Chapter 106: Duel (2)

A few days after the duel was announced. The day of the duel finally arrived.

The rumors about me that were sweeping through the academy hadnt died down before they were fueled by the new fire of the duel.

Wow. A first-year challenging second and third-year seniors in a row?

Idiot! Hes not an ordinary freshman! One side will send a proxy, so those from other classes might participate too.

Really? Will we witness the skills of the one who took down the archbishop today?

Maybe. But dont get your hopes up. He didnt do it alone, remember?

Spectators filled the sparring arena provided by the academy.

Those who couldnt enter the arena were watching through the floating crystals and summoned beasts that were seen in the air.

I thought a lot of people would come.

But not to this extent.

Wasnt this too much, though?

As I looked at the audience with mixed feelings, Carla offered me a cookie.

Would you like one, Master? Ah~


I reflexively took a bite, savoring the buttery flavor and the rich sweetness of the hidden chocolate.

Whats this? Its really good.

Hehe. Right? I bought these cookies in the market last time.

You bought them from the shop you often visited, right? I see why its your favorite.

Exactly, right? I was so amazed that I even tried making them myself.

Oh A cookie made by a former lady. Now, thats interesting.

A mans dream was to eat something his woman made, right?

I momentarily imagined Carla with an apron and oven mitts.

For some reason, she started wearing nothing but an apron, and I couldnt help but smile warmly.

Seeing my expression, Elisha snorted and opened her fan, covering her mouth.

Oh, my? Are you talking about the cookies you burned black last vacation?


Yandel. Are you curious about Carlas cookies? Just burn anything, and youll get a similar taste.

Elisha! You said they were tasty!

Hmph! Did I really eat them because they were tasty? I lied out of kindness because you made them.

What? Hmph! I also found the tea you brewed tasteless!

Dont lie, Carla. Elven tea is a luxury even in other countries because its unavailable anywhere else!

That was blended for other races! To me, tea blended for elves sensitive senses tastes bland!

Ah But you said you liked the fragrance back then!

Elisha, you also said my cookies were tasty!



Carla began to pinch Elisha mercilessly, and Elisha retaliated in kind.

Did they always invite each other over for cookies and tea?

I wasnt sure if they were good friends or not.

Well they used to be close, but their relationship turned sour due to excessive competition.

This side of Elisha, which couldnt be seen in the game, and Carla, who clung to me as a slave, felt different.

Such scenes could only be seen when they were together.

As I leisurely watched Carla and Elishas crumb-scattering fight, someone tapped my hand.

I agree this time. Honestly, having a big chest is cheating.

Werent you two fighting just a moment ago? Why were you suddenly getting along?

As I was contemplating what to do with the blushing and stammering Faye

Dang. Dang. Dang.

The massive bell rang throughout the academy. It was the sound announcing the hour.

Simultaneously, it signaled the start of todays duel.

The women, who were just playing around and blushing, instantly tensed up.

I also tensed up.

Lets go.

To put an end to this.


As I stepped into the sparring arena, cheers echoed from all sides.

I felt like a gladiator in an arena.

I stopped and glanced around, spotting familiar, dark red hair.

Why was Professor Iona here?

I chuckled and waved at her lightly.

Then Iona, giggling and hopping, a 300-year-old Lord-level vampire Truly majestic

I smirked, pulling out a staff and a glowing lion dagger from my inventory.

I was now accustomed to this fighting style.

My body, initially stiff, loosened up flexibly, and my mind became crystal clear.

As I waited, ready to fight at any moment, soon, two figures ascended into the arena from the opposite side.

One was Felop, and the other was his champion


Why was he here?

Neatly, or rather plainly, combed brown hair.

Blurry features, a low presence, and barely audible breathing.

My second duel opponent, Frank Miller, a follower of the Boiling Silence, was representing Felop.

Kek Did you think Id bring some vulgar commoner from the Knight Department? Too bad. Your opponent is a magician! Its Senior Frank, whom you pointed out!


I understood why Felop was so smug.

Until dual casting became possible, magicians were extremely vulnerable in one-on-one fights against knights.

Hence, a novice magician needed thorough preparation to face a knight.

And I came fully equipped with armor, potions, and magical tools, all specialized for fighting knights.

Felop must think he outsmarted me by rendering all these preparations useless.


Glowing Lion Dagger

Description: A pure white dagger with a roaring lion carved into the pommel.

The blade, more bone-like than metal, occasionally emits a warm light.

The sacred radiance around the dagger will make it even sharper than usual.

...And the light shines brightest in the dark.

10% chance to add light attribute damage on attack.

Critical damage increased by 30%.

Against a cultist, both additional and critical hit chances are fixed at 100%.