Low and deep voice, magnetic and pleasant to hear so let Lu Jingen like.

She smiled softly and was very satisfied. She stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the corner of his mouth.

"Where shall we celebrate?"

Gu Yijue raised his hand and put the flowers in her arms. "Grace, congratulations on your graduation."

Lu Jingen holds the flower, sniffs it, holds his face in the brilliant flowers, smiles and tilts his head. "What else?"

Gu Yijue touched the soft top of the little girl's head, and the corner of his lips raised a faint smile.

"Go to your house."

"Oh - ah?"

Lu Jingen's surprised expression didn't slow down for a long time.

"What's the matter? It's time to visit. I've confirmed with your brother before. They're all waiting at home. Let's go. "

"Ah ah ah?"

Lu Jingen's reaction comes from this, but she has been dragged away by Gu Yijue.

Hu Lili wants to say something in the back, but she shrugs her shoulders and takes Lu Jingen's camera. Meimei takes a selfie.

sure enough, the effect of professional camera is so good.


In the car, Lu Jingen was worried all the time.

"Are you really going? For two years, they've been doing things like that. They're really not afraid to go to my father and drive you out? "

"Brother Gu, how about another day?"

"Brother Gu, are you ready? If they don't have a good attitude towards you, you should take more responsibility... "

Lu Jingen is nagging. Suddenly, Gu Yijue's car stops.

Lu Jingen was shocked. "Why don't you go?"

"Yes, I'm not so shameful," Gu said

"No, no, I don't mean that."

Lu Jingen immediately explained, "I'm just afraid my family will embarrass you. Of course, brother Gu is the best. "

"Well, then don't worry about anything. Can we go on now? "

Lu Jingen smiled modestly, "OK, let's go!"

But her little expression was heavy as death.

Gu Yijue doesn't expose her. He's funny, but he keeps moving forward steadily.

In the past two years, he did not receive less difficulties or troubles. Of course, in fact, Gu Yijue knows that the advantages of these troubles outweigh the disadvantages, and the same is true for Jueshi.

And he also knows that these are just the little girls around him, worth it.

This high little princess, he finally trekked mountains and rivers, climbed to the peak, and entered the little princess's palace.

Lu's garden was finally allowed to enter.

When Lu Jingen led his hand into the house, his parents and brothers were all there. It was not surprising to see them come in.

But Lu Jingen suddenly became a little cautious.

"Dad, mom, brother, this is Gu yejue, my boyfriend."

This official visit, even if we know each other, needs a formal introduction.

Gu Yijue was respectful and gave the gift to the steward beside him. "Hello, uncle and aunt, Jingxing. First visit, excuse me. "

Lu Jingen almost held his breath. He was afraid that if his father was not happy, he would drive him out.

However, what Lu Jingen didn't expect was that Lu Jinting said faintly, "well, here you are? Come and sit down. "

"Yes, uncle."

Gu Yijue takes Lu Jingen and sits opposite them.

Lu Jingxing also smiled lightly. "Brother Gu, finally, you are welcome."

Mucheng also smiled, "have some tea, how can you come? Did king miss some time at school

"No, there are some traffic jams on the road."

These three people treat Gu yejue as if they were a family. There is no tension and indifference in Lu Jingen's imagination, and there is no bloody cudgel. What's more, my father even talks to Gu yejue so well?

Looking at the way they talked happily, Lu Jingen suspected that all this was a dream.

"Mom, mom? What's the matter? Am I wrong? "

Mucheng chuckles, "what are you wrong, you girl?"

"Is it - Dad? How can he talk so well? Didn't give him a cold shoulder? "

"You are a girl. Your father is not good to Ye Jue, so you are happy?""But it can't be so peaceful, can it?"

"The reason for peace is that in the past two years, ye Jue has done a good job and satisfied your father. What do you think it is? "

Lu jing'en is silent, thinking that in the past two years, she and Gu Ye Jue are really not as smooth as other people's normal love. They don't talk about each other's meeting time. Every time they meet, they are so uneasy, for fear that someone will jump out and interrupt them. In this way, in a very short time, the feelings are stronger.

And the time of sacrifice is the time that Gu Yijue used to work for their future.

At last, we have made great efforts in the past two years.

Lu Jingen smiled, too. Isn't this the most perfect situation now?

Her eyes and eyebrows are bent with joy, and her mood is relaxed a lot. From time to time, she looks at Gu Yijue. He sits with his father and brother. It's not against him. It's really like a family.

At noon, after having lunch together and working for a while, Lu Jinting accompanied Mucheng upstairs to have a rest, while Lu Jingxing also left them two separate spaces.

In July, Jiangcheng is already hot.

But Jingyuan still has a cool and comfortable temperature.

Lu Jingen and Gu Yijue are walking under the forest of Jingyuan. Under the vision, they can't see the marginal sea, which is broad and sparse.

They held hands and walked slowly. Lu Jingen laughed from time to time.

Keep looking at Gu Yijue. Keep looking until Gu Yijue stands still. She stops and looks up at him.

"What's the matter?"

Gu Yijue reached out his hand and stroked Lu Jingen's little face. His voice was deep and mellow, with different temptations.

"Well, it may not be the right time, but will you marry me?"

Lu Jingen is stunned. Gu Yijue is unprepared for anything. He has no flowers, rings or kneeling. He just faces himself and lets himself marry him.

But how to do, she now has a kind of want to cry feeling, not sad, but because of the will of the heart.

"Brother Gu, I - I will."

Gu Yijue's inexplicably nervous and cold face showed a smile, a broad smile, so obvious.

He held Lu Jingen tightly, his voice was slightly mute, with a touch of excitement.

"Grace, grace, thank you."

Lu Jingen chuckled, "well, I'd like to, but this time it's not! You don't have flowers or rings. Even if you kneel, you're not formal. Moreover, my parents, my brother and they won't allow me so early -- oh -- "

before Lu Jingen finished speaking, his lips were kissed by Gu Yijue.

Deep, deep kiss.

As long as the girl is willing to marry him, everything else is just a goal.

It took Gu yejue two years to let Lu's family accept him as Lu's boyfriend. No matter how long it takes, he will be Lu's husband sooner or later.

Their consent is only a form, and Lu Jingen's willingness is what Gu Yijue really wants.

Lu Jingen, please give me more advice for the rest of your life.