

The term ‘holy’ in Holy Light Magic represents willpower. So-called divine powers are the wills of gods, just like the Church of Light. When undead beings are deemed heretics, Holy Light Magic causes extra damage to them.

But when Ange uses the same Holy Light Magic, it can significantly beautify witches.

With his own Soul Network and Faith Elemental Force, Ange has the basis for the ‘holy’. Lisa’s Face Purification Magic only exhibits the effect of ‘holy’ when borrowing Ange’s power.

When Ange believed that the dragon scale could grow a ‘Dragon’, the Holy Light would respect his will.

This was the only logical explanation Negris could think of. Regardless of its accuracy, transpose it first and then verify it later.

Layers of dragon scum, keratin, epidermis, dermis kept growing under the dragon scale. When it grew to the thickness of two fingers, no matter how hard Ange tried, it couldn’t grow any larger. Plus, the growing surface felt like it was about to contract.

For some reason, Negris felt a sense of relief, and said, “See? As expected, it doesn’t work. You can’t resurrect a giant dragon with a single dragon scale.

You’re dreaming.”

But Ange wasn’t discouraged. He put the contracting dragon scale and dragon skin into the essence liquid. After soaking for a bit, the contracted part relaxed and extended.

Ange continued casting the Purification Magic and the dragon scale started growing again.

Negris didn’t know what to say. Why hadn’t he thought of doing this?

If a wound soaked in essence liquid can regenerate, then theoretically, if a severed hand is put into the essence liquid, it should also be able to regenerate a whole person. But no one has ever had this much essence liquid. Even if someone had this idea, there’s no means of trying.

Simply possessing the essence liquid wouldn’t work. Soaking in it could only prevent contraction. For continuous growth, one must keep casting the Purification Magic. Moreover, it must be the ‘holy’ light Purification Magic that contains Angels will. It probably wouldn’t work if Lisa tried.

Suddenly, Ange’s Purification Magic brightened several times, turning into a larger Purification Magic.

“Is this…a level up? No way, is there such a thing as Level 2 Purification Magic?” Negris almost popped out of Angel s body, wanting to personally study this large-scale version of Purification Magic.

Purification Magic is a Level 1 Holy Light Magic. There isn’t any Level 2 Purification Magic. Something more advanced would be Mass Purification or Holy Light Flash.

Right, Holy Light Flash is in actuality the upgraded version of Purification

Magic. Theoretically, the pinnacle of Purification Magic is Holy Light Flash.

However, this large version of Ange’s Purification Magic had nothing to do with Mass Purification or Holy Light Flash. It was just a stronger Purification Magic, with the intensity of the Holy Light being several times stronger than before.

Level 2 Purification Magic improved efficiency. The dragon scale grew even faster. It grew to the size of a fist in half a day, the size of a watermelon in a day, and fully formed in two days. By then, Ange had used up all twenty liters of the holy nutritional essence.

In front of Ange was a half-meter-long bronze dragon…. corpse. Yep, it was definitely a corpse. Despite its appearance of vitality, its heart wouldn’t beat, its blood wouldn’t flow— it was dead.

At this point, even Negris was a little at a loss. Ange had actually made a dragon, although it differed from what he had envisioned. This wasn’t the Bronze Dragon Negris but a Little Bronze Dragon. Was this what it looked like when it was young?

“What now? Shouldn’t we aim to bring it to life? How about giving it a little shock to try?” suggested Negris.

“Shock?” Ange tilted his head in confusion, “Won’t it get cooked?”

“Cook your head! Electric shocks can cause muscle twitching and contraction. If the heart muscle is shocked, it has a certain chance of returning to normal function. Shock it a little, on the area of the heart,” Negris explained. We’ve already got a dead dragon posing as a living one, if we don’t now bring the dead dragon back to life, then creating it would serve no purpose.

Twentyliters of sacred essence liquid, according to human world prices, corresponds to 200,000 Demon Crystals! That’s enough to buy a mature giant dragon..