Under the bombardment of the Heavenly Tribulation, the huge heart like a mountain finally couldn't hold on and burst directly.

"No, I'm not reconciled!" The heart demon patriarch couldn't stop the continuous loss of golden blood, and he clearly sensed the imminent death, "I came to the real fairy world a hundred thousand years ago, but was plotted against by others. Return to this realm. After a hundred thousand years of recuperation, there have been

The opportunity to ascend again, never expected to be destroyed in the hands of an ant like you. "

In the boiling golden blood, the afterimage of a young man appeared, he raised his head to the sky and screamed, his resentment directed towards Xiao Han.

Then, the heart burst into pieces, turning into golden fireworks that spread across the sky and all realms.

These golden bloods were originally drawn from the creatures on countless planets. Xia Tian's heaven-defying eight needles saved their lives, and at the same time returned these spirits to all of them.

Xia Tian looked at it coldly, without any special expression.

"Who is he?" At this time, Ye Yumei and Qin Chuxue flew over from different places, watching this scene in astonishment.

Xia Tian said casually: "He is the so-called God Emperor Xiao Huangji."

"Isn't he the ancestor of the heart demon?" Qin Chuxue was a little stunned.

"There has never been any demon ancestor!" Xia Tian pouted, and said with some disdain: "This idiot is the emperor Xiao Huangji, if I guessed correctly. He actually failed to ascend a hundred thousand years ago, or It succeeded but was plotted against, so I escaped back to heal my wounds

. It's just that the injury was too serious, and only one heart was left in the end. "

Qin Chuxue was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly realized: "It's no wonder that the God Emperor hasn't shown up for 50,000 to 60,000 years, and said that all matters are fully in charge of the emperor's deputy heart demon ancestor. It turns out that he himself is the God Emperor."

"Understood." Ye Yumei also guessed a little bit, "So he uses these blood vessels to continuously absorb other people's flesh and blood, spiritual energy, tribulation power, etc., for his use."

Know everything, know everything. Qin Chuxue herself grew up in the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, and many things that she thought were strange before can be understood in an instant: "Even the purpose of the entire Cultivation Alliance was to support him.

The great gods, the ten great fairies, etc., are all materials for his blood supply. "

"Such a corrupt system, such a corrupt master, could it be that the Immortal Cultivation Alliance will degenerate to such a state." Ye Yumei showed a look of disgust on her face, and said with contempt: "It's no wonder that the sects on the Xianyun Continent are so fussy, fighting Endlessly. In essence, resources are robbed by this monster.

Then there will be endless struggles from generation to generation. "

Qin Chuxue said lightly: "That's human nature, so we can't blame him entirely."

"What should I do now?" Ye Yumei was suddenly a little confused.

Xia Tian hugged her tightly and said nonchalantly, "Just do whatever you want."

"You actually killed the God Emperor!"

At this time, Taoist Wentian suddenly appeared, slowly standing in front of the already shattered heart, the golden blood inside had dissipated.

"Old Niubi, you already knew he was the God Emperor?" Xia Tian curled his lips.

Taoist Wentian laughed and said, "Poverty Taoist indeed knew about it a long time ago."

"Then you didn't say it earlier?" Ye Yumei said dissatisfied.

Qin Chuxue also didn't understand: "Qin Tian Supreme, why didn't you tell other people?" A lot of people know about it, and even thought about replacing it. But in the end, they didn't

That courage, nor that ability. On the contrary, Xia Wuji has come here to challenge the Emperor several times, so his progress is the fastest, unfortunately..."

"There's nothing to regret." Xia Tian curled his lips: "That's also a useless idiot."

Wentian Taoist nodded, and suddenly asked Xia Tian: "Then have you found the door of all wonders?"

Xia Tian asked: "What door?"

"The Gate of All Wonders, the legendary gate leading to the Realm of Immortals." Taoist Wen Tian said slowly: "The reason why the God Emperor was assassinated in the Realm of True Immortals was because he stole a magic weapon of the Realm of True Immortals—the Gate of All Wonders." The door. He also relied on that door to escape to this place from the pursuit of several real immortals.

Boundary. "

"Then how do you know?" Xia Tian yawned lazily.

"That's what he told me." Taoist Wentian chuckled, "He wrote his experience into the jade slips, and I learned all about his experiences when I sorted out the jade slips in the Ruins of the True Immortal. "

When Xia Tian heard this, he suddenly raised his eyebrows: "You are Ye Di?"

Then he said: "They don't look alike at all."

"Appearance can be changed at any time." Daoist Wentian's face suddenly changed slightly, and soon became another face, exactly the same as Ye Mengbai that Xia Tian saw in the impermanent time-space barrier .

Qin Chuxue was stunned: "How could you be Yedi? Didn't Yedi die more than 20,000 years ago, and was killed by the Cultivation Alliance in Tiannan Realm. Many people saw this with their own eyes." Asked Tiandao The man said slowly: "Memories may be true or false, and things may be true or false. I am a Taoist, and I am also Ye Di. Ye Di died 20,000 years ago, but I am still alive. This does not conflict. Because the poor Dao and Ye Di are just one

It's just an extrapolation. "

"What do you mean?" Xia Tian just wanted to scratch his ears when he heard this kind of nonsense: "Old Niubi, if you keep showing off, then I will kill you as well."

Taoist Wen asked with a chuckle, "Let's put it this way, in fact, all the lives in the Immortal Cultivation Alliance are a kind of derivation of the God Emperor, including you." One of them was sent to the magic circle, and then he stole the door of all wonders in the real fairy world, and then learned a fate from the door, that is, every big universe, appearing

The probability of a true immortal is one in 99.9 billion. "

"He thought he was one in ninety billion, but the result was obviously not. When he was hunted down by the real fairy, he escaped with the door of many wonders. But after all, he was seriously injured, and he was killed by the real fairy. The injury could not be healed at all. Then he left only his heart, and refined everything in his body into the heart. Then he used blood vessels to connect the planets in the heavens and worlds, and first nourished his own spirit. These planets, this is the source of Taoism

Origin, and then he used the life bred on the planet to pile up the probability of more than 90 billion times. "

"In the end, there must be one person who wins and becomes one of the 99.9 billion."

"At that time, he only needs to take this person away."

Wen Tian Taoist said a lot, and then glanced at the broken heart: "But now it seems that the Tao of Heaven is not with him, and the seizure of the house has failed."

Hearing this, Xia Tian understood why he had the feeling of being taken away before.

"Where is the Gate of Wonders?" Ye Yumei asked repeatedly.

"I don't know." Taoist Wentian shook his head, "I thought it was also refined into the heart, but now it doesn't seem to be there. Then I don't know where it will be."

Qin Chuxue noticed a glowing golden light in the distance, and couldn't help shouting: "Honey, look what it is!"

This kind of golden light carries a brilliant fairy air, and people can't help but worship it when they see it.

"Huh?" Daoist Wentian was astonished: "This, is this the light from the door of all wonders?"

Several people immediately rushed to the place where the light was on, but they returned to Yaochi.

However, that light was gone.

"Honey, Sister Yumei, Sister Chuxue, why are you back?" Qiao Xiaoqiao couldn't help but feel a little strange when she saw them.

"You guys have been looking at Gui Yuan Ding just now?" Ye Yumei asked hastily, "Did you notice anything unusual?"

Yue Qingya replied indifferently: "I didn't find anything unusual here, but what about you, what have you gained?" "Sister Immortal, of course we have gained something." Xia Tian threw herself directly into her arms, rubbing against each other nonstop. , said with a grin on his mouth: "I killed that God Emperor, and we don't have to be afraid of the Immortal Cultivation Alliance in the future.

Do whatever you want. "

Yue Qingya touched Xia Tian's head, but said nothing. "The light just now is definitely a reminder." Taoist Wentian's mind has been attracted by the light just now, and he immediately said: "Guiyuan Ding, yes, it is Guiyuan Ding. The door of all wonders is definitely in this tripod. Quickly activate this cauldron,

Activate him! "

"I'm afraid it won't work." Ye Mengying said lightly: "We tried it just now, but it couldn't be activated. It seems that there is still something missing."

Taoist Wentian was stunned for a moment, then suddenly slapped his forehead, and immediately sent back via voice transmission: "Hongxiu, come to Yaochi right away, there are very important things to do."

Not long after, a red shadow flew over.

It was Pei Hongxiu who was taken away by Taoist Wentian not long ago.

At this time, she was already awake, and she exuded a coquettish and cold temperament.

After reading it in Xia Tian, ​​I like it very much.

"Hongxiu has met Master, Xia Zhizun and all seniors." Pei Hongxiu came up close and greeted Taoist Wentian, Xia Zhizun and others.

"There's no time, take off your clothes quickly, and practice double cultivation with Xia Tian." Daoist Wentian said it quite directly, making everyone present stunned.

Xia Tian was even more unhappy: "Old Niubi, you deserve a beating, right?"

"Hey, don't get me wrong, Pindao is not a dirty person." Taoist Wentian also came back to his senses, and quickly said: "This Guiyuanmu cauldron is an artifact of Hongmeng, but it needs the confluence of yin and yang to stimulate the deepest The door of all wonders is definitely there. But how can Yin and Yang be so different?

It's easy to get, but if you combine your ice and fire spirit body with my apprentice's supreme spirit body, you will naturally have yin and yang. Wait, it would be even better if there is a Taiyin body and a few virgins with complete bodies. "

"Xiao Yao'er is the body of Taiyin." Qin Chuxue said lightly.

Shi Chun said proudly: "Sister Beibei and I are just... Bah, we're completely different."

"For the alliance of cultivating immortals, for the great cause of the cultivation world, Xia Tian, ​​why are you hesitating." Daoist Wen Tian couldn't help but urged: "There are dozens of them here, all of them are your own women, why are you still shy! "

Xia Tian curled his lips: "I don't have the habit of showing you erotic palaces in public." "It's not easy, you can just set up an enchantment to cover it." Wen Tian Taoist said quickly: "Is there anyone in the entire alliance who can penetrate The enchantment you set up won't work. Pindao just wants to see this wonderful world in his lifetime

The door, feel the charm of the real fairy world. "

Wentian Daoren urged Pei Hongxiu again: "Teacher, you don't have to be shy. Your life was also saved by Xia Tian. He is destined to be your true son. You are also sane when you are in a coma. You should know that he is I like you."

Pei Hongxiu blushed.

Ye Yumei suddenly laughed: "Old Man Wentian, aren't you Emperor Ye? According to your own words, why did you love your disciple so much when you were the Great Emperor? Now you actually treat your disciple's reincarnation as a summer woman?"

"That's about Emperor Ye, and it has nothing to do with the poor Taoist." Taoist Wentian waved his hand and said, "What's more, Hongxiu is not the Misty Fairy back then, she is herself."

"I am willing to be your woman." Pei Hongxiu stepped forward and hugged Xia Tian directly, "I like you, do you like me?"

Xia Tian picked her up by the waist: "I don't like you, so why did I save you then!"

"You like a beautiful woman." Leng Bingbing rolled her eyes.

"Bingbing wife, don't be jealous." Xia Tian hugged Leng Bingbing with the other hand, and then jumped into Gui Yuan Ding, and then a barrier formed.

All the women in Xia Tian also descended into the enchantment.

Taoist Wentian added another barrier outside, and then led everyone else to retreat to another planet tens of thousands of miles away, watching from afar. Yi Xiaoyin, the two good babies, Shen Meng and Shangguanguai who stayed on the earth, and Ji Qingying who stayed on the Xianyun Continent, as if they were inspired, they directly arranged everything, and then they were greeted by a golden god.

Light picked up.

the day passed;

a month passed;

One year passed, ten years passed...

I don't know how long it has passed.

Finally, one day, an incomparably huge golden light appeared in the sky above the fairyland of the Cultivation Alliance.

Everyone gathered near Yaochi.

Among them is summer cold.

During this period, Taoist Wentian directly brought Xia Leng, who was still traveling in all walks of life, to the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, and asked him to be the God Emperor's agent to take charge of the Immortal Cultivation Alliance.

During this period of time, Xia Leng also encountered many adventures. Although he was not as perverted as his father Xia Tian, ​​he had reached the cultivation base of the Nascent Soul stage.

Taoist Wentian helped him and gave him a so-called elixir. Xia Leng was a little confused at first, but when Taoist Wentian told him that this was what his father meant, he didn't say much.

After taking the elixir, Xia Leng's cultivation directly soared to the peak of the fusion period.

As for why he didn't go directly to the peak of the Transcendence Tribulation Stage, maybe Xia Tian wanted to leave some room for his son to grow up, who knows.

So no one in the Immortal Cultivation Alliance dared to object, after all the original God Emperor, Great Supreme, and Great Elder were all killed by Xia Tian, ​​and his son wanted to act as God Emperor's agent, how dare they have objections.

However, Xia Leng's governance strategy is relatively loose and humane, but he has been respected by countless immortal cultivators, not only because of his status.

The divine light soared into the sky, endlessly.

But when everyone looked at the bottom of Gui Yuan Ding, they found that there was no one there.

No one knows what happened during this period.

Nobody knows where Xia Tian and his women went.

It's just that after the divine light faded, there was a golden gate connecting the sky and the earth, stretching across the starry sky.

Those below the tribulation stage cannot approach at all.

Even Taoist Wentian, who had reached the peak of the Tribulation Crossing Stage, was immediately crushed to his knees when he approached the door.

However, Taoist Wentian crawled to the door, and then a big golden hand stretched out from the gap in the door, picked him up, and brought him inside.

This gate connecting the sky and the earth has been standing above the fairyland of the Cultivation of Immortals Alliance.

No matter who it is, they can try to walk to that gate after their cultivation reaches the Tribulation Transcendence Stage.

As long as you are recognized by the gate, you will be led into the gate by a big hand.

Some people say that behind the door is the real fairyland;

Some people say that the door is actually a demon realm;

Some people say that the door actually leads to the world where the emperor Xia Xia lives in seclusion;

Of course, there are also conspiracy theorists, who say that the door is actually used by Xia Tian to devour disobedient people.

There are different opinions.

It's just that the legend of Xia Tian is still circulating in the Immortal Cultivation Alliance and even in the heavens and myriad worlds. (The whole book is over, there will be no follow-up, the creation span of the whole book is too long, if there are any omissions, please forgive me.)