The old black wolf doesn't know Ye Xiao!

When he saw Ye Xiao coming down the stairs, his first thought was that Ye Xiao belonged to the long-haired gang!

As soon as the old black wolf said this, Changmao laughed, "It's still the Eight King Kong, I'll just say your boss, you don't pay attention to the leader, you don't even know the new leader... the leader , as for this matter, just leave it to me!" www.KaИδ

"Longtou?" Old Heilang paused when he heard Changmao's words, "You are the new leader...Longtou, it's because I'm blind that I didn't recognize him, please forgive him!"

This old black wolf is very savvy, the moment Chang Mao said that Ye Xiao was the new leader, he immediately admitted his mistake! This attitude surprised Changmao, Changmao didn't seem to expect that Old Black Wolf would admit his mistake directly!

All these bastards are very arrogant!

They just submit to those strong.

As for the new leader, these brothers on the road are actually not convinced in their hearts! Although Chang Mao called out the dragon head on his lips, he didn't recognize Ye Xiao as the dragon head in his heart.

He is only talking on the surface.

He couldn't directly admit his mistakes like the old black wolf, and Chang Mao didn't want the old black wolf to be like this. He wanted to see the old black wolf deny Ye Xiao even more.

Changmao deliberately caused trouble, and wanted to provoke a direct fight between the associations. This was not his intention, but the intention of instigating him behind the scenes, Zhan Kuang! After Lao Hu handed over the leader to Ye Xiao, Zhan Kuang had already decided to make trouble!

Now, Zhan Kuang has Leng Yunao's support behind him, of course Zhan Kuang is going to tear his face against Zhan Tian.

But he knew that if he wanted to tear his skin apart, he had to find a suitable reason, so Zhan Kuang deliberately let Changmao provoke trouble, and then attracted the old black wolf. In Tian's body, he said that Zhan Tian took the initiative to provoke all this, and he was forced to fight back!

Once the two sides tear their skins apart, who cares who started it first, this is the purpose of Zhan Kuang.

But I didn't expect that when Changmao was about to attack the old black wolf according to Zhan Kuang's plan, he didn't expect to meet Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao was surprised!

Now, the old black wolf immediately admitted his mistake to Ye Xiao!

"Leader, I just know you're the leader, but I haven't seen you!" The old black wolf became honest in an instant, "This time, I'm here to avenge my brother. Changmao smashed our place and injured him." We killed our brothers, and now those brothers are seriously injured and are still being treated in the hospital!"

"Does Zhan Tian know about this?" Ye Xiao asked suddenly!

"I... I didn't tell the boss, I don't think there is any need to tell the boss about this matter, I will solve it directly!" The old black wolf looked at Ye Xiao, "I just want to avenge my brother!" ΚáИδんǔ5 .net

"Understood!" Ye Xiao responded, turned his face to Long Mao, and said calmly, "You really did this?" kΑnShúwu.ξà

"No, it's definitely not me!" Changmao denied, "How can I do such a thing? It's all because of him. We have always lived in peace. Are they all in the same family? How could you go to his place to cause trouble and even hurt his brother, leader, you have to decide for me, this old black wolf is clearly slandering me!"

Chang Mao's words completely angered the old black wolf!

This matter was obviously done by Chang Mao, but in front of Ye Xiao, Chang Mao actually denied it and even slandered him! The old black wolf had a fiery personality at first, and after hearing Chang Mao's provocative words, the old black wolf immediately took the guy out, "Chang Mao, I must abolish you today!"


Ye Xiao suddenly shouted angrily!

Originally, both sides were about to start a war, but because of Ye Xiao's angry shout, the scene was brought under control at that time! Long Hair didn't expect him to be afraid.

Changmao didn't take Ye Xiao seriously at all!

From Changmao's point of view, even if Ye Xiao gets angry, it's useless! Of these brothers on the road, which one has never seen blood, everyone has seen big scenes of fighting and killing, and Ye Xiao is just a small person who has never seen big scenes!

Before this, everyone didn't know the existence of Ye Xiao, it was Lao Hu who suddenly appointed Ye Xiao as the leader! Everyone said that Ye Xiao might be Lao Hu's son, but the problem was that Lao Hu wasn't around, and if Ye Xiao wasn't backed up, no one would listen to Ye Xiao!

But Ye Xiao's angry shout just now stunned everyone present!

No one thought that Ye Xiao's roar was so powerful!

"Do you really think that my leader is just a display?" Ye Xiao said coldly, "Do you do it in front of me? This is an insult to me, put this guy down!"

As soon as Ye Xiao said these words, the old black wolf looked at his brother and said loudly, "Didn't you hear the leader? Put them all down!"

The long-haired side didn't let go!

At this moment, Chang Mao held a knife in his hand, and looked at Ye Xiao, "Leader, are you standing on his side?"


As soon as Chang Mao said this, Ye Xiao stretched out his hand and grabbed the back of the knife in Chang Mao's hand!


Ye Xiao just pinched the long-haired knife with just a little force!

"Didn't you hear me? Do you think I'm farting!" Ye Xiao's eyes flashed fiercely, and he looked straight at the long hair!

"I... I heard it!"

Chang Mao was startled by Ye Xiao's sharp gaze!

He couldn't believe his eyes at all, Ye Xiao broke his knife so easily!

He hurriedly yelled, "Put the guys down!"

His men put down their knives one after another.

At this moment, Changmao's forehead was covered with cold sweat. Ye Xiao looked at Changmao, and said coldly, "I'm not stupid or blind. I don't know what you want to do? You cut people down, nothing more than You want to stir up conflicts between the two parties, you are so courageous, I just became the leader, and you plan to provoke me, right?"

"No...I didn't!" Changmao stepped back, feeling fear at this moment!

He was worried that Ye Xiao would attack him at any moment!

Ye Xiao didn't make a move, "Hand over the man to me!"

Cold sweat drenched on the long-haired forehead!

He didn't expect Ye Xiao to be so aggressive!

He even wanted to hand him over!

"Leader, listen to me, I really don't have...!"

Before Changmao finished his sentence, he heard Zhan Kuang's laughter from outside, "Leader, what are you doing? You just became the leader, and you plan to take advantage of my people? This is not good!"

Chang Mao was panicked at first, but when he heard Zhan Kuang's voice, Chang Mao's whole demeanor changed!

His boss has finally arrived...!