CH 124.1

Name:Fierce “Husband” Author:Neleta
Inside the cart, Shao Yunan whispered to the three children, “Little ones, when you go in, keep an eye on Brother Tiger and Big and Little Gold. Don’t let them eat recklessly, especially don’t touch those dangerous items.”

The three children nodded in unison and Shao Yunan sent them in, letting out a long sigh. Wang Shijing, who was driving, spoke up. “Wife.”

Shao Yunan moved to the side of the cart, lifted the curtain, and leaned out, saying, “Shijing, I didn’t expect such a big commotion in the village. I hope it won’t bring trouble to Big Brother.”

Wang Shijing said solemnly, “It’s hard to say. Whenever there’s an anomaly here, even if it’s an earthquake or a flood, it’s always related to luck. But Big Brother is now on the side of the emperor, so there’s no guarantee that someone won’t seize this opportunity to accuse him.”

“What should we do then?”

Wang Shijing thought for a moment and said, “You take that big fairy fruit to Big Brother and let him present it to the Emperor. Tell him that after we harvested this fairy fruit, the anomaly occurred.”

“Ah?” Shao Yunan was stunned and instinctively said, “But I kept it for you to eat!”

Wang Shijing’s expression instantly brightened. With no one around, he grabbed his wife’s head and fiercely took a bite of his mouth, then said with a certain hunger, “We have Spiritual Milk and that fairy fruit definitely isn’t as good as Spiritual Milk. Otherwise, why would Brother Tiger be chasing us for Spiritual Milk, but only guard this fairy fruit? Also that plant can still bear fruit, so we should be prepared for any unexpected event. Let Big Brother seize the opportunity before anyone poses a threat to him, since our situation must not change.”

Shao Yunan looked at the earnest Wang Shijing and suddenly held his head and kissed him fiercely. This man was becoming more and more cautious in dealing with problems. He was making progress!

The two immediately ignited their passion. Shao Yunan quickly pushed him away and said breathlessly, “I’m going into the space.”

“Okay.” Wang Shijing replied in a hoarse voice.

He then returned to the cart and closed the curtain, while Shao Yunan entered the space. As soon as he entered, he heard the laughter of the children and the roar of Brother Tiger. Following the sound, he saw Big and little Gold and the three children playing happily. When he entered, Brother Tiger noticed him, and Big and little Gold also glanced over. Seeing that it was him, Big and Little Gold continued playing.

“Moxi, Qing, Nizi.” The three children immediately looked up and Nizi got up from the ground and called out, “Little Father.” Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi, who were toppled by Big Gold, tried to push him away, but Shao Yunan shouted, “You guys keep playing, I’m here just to get something.”

Hearing Little Father (Uncle Yunan) say this, the two children continued playing. Jiang Moxi’s laughter was low, as if suppressed, but Shao Yunan knew that this was the biggest joy he could express. Perhaps Jiang Moxi would never truly laugh out loud in his life, but it wasn’t that he didn’t like to laugh, but that he couldn’t. Despite recovering from autism after eight years, it still left him with some ‘sequelae,’ but it was not a big deal.

Shao Yunan went to the cave where the fairy fruit was placed and the transplanted fairy fruit was growing beautifully in a location where Spiritual Milk dripped nearby. Thinking back to that day, he couldn’t help but feel his heartbeat quicken.

The camera rewinds.

That day, after transplanting the plant into the garden, Shao Yunan poured the few remaining drops of spiritual milk into the plant. It would be a pity if such a marvelous plant died. It’s worth noting that there were currently various changes happening outside, with earthquakes and beast roars, all likely caused by the fairy fruit.

After pouring all the spiritual Milk, the anomaly occurred again. The fairy fruit emitted an even more dazzling light than before, covering the entire space with a white glow, followed by a noticeable vibration in the space. When everyone, including the tiger, could open their eyes, they discovered that the fairy fruit had undergone an astonishing transformation.

Originally, the fairy fruit only had a bright fruit at the top. However, after pouring some spiritual Milk, the previously curled leaves fully expanded. Among these curled leaves were three fairy fruits, each about the size of Shao Yunan’s thumbnail. The largest one had become crystal clear, emitting a gentle white light that sparkled like a night pearl.

This phenomenon astonished both Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. Because Little Father (Uncle Yunan) came in looking so disheveled, the frightened children forgot their worries and all stared at the fairy fruit. Brother Tiger bit Shao Yunan’s hand, wanting him to pick the largest fruit, but when Shao Yunan let Brother Tiger eat it, Brother Tiger refused. Big and Little Gold also refused to eat it and was more interested in the Spiritual Milk where the drops fell, circling around it and even raising its body to try to lick it, but always falling short.

Seeing Brother Tiger and Big and Little Gold’s reactions where Spiritual Milk was more tempting to them, Shao Yunan immediately said, “You can’t drink more than two drops of Spiritual Milk in a day, it’s life-saving. You can drink Spiritual Spring water since there’s an unlimited supply of it, but not Spiritual Milk. I will feed you a drop every once in a while. The drops I gave you before were all stored by me.”

Brother Tiger protested, clearly dissatisfied. Shao Yunan shrugged. “I have no choice either. The quantity of Spiritual Milk is so limited, otherwise you wouldn’t value it so much, right?”

With a limited quantity of Spiritual Milk, Brother Tiger had no choice but to accept it. Fortunately, the Spiritual Spring water outside could be supplied in unlimited quantities, which satisfied some of its needs.

As for the largest fruit, Shao Yunan let Wang Shijing eat it, but Wang Shijing insisted that he eat it. After going back and forth, Shao Yunan decided to keep it. After all, he had no idea how long it would take for this fruit to grow. As for the three small ones, Shao Yunan plucked them without any hesitation. As soon as he plucked one on his side, the leaves on the other side curled back up, and the glow of the fairy grass dimmed slightly, but the whole plant still remained quite bright.