For more than ten consecutive days, there was no rain in Kyoto, and the sun was hot.

Li Haitang was sitting under the shade of a tree to enjoy the coolness, and there was a small cart next to her. She put the buns in the cart, and she ate melon seeds and drank tea by herself. There are servants at home to help, and Doubao has started to read and practice calligraphy. Most of the time, she and her mother-in-law, Mother Xiao, carry the little buns. Fortunately, little Piqiu loves to smile by nature. people can't help but be in

Kiss him on the cheek.

Fang Shaoyao and Li Guanglu left on a boat out to sea, leaving only a pair of sons and daughters behind. Li Haitang occasionally took the sugar packets over to stay for a few days.

Since his parents left, Tangbao has obviously changed his temperament. His original domineering temper has changed a lot, and he has gradually become sensible.

Sometimes when I come to Zhuangzi for a short stay, I just sit quietly in one place and ask to learn the rules from Nanny Yu.

"Aunt, is it because the sugar bag is disobedient, so parents don't want the sugar bag?"

The little girl is young, but her mind is very sensitive. When she is in the house, there are always rumors from servants. If her parents are gone, she may die in the open sea and never come back.

Her brother is studying hard, but she knows nothing and is useless.

"Of course not."

Li Haitang didn't know how to explain to Tangbao. In order to pursue their dreams, Fang Shaoyao and his wife did not bring any children. They thought they were afraid of accidents and would never come back.

Before the two left, they had already settled everything and paved the way for their children, but they never imagined that the sugar bag could change their temperament.

Although Li Haitang said it many times, Tang Bao still stubbornly believed that everything had something to do with her.

The sugar bag suddenly became sensible, maybe it was a good change, but it was a bit heavy after all.

Li Haitang checked the almanac and set a date for returning to the Northland.

Before going out, she went to the first floor again.

The first floor is taken care of by Xiao's mother. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is making a lot of money every day, especially now that it has the backing of the General's Mansion, and the source of tourists is overwhelming.

After Li Haitang gave birth, she lost weight quickly, her waist line was tighter than before, her front was convex and her back was raised. She picked out a few dresses she liked and prepared to wear them on the road.

Her own food shop has opened several branches in the city, but they are not as profitable as Songhe Academy.

The students of Songhe Academy died more than a hundred people because they supported King Zhenbei. Yu Feiling was grateful for their strength of character, and specially gave grace to them as the first academy of Daqi.

Now, more scholars come here from all over the world, and Songhe Academy has begun to expand in full swing. There are more students, and the business on Songhe Street is easy to do. The second floor has also been opened up as a self-service mode, and takeaway is also popular. In addition, the shop also offers weekly cards, monthly cards, annual cards, and one-time annual cards. Get a copy of the calligraphy and painting shop for free

book card.

Combine several shops in one place to form a one-stop industry, and gradually form an industrial chain in the future.

Yu Feiling's eyes were sharp, and seeing the business opportunity, she visited Li Haitang again to discuss it.

As a girl, of course Li Haitang has to do her best. By the way, she mentioned the magical effect of the black water in the secret land of the Yu family.

In fact, after finishing speaking, Li Haitang still regretted it a little. If Yu Feiling was a fan of money and entered the black water and couldn't get out of the hallucination, Da Qi would mess up again.

According to the order of inheritance, it seems that only she is the right one.

"My lady, you think too much."

Xiao Lingchuan was speechless, she was pregnant for three years, and since she gave birth to the bean bun, her wife has always been in this state.

He has already made arrangements for the return trip, the route, and sent someone to build a luxurious and large carriage, with two horses driving side by side.

Kyoto is almost busy with chores. In the next few days, the whole family will be ready to leave.

What he didn't say was that early in the morning, Ruan Pingzhi went to the general's mansion, insisting on dragging him to discuss the strategy of governing the country.

He can tell a thing or two about murder and arson, but how does he know about governing the country?

"Husband, did cousin look for you?"

Li Haitang was very calm. She found that the savage husband had a strong scent of ink, but he seldom wrote, so it seemed that Ruan Pingzhi left it behind.


Thinking of Ruan Pingzhi's open and closed mouth, Xiao Lingchuan's head hurt, so he decided to advance the departure date again.

The husband and wife discussed it and finally made a unanimous decision, and they left secretly. When Ruan Pingzhi went to the village to arrest someone, he found that the house was empty.

At that time, a large family, three or two horse-drawn carriages, were already on their way home.

The sky was clear, the sun was dazzling, and the carriage was driving in the wilderness, but Li Haitang didn't feel anxious at all, on the contrary, he felt a sense of relief.

Kyoto has endless prosperity and wealth, but it is too depressing. It is better to go out freely and freely.

When he was tired from walking, he stopped to rest, and when he had enough rest, he hurried on his way. Every time he arrived in a city, he went to learn about the local customs and taste snacks. Li Haitang felt that his eyes could not see enough.

Wu Qi took a pen and specially wrote a travel journal, recording what he saw and heard along the way.

As the sun sets, the entire sky is dyed fiery red, and the heat gradually subsides.

Li Haitang got out of the carriage and sat on the side of the car in front.

While driving the carriage, Xiao Lingchuan kept his hands on, weaving wild flowers picked by the roadside into a small wreath and putting it on his wife's head.

"on the field of hope…"

Li Haitang was humming a ditty, and his heart was extraordinarily open-minded. On both sides of the road were fields that could not be seen at a glance. From a distance, the men of the farmers were sweating profusely in the fields, but their faces had satisfied smiles .

The small house with the smoke curling up from the kitchen, presents the warmth of a monk everywhere, a few chickens and ducks are running in front of the door, and children are laughing in groups on the ridge of the field.

All this gives people hope.

In life, there are many setbacks and difficulties. No one's life is smooth sailing. After one hurdle has been passed, the next one is waiting.

"Husband, my heart is at peace."

Li Haitang looked around and hummed a little song unconsciously.

No matter how much money a person has in her life, she only eats three meals a day. Everything she does is to live a good life, and she finds that with her husband and son by her side, she really doesn't ask for anything more.

"me too."

Xiao Lingchuan's complexion gradually softened. Compared with the days when he was alone in the mountains and surrounded by wild beasts, he was already very satisfied and didn't want to ask for more. "Back to the Northland, it's just a good time. I'm going to the mountains to hunt pheasants and wild rabbits. The pheasants are roasted with honey and eaten, stewed in soup, and I go to the deep pool in the backyard to catch fish and make a big pot of boiled fish. To be a cold-eating rabbit, Doubao has always wanted to raise a little rabbit.


The house at home needs to be repaired. For a period of time, no one lives in it, and it is not very popular.

In the evening, a big pot is set up in the backyard, and pork ribs are stewed in a firewood iron pot.

Just thinking about it makes Li Haitang very excited. There is also a pool for bathing in the clean room, and the mountain scenery is very beautiful.

"Okay, let's go together." Xiao Lingchuan took his wife's hand, the couple looked at the sunset in the distance, bathed in the orange-red light, their shadows on the ground grew longer and longer...