Chapter 261 - Chapter 261: Do we have any need for business trips?

Chapter 261: Do we have any need for business trips?

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Half an hour later, the winner was decided.

The result of the vote by show of hands was MO Xiuchen won; Qin Mu lost.

They both made simple home-cooked dishes, nothing too complex.

But the flavor of the dish MO Xiuchen made, was indeed slightly tastier than Qin Mu’s. Of course, Qin Mu’s dish was also rich in color, aroma, and taste, without any flaws. It was just that in terms of texture, it was a tad bit lacking.

MO Xiuchen smirked in satisfaction, addressing Qin Mu with the demeanor of a victor, “Ah Mu, don’t forget to report to the Wen Family tomorrow morning. Ranran, you don’t have to work tomorrow, you can sleep in.”

Qin Mu gave him a cold glance and said indifferently, “It’s just one extra job. It’s not like it will kill me. There’s nothing to be proud of.”

Wen Ran looked at MO Xiuchen, who was basking in his victory, then looked at Qin Mu, who was brooding.

Considering that he would have to work in her place for a week, she gently smiled and took a bite of the dish that Qin Mu made, praising it, “Actually, the dish that Qin Mu made is really tasty. How about this? Qin Mu can go work at the factory in my place for a week. I can share some of his work and be your assistant.”


MO Xiuchen’s eyes deepened, the smile on his lips even wider.

He suggested Wen Ran to rest so that she could spend time with him.

Now that she is willing to be his assistant and spend the whole day by his side, it’s the best-case scenario. Even if there is something at the Wen Family that Qin Mu couldn’t handle, Wen Jin would be there to back him up.

Ever since Wen Jin returned to the company, some major decisions have been made by him. Wen Ran’s workload has been much lighter than before.

On the surface, MO Xiuchen’s plan is to make Qin Mu work for Wen Ran. But in fact, he’s targeting Wen Jin, reminding him that Wen Ran would leave the Wen Family someday and come to his side.

Let Wen Jin worry about everything in the future.

“That’s right, our Ah Mu’s culinary skills are top-tier. Here, you’ve worked hard, have some more.”

Seeing her cousin feeling down, Li Qian quickly picked up a piece of meat with her chopsticks and placed it in his bowl. Qin Mu took a look at her and then turned his gaze back to MO Xiuchen and Wen Ran, who were engaged in an intimate conversation, and stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth.

“Ah Mu, your aunt called yesterday and said she was coming to G City this weekend. Did you know?”

Seeing him silently eating his food, Li Qian asked with concern.

Qin Mu looked up, a flash of confusion in his narrow eyes. “I didn’t know. There was a missed call from my mom yesterday while I was showering. But I didn’t call back.”

Every time his mother called, it was to urge him to go on a blind date, so he didn’t want to answer the phone at all.

Li Qian gave him a knowing look, clearly conveying the message, ‘You weren’t showering, you were just deliberately avoiding the call, weren’t you?’. Qin Mu frowned in response, defending himself, “I really didn’t catch the call. Did she mention why she was coming to G City? Did my dad have another business trip and was passing by G City?”

Li Qian shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know specifics, but your aunt isn’t coming with your uncle, she’s coming with one of her friends.”

Hearing these words, Qin Mu’s brows furrowed deeper. His mother was coming with a friend? That almost certainly meant she was bringing someone she had chosen for him to meet for a marriage arrangement. “Wen Ran, do you guys need anyone to go on a business trip?”


Wen Ran was taken aback by his question and didn’t react for a moment. It wasn’t until she heard the soft laughter from MO Xiuchen beside her that she realized what he meant and replied awkwardly, “There is, but you don’t have to go. And, Aunt Qin is coming to see you, it wouldn’t be good if you were on a business trip, would it?”

Qin Mu let out a rare smile. His mood seemed to lighten considerably, and his tone wasn’t as frosty as before, “There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m going on a business trip, not just going away for leisure. Which city is the business trip

“F City. If you want to go, I will call to make arrangements. It was my brother who had arranged for Uncle Li to go. Just arrive there before 5 p.m. tomorrow.”

Qin Mu glanced at MO Xiuchen and said with a smile, “Sounds good. I’ll go to F

City. I’ll leave tomorrow afternoon.”

F City was the Wen Family’s original hometown. Wen Jin had not only arranged a trip there because of the factory’s business, but there were some personal matters to take care or, too.

After Qin Mu went to the hospital that afternoon and informed Wen Jin that someone was probing into Wen Ran’s background in F City, Wen Jin had arranged for Uncle Li to go.

If he goes now, it’s even better!

MO Xiuchen raised an eyebrow and said with an unconcerned tone, “Though you may evade matchmaking for now, you can’t evade it forever. But if you can avoid it for the time being, that’s good.”

Wen Ran twitched her lips and looked up at MO Xiuchen, “If you continue to act this way, Aunt Qin will definitely be upset.”

“She won’t, she’s used to it.”

This was Qin Mu’s response.

If anyone should feel upset, it should be him. How could his mother feel upset? Since he was eighteen, his mother had been forcing him to go on blind dates, as if he was hideous or incompetent, incapable of finding a wife.

Just recently, his mother even mentioned how fortunate it was that he was a male. If he were a daughter, still single and unmarried at the age of thirty, she would have jumped off a building by now.

However, even though he is a son, his mother hadn’t made his life any easier. She had already warned him. If he didn’t bring a girlfriend home before he turned thirty, she would randomly arrange a marriage for him.

When MO Xiuchen and Wen Ran were leaving, he reminded Qin Mu, “Later, call Wen Jin and tell him that you will be working in place of Ranran this week. She will return to work next week.”

“But that won’t work, Qin Mu is going on a business trip to F City, so I have to go back to work tomorrow. When Qin Mu comes back, we can continue that arrangement.”

Wen Ran was reluctant to push everything onto her brother. Although Wen Jin had taken over the factory when she was in City C with MO Xiuchen, she couldn’t do so now that she was back in G City.

MO Xiuchen hesitated and agreed before Qin Mu could protest, “Alright. Then postpone it for a week. As soon as Ah Mu comes back from F City, the arrangement will start. ”

Qin Mu was about to protest but held back his dissatisfaction.

He had wanted to say that going on a business trip was equivalent to working for Wen Ran, but since he had suggested it in the first place, he swallowed his words.

Seeing that he had no ‘objections’, MO Xiuchen smirked contentedly. Leading Wen Ran to the Aston, he opened the door for her, and after she got in, he closed the door. Only then did he turn back, gave a glance at Qin Mu standing a few steps away, walked around the front of the car and got in.

A moment later, the Aston sped off, disappearing into the night in the blink of an eye.

Qin Mu, tall and imposing, stood on the stairs, gazing in the direction where the Aston had disappeared, lost in thought until Li Qian’s voice from behind startled him, “Cousin, what did you say?”

Li Qian furrowed her brows, examining him closely, “Ah Mu, you’ve been acting strangely tonight.”

Qin Mu responded with a light, “How am I acting strangely? It’s just you being overly suspicious. You go inside, I’m heading back.”

With that, he turned and strode toward his car..