17 Chapter 17 Fanatic_1

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Naturally, the one who was howling was the Little Zombie, who disrupted the skeleton and fell to the ground, intending to charge toward the other skeletons at the back. However, upon hearing Ange’s ‘howl’, it reluctantly fell back.

Ange looked at it with a hint of surprise. He had never known that the Little Zombie could run so fast, much faster than ordinary zombies, faster than skeletons, and even faster than a human sprinting a hundred meters.

Ange now understood how it could harass the Ashbone Skeleton without receiving any injuries, dispelling so many of their opponents. With this kind of speed, nothing on the wasteland could possibly catch up with it.

The skeleton that had been reduced to one arm was terrified. It stared at Ange while retreating, gradually picking up its own fragments – first the other arm, then a leg, followed by the other. After assembling its legs, it hastily stood up and ran away.

As for its companion, he ran away without a fight as soon as Ange let out a ‘howl’.

“We’re saved.” The boy let out a sigh of relief, but in doing so, lost his grip on his sister, and the two of them tumbled to the ground.

The little girl probably got hurt from the fall, and started crying weakly. The boy anxiously crawled a few steps to help her up, glancing around.

His gaze first landed on Ange, then on the Little Zombie, and finally the Silver Skeleton. Unable to rely on anyone, he grit his teeth, held his sister and crawled to the altar, frantically knocking his head against the ground.

With each bow, a strand of soul flame flooded into the Undead Fire, as if it was free of charge.

Ange simply stared at him till Negris couldn’t bear it anymore and said, “What are you standing around for? Save her! This is a devout believer and we can’t let him down. If we do, all his fanatic faith will turn into resentment towards his belief and he’ll become a Fallen Believer.”

Ange tilted his head: “How do I save her?” As a farming skeleton, even feeding people a few bites of food would inadvertently cause them severe discomfort. It’s obvious the little girl wasn’t starving, so he didn’t know how to save her.

Negris sighed, “Such rotten luck to have met you.”

Since meeting Ange, Negris had broken too many rules. Although part of it was due to his own reckless desolation after being sealed away, it was mostly because Ange was too frustrating. He constantly did the unexpected and if left unattended, he would really let things slide towards the most undesirable situation.

Ange was extremely lucky to come across such a devout believer. Negris decided not to obsess over this matter. After all, he was already sealed and did not need rules to constrain himself, so let it vanish.

“It’s nothing more than the Demon’s Dysentery. It causes the infected to vomit and purge until they die of dehydration. It’s easy to cure. You know the owner here, right? Borrow a mage from him. Doesn’t need to be a high-level one, an apprentice would do,” Negris suggested.

“Magic? I can do it,” said Ange.

“You can? You, a skeleton, know magic? Stop joking and go find someone,” Negris scoffed. Skeletons knowing magic? With their weak spiritual power and linear thinking, they can perform magic? They can’t even draw a magic circle.

“I know four spells; Rain, Burn Wasteland, Pollination, and Soil Loosening,” Ange said, while casting ‘Rain’. His palm opened, pointing it at a small area in front of him. The elements began to converge there, quickly forming droplets that pitter-pattered down to the ground, almost as if it was raining.

“What kind of nonsense magic is this? It’s all about farming! Don’t tell me you created these yourself?” Negris, the God of Knowledge, was actually stumped by these spells. He had never heard of them. Are there such spells in the world that he hadn’t heard of?

Ange nodded. Indeed, these were his original creations. As a farming skeleton, watering was part of his daily routine, which previously involved fetching water from the well to irrigate the land.

Until the fifth year after the undead souls disappeared, the wells near the farm dried up.

Seeing the crops withering day by day, Ange was very anxious and tried to find a solution. You should know that Ange, from more than a thousand years ago, had a smaller brain capacity than now, so after months of thinking, he was unable to find a solution and had to watch the crops wither away.

As he kept thinking and thinking, it was like he was meditating. So, by the second year, he could sense the ‘water’ in the air and then he thought to pour that ‘water’ from the air onto the ground.

In the beginning, he could only condense enough water to irrigate three to five crops. Hence, that year, he harvested only three catties of grain. The next year, his spiritual power increased significantly and he could condense enough water to irrigate a ridge of field. That year, he harvested twenty catties of grain.

So it went, in the third, fourth, and fifth years till the three hundred and twentieth year when he could finally cast the ‘Rain’ spell without interruption for a whole day, allowing him to irrigate the entire farm.

With the experience of creating the Rain spell, Ange then created the ‘Soil Loosening’ spell to make cultivating the fields easier. He also created a Pollination spell as there were few insects on the farm, and without artificial pollination, many plants couldn’t bloom.

And the Burn Wasteland spell was for fertilizing the fields.

In terms of fertilizing the fields, Ange noticed that weeds were more abundant in places where skeletons had fallen, so he tried throwing the decayed bones into the fields. As expected, fields with bones were more fertile than those without, and grinding them into powder made them even more effective.

There’s no place where bones were denser than at Resting Camp. Dilapidated bones were scattered everywhere, so picking up a small part of them was enough for Ange to use for a long time.

This is the reason why Ange knew magic.

“You really do know magic, but your magic power is too weak, it’s only about the level of a level 1 mage. But why can you continuously cast magic? Your tiny bit of magic power should be consumed by just one spell. Try it again,” Negris was puzzled.

Ange cast the Rain spell as per Negris’s request. After the droplets pitter-pattered on the ground, Ange cast another Rain spell. In this way, when the previous magic disappeared, the next magic was ready.

So it seemed that Ange’s hands were like a sprinkler, pouring water all over the ground without stopping.

“The only explanation is that you have infinite spiritual power, causing your magic power to recover extremely fast,” Negris thought of a possibility. You can sense the size of magic power, but spiritual power is untraceable. Except for making the person look spirited, how could you tell if a skeleton ‘has a spirit’?

“Since you can use magic, let’s do it this way. Get a cup of water. This is a Purification spell, a simple level 1 Holy Light magic. The purified water is Holy Water, specifically for driving away Dysentery,” Negris suggested while preparing the spell.

After finishing his spell, Negris laughed as though he had thought of something amusing: “Hehe, if the fellows from the Church of Light knew that a skeleton had learned their Purification spell, I wonder what their expressions would be?”