Chapter 32 - Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Holy Light Flash_l

Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Holy Light Flash_l

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Turus never expected that these droplets that mocked him might actually perish him. The droplets were becoming more numerous, denser, and colder, and he just couldn’t hit the enemy. Unbelievably, this skeleton could fly!

A flying skeleton? Would anyone dare to believe such a thing? Yet, this was happening right in front of Turus. As he hurled a magma fireball, a gust of wind lifted Ange into the air, easily dodging the fireball.

Totally unprepared for such a twist, Turus watched the magma fireball hit the ground without managing to lock his gaze onto Ange, creating a big pit oozing with hot lava bubbles.

As the magic power within Ange grew stronger, the droplets that rained down on Turus increased in density, and surprisingly, their temperature was dropping, consequently stealing more and more heat from Turus’s body.

While Turus was launching another fireball followed by a magma explosion, Ange had already showered him with ten more waves of droplets. With steam steadily rising, the lava flowing on Turus’s body had started to solidify into a hard shell.

As Turus prepared another magma explosion, he narrowed his eyes, locking his gaze onto Ange.

Once a magic cast had been shot, its direction could be controlled. This was known as gaze locking.

The more the magic leaned towards elemental damage, the easier it was to lock its gaze. In contrast, physical damage-oriented magic, like the Magma Explosion, relied on speed and explosion to harm enemies and was less effective with gaze locking.

Only the approximate direction could be adjusted, unlike the Fireball Technique, which could make sharp turns midair. Even less like Angels droplets, which effortlessly veered left or floated higher whenever desired.

The difficulty in locking target could not be helped, since Ange, as a skeleton, was immune to elemental damage.

Withstanding the shower of droplets, Turus mustered another magma fireball. However, as soon as the fireball took shape, it was doused by the droplets. The resulting steam affected the intensity of its flame.

“Ha!” Turus urged, and the magma fireball grew hot once again.

Yet, another round of droplets fell, cooling the fireball again. Due to the interruption of the droplets, the fireball’s heat never soared as expected. Eventually, Turus had no choice but to launch the incomplete magma fireball while keeping his gaze fixed on Ange.

The result was as expected. The cooled magma fireball missed Ange and hit nothing.

Even when dodging, Ange never stopped the magic fluctuation, causing the droplets to grow denser and colder. Eventually, the droplets turned into ice crystals and pierced Turus’s molten skin like tiny needles.

In a state of panic, Turus spread his wings and lunged at Ange. If his fireballs couldn’t hit the target, he would tear it apart with his own hands.

Ange turned around and ran.

He recalled Little Zombie’s strategy against the Ashbone Skeleton when he found the Lava Demon too powerful to defeat. Little Zombie had relied on its speed to knock off the Ashbone Skeleton’s minions one by one.

Ange ran fast and flew even faster when he applied the Pollination spell on himself.

Despite this, Ange didn’t stop the droplets. The frequency only halved, but each droplet that landed on Turus stripped the demon of its heat.

After chasing for a while under the shower of droplets, Turus realised he couldn’t catch up. Parts of his skin had hardened into a shell, and were he to carry on, he might actually be extinguished.

“My god, what kind of skeleton is this? Why is its magic so inexhaustible?” He has already poured hundreds of waves, yet there was still no sign of stopping.

This was so unfair. Turus decided not to play along anymore and turned around to run in the opposite direction.

“Tsk tsk, just like a demon to do that, knowing when to concede and retreat. Are you already running away?” Feilin, who was watching from a safe distance, mocked the retreating figure.

The very reason for his hatred of demons was their cunning, slick ways. When everything was going their way, they were full of arrogance, but the moment danger appeared, they disappeared without a trace. He was certain that the previous epidemics were also a demon’s doing, but there was no proof.

If not for Ange ls pursuit, they wouldn’t have been able to gather evidence besides a few footprints.

Just based on a few footprints couldn’t confront the Demon Valley. They could easily turn the table and blame you, “You dare to blame us, the Demon Valley, with just a few footprints? I found two bones, so does it mean you skeletons played a trick on our succubus?!”

Surprisingly, those footprints might have been intentionally left by Turus. Trying to escape? Ange quickly turned and gave chase.

No matter how Turus ran, Ange was always not far behind, with water droplets never stopping.

Seeing that he couldn’t continue this way, Turus roared in anger, and stomped hard on the ground.

The ground cracked in a spider-web-like pattern with Turus’s foot acting as the center. Flame sprang from the cracks, molten lava rolled, and two Magma Giants, larger than Turus, rose and rushed towards Ange.

Seizing the chance, Turus took to his heels and swiftly glided away with the help of his wings.

Magma Giants. There was a dull thud. The Magma Giant looked down in surprise. It felt like something had just hit it.

The Little Zombie bounced back, falling onto the ground. He touched his head, only to find the place where he’d bumped into the Magma Giant a scorched bald patch.

Attack incoming! Attack incoming! Flames sprung forth from the Magma Giant’s body. Lifting its leg, it stomped towards the Little Zombie.

Holding the scorched part of his head, the Little Zombie ran off, successfully luring the Magma Giant away.

“Master, leave this to me!” Aisike, who had been cheering from afar, finally seized an opportunity to perform. He fired the Death Arrow right out the gate. The arrow, formed by the breath of death, hit the Magma Giant, extinguishing a large chunk of its flames.

The attacked Magma Giant abandoned Ange as its target and lunged at Aisike instead.

However, during this delay, Turus had managed to put some distance between himself and Ange. Ange glanced at the far-off demon, then at the sky, knowing he couldn’t catch up now, for night was approaching and the Resting Wind was about to rise.

If it wasn’t for the Resting Wind, the skeletons would’ve definitely caught up to Turus with their endurance.

Ange stopped, prepared to give up, but then the Angel Skeleton ran in front of him, pointed at the demon, then at himself, and finally at Angels hand.

He’s asking for Holy Light? Why? He hadn’t been injured.

Ange was puzzled, but he still performed the Purification in accordance with the Angel Skeleton’s gesture. The Holy Light emerged in the palm of his hand. The Angel Skeleton extended his hands to grab, then cupped the Holy Light as if he was holding sand.

Light, it can’t be held…right? Ange cocked his head, wondering what the Angel Skeleton was trying to do.

But oddly enough, the Light was ‘held’ up. The Angel Skeleton just scooped up the Holy Light from Angels hand as if he were scooping up sand, then stuffed it into his mouth.

A big question mark popped up in Ange’s soul. He flipped his palm around to check. What happened? How did the Holy Light change?

In his confusion, the Angel Skeleton urged him, indicating his palm anxiously.

Again? Ange performed the Purification Technique once more.

The Angel Skeleton scooped up the Holy Light, shoved it into his mouth, and looked up at him again.

Again? Ange repeatedly performed the Purification while the Angel Skeleton kept scooping the Light into his mouth. After stuffing in sixty doses, his wings gradually lit up. Every time he swallowed a dose of Holy Light, its wings would brighten a little until they finally had a touch of the Angel’s luminescence.

Would it explode at this rate? Ange hesitated, unsure whether he should keep feeding it with Holy Light.

But the Angel Skeleton seemed to have enough. It turned around to face the demon, spread its wings wide open, and pushed both hands hard forward.

A huge beam of light erupted from its body, illuminating the entire sky after a quick flash.

Turus was taken aback by the sudden light. His entire body was engulfed by the beam of light. After the light beam disappeared, Turus was seen to be smoking, and he crash-landed onto the ground.

Feilin and Aisike’s jaws nearly dropped to the ground. Feilin tremblingly said, “The…Holy Light Flash! Holy Light Flash! Is it even possible? It’s… it’s too overpowering, isn’t it?”

The Angel Skeleton, who had released the Holy Light Flash, also knelt on the ground helplessly. Its body began to crumble, sending up countless black ashes..