Chapter 315 - Chapter 315: Just want to accompany his own woman

Chapter 315: Just want to accompany his own woman

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There was a moment of silence on the phone!

Cheng Jia’s voice came again, with a hint of timidity, “Young Master Mo, I just called Little Liu and made things clear.”

“Hmm, I’m very busy, going to hang up now.”

Mo Xiuchen didn’t want to speak a word with Cheng Jia. If it weren’t for the child in her belly, he wouldn’t bother with her, let alone give her this opportunity to learn.

“Young Master Mo!”

Upon hearing Mo Xiuchen saying he was going to hang up, Cheng Jia’s voice suddenly became eager.

Mo Xiuchen’s eyebrows furrowed slightly; his handsome face was tinged with indifference as he listened to Cheng Jia pathetic plea, “Young Master Mo, can I take a leave of absence on Monday?”

“You can!”

“Young Master Mo, can you spare some time to come to the hospital later? I just had surgery and I’m feeling a bit dizzy. I’m resting here for a while, but I want to go home.”

“I don’t have time. You can take a cab home.”

Mo Xiuchen flatly rejected Cheng Jia, denying her the opportunity to speak and intending to end their call.

Wen Ran looked at Mo Xiuchen’s cool face and gently asked, “What did Cheng Jia tell you?”

Mo Xiuchen snorted coldly, full of contempt in his tone: “She has already aborted our child. On Monday, she needs a day off.”

Wen Ran suddenly understood that Cheng Jia was reporting to Mo Xiuchen that she had completely broke ties with Little Liu. She indeed had no thoughts of keeping the child from the very beginning.

“Did she only say that when she called you?”

Wen Ran smiled at Mo Xiuchen. Just now, he said he didn’t have time. Could it be that Cheng Jia asked him to come to the hospital to see her?

Mo Xiuchen leaned down, his thin lips touched Wen Ran’s white forehead, he chuckled and said, “Ranran, why didn’t you ask directly if Cheng Jia wanted me to see her?”

Wen Ran lifted her face up, looking into his gentle eyes full of laughter, “Alright, I’ll satisfy your curiosity. Did Cheng Jia invite you to see her? Now that she’s at her most vulnerable, she must be hoping to see you.”

“But, I, your husband, only wish to accompany my own woman. Cheng Jia is daydreaming, let’s just ignore her.”

Mo Xiuchen’s tone was thick with amorous feelings. Hearing the phrase ‘my own woman’ made Wen Ran’s heart miss a beat. Before she could calm down, his kisses had already begun to move down to her lips.

“Ranran, let’s go back to the bedroom.”

His sexy and husky voice was filled with desire. As he finished speaking, he lifted Wen Ran up and his tongue invaded her sweet mouth while striding towards the bedroom.

“Xiuchen…it’s still daytime…”

Wen Ran was laid on the soft bed by him. Her eyes, lost in the chaos of passion, shyly looked at him.

The man’s strong and sexy body pinned her down. His sizzling kisses landed on her, “It’s okay, let’s make love in broad daylight.”


Wen Ran resisted, This man, every time he got a chance, he would torment her ruthlessly as if he wanted to make up for lost time.

Last night, she had been up until the wee hours, and she was so tired that she was about to pass out. But he still had energy to spare, In the end, he carried her into the bathroom when was she out and what happened inside it, she didn’t know.

When she woke up in the morning, all she knew was that she was sleeping in the bed held in his arms.

“Ranran, I’m going on a business trip on Tuesday. This month, we’ve been together for less than a week.”

Mo Xiuchen’s kisses lingered around her ear. His husky voice sounded like he was complaining about her neglecting him. Previously, because of the car accident, all of Wen Ran’s attention was focused on Bai Xiaoxiao.

Even if he missed her, he had to endure it.

In a few days, he would have to travel abroad to D Country. Once he leaves, it would be for at least ten to fifteen days.

What he wanted to do most was to take Ranran with him, but no matter how he tried to persuade her, she refused. Last night, he even deliberately tortured her. When she wanted it most, he stopped and tried to make her agree to go on the business trip with him.

As a result, his Ranran was so stubborn that he had to compromise.

Since she would not accompany him on his business trip, then he would make the most of these two days they have together, be more affectionate, and love her a few more times. That wouldn’t be too much to ask, would it?

Wen Ran dodged his hot kiss, one hand pushing against his strong chest, breathing quickly, “Xiuchen, I was so tired last night.”

Truly, every time he took her, it was so intense that she couldn’t bear it.

“But I want…”

Mo Xiuchen was kissing and coaxing her, seducing her, not hurrying, very patient. He wasn’t going to believe he couldn’t conquer her. The master bedroom was filled with amorous feelings, as the temperature kept rising…

Finally, under his seduction, Wen Ran ultimately became a puddle of water under him, soft enough for him to do whatever he wanted.

Even though it was daytime and the autumn sun was still warm outside, because the curtains were tightly drawn, the dim light in the room seemed to be just right for their intimacy. The room was filled with the scent of spring and the sound of a woman’s panting, until the sun went down, it did not stop.

After he was completely satiated, Mo Xiuchen did everything for her himself. He washed Wen Ran’s body and dressed her personally.

Only, he picked out a nightgown.

The clothes they had worn earlier was thrown under the bed. Although the carpet was very clean and those clothes could be worn again, he preferred seeing Ranran wear a nightgown while in his master bedroom.

Wen Ran looked at the nightgown in his hand and frowned, “I’m not going to wear a nightgown.”

Mo Xiuchen’s face was filled with a charming smile, “Ranran, it’s getting dark soon. Just wear the nightgown. I’ll go and make you dinner. After dinner, I’ll watch TV with you. Tonight, we’re not going anywhere.”

As long as he’s with his beloved woman, even if it’s staying at home, Mo Xiuchen feels contented.

Of course, this was something he hadn’t done before he got married. Previously, on weekends, he would get together with Qin Mu, Luo Haofeng, Gu Kai and others for horse riding, basketball, gym, etc. Anyway, he rarely spent time at home.

“No, I want to go to the hospital tonight to see Xiaoxiao.”

Staying with this man in a nightgown, she feels completely unsafe.

Mo Xiuchen straightened his expression and said gently, “Ranran, Xiaoxiao has her parents with her. You can’t take away their family time.”

“I don’t need to wear a nightgown either.”

Wen Ran glared at him, the smile on his face, no matter how she looked at it, seemed mischievous.

“How about this, I accompany you to wear a nightgown, then, you accompany me to go downstairs and cook.” Mo Xiuchen finished speaking, brought the nightwear to Wen Ran and said, “Let’s settle on this. I’ll give Nanny Zhang and Housekeeper Uncle Liu the day off and let them enjoy their own world too. As for Little Liu, let him figure things out for himself.”

Wen Ran’s mouth twitched. Looking at his childish and stubborn look, her heart softened all of a sudden. She swallowed her words of refusal and let him dress her in the nightgown. Then, he put on his own nightgown.

He asked her to accompany him to make dinner.

And it really was just accompanying him.

She wanted to help him wash the vegetables, but he refused. All Wen Ran could do was stand beside him, watching him work proficiently.