Chapter 122 - Chapter 122: I will comb your hair for you.

Chapter 122: I will comb your hair for you.

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At noon, Wen Ran skipped lunch and took a nap in the office break room.

Her exhausted body, before finally resting, was aching all over, as if it had been dismantled and reassembled.

If not for the relentless ringing of her cell phone, she wouldn’t have awoken.

Seeing the incoming call display, Wen Ran’s eyes widened in surprise. She sat up abruptly from the small bed. On checking the time on her phone, it was already four in the afternoon. She wondered why Sister Li hadn’t called for her.


Having just woken up from a few hours’ nap, her voice was a bit throaty. Into her ear came MO Xiuchen’s low, magnetic voice, “Ranran, open the door!”


Wen Ran’s mind wasn’t fully awake yet and she couldn’t immediately understand what MO Xiuchen meant.

“I am outside your office.”

MO Xiuchen patiently explained, his voice gentle and harmonious. He had just come up and Li Qian told him that Wen Ran was still asleep.

“Oh, wait a moment.”

Wen Ran’s eyes flickered with astonishment. She scrambled off the bed, put on her shoes, rushed out of the break room, and opened the door. Seeing the handsome figure standing outside, she scratched her head in embarrassment:

“I didn’t realize I overslept.”

In the morning, MO Xiuchen had agreed with her to visit Cheng Jia in the hospital in the afternoon.

MO Xiuchen’s gaze swept over her somewhat messy hair from sleep, settling on the button of her professional suit, his eyes revealing a hint of profound depth.

Her eyes still carried traces of sleep, making her seem more charming and tender than usual.

Looking at her gave him a distinct feeling.

Wen Ran was stunned by MO Xiuchen’s look. She blinked in confusion before checking if there was anything wrong with her appearance.

“Comb your hair a little.”

MO Xiuchen pulled his thoughts together. His clearly defined hand brushed past the strands of hair falling on her cheeks, as his rough fingertips touched her skin, Wen Ran’s face flushed instantly. This place was, after all, their workplace.

“I’ll do it myself!”

She quickly dodged his hand, turned around and headed towards her desk.

MO Xiuchen slightly smiled, closed the door, and walked towards her. Wen Ran didn’t sit at her desk, but bent over it instead, pulling open a drawer to grab a comb.

Unaware that MO Xiuchen had approached from behind, she almost hit his chin as she turned around with her comb. He reflexively reached out, wrapping his arm around her slender waist.

“I’ll comb your hair for you.”

Before Wen Ran could respond, MO Xiuchen took the comb from her hand. His eyes, filled with a hint of playful warmth, gave her the feeling of being pulled in.

Meeting his gaze, Wen Ran’s heart unwittingly skipped a beat.

She didn’t have a chance to refuse, and didn’t want to refuse his kindness. The last traces of sleepiness in her eyes replaced by a tender glow, the blush spreading across her face brought a faint smile. She looked utterly captivating.

MO Xiuchen had never combed another woman’s hair before, but this wasn’t the first time he had combed Wen Ran’s hair. His movements were gentle and skilled, his slender fingers gripping the comb as it slid through her silky hair. The softest place in his heart seemed to soften further, like a tranquil lake..