The treble's face turned blue and white.

He wanted to leave here, but other strong people are converging here, so he has to stay here.

Jiang Mou whispered deliberately:

"it's the handsome man in white over there. Don't look down on him. Although he doesn't look like a strong man in appearance, his Dharma can be as good as 6500 feet. Oh, by the way, it's said that he has just broken through and there is still a lot of room for growth in the future."

Later those who are strong listen to, eyes all emerge a touch of horror.

They naturally believe Jiang Mou's words. After all, there are so many creatures in the field, and their cultivation is detached. They can infer the general situation of things according to the signs left in the field.

In the rear area, Xia Zhiyuan and Xia Zhihuan were slightly surprised.

Although they knew that Zhu Hao was fighting on behalf of the Xia Dynasty, he had such terrible fighting power, which was unexpected.

At this time, the strong men scattered in Tianjiao battlefield also arrived one after another.

When Xia Jinglan looks at Zhu Hao and his party, he is not only surprised, but also a little unbelievable.

Especially when he saw Bajie and Xiaohei, it was more shocking.

Looking at Zhu Hao and his party, Liu xunxian said with a smile:

"is Zhu hao? I know something about him, but what's the matter with this hodgepodge? Huangdu, xiaojianxian, Zhen and Xia Zhiyuan, don't you call back their respective hands? "

Huang Du shook his head gently:

"no matter how the camp is, it's not important that the heart is in the Buddhist temple. Besides, it's not necessary."

Xiaojianxian nodded gently, as if he agreed with Huangdu.

All eyes turned to Zhen, and the latter snorted:

"these two spirit beasts do not belong to Shisheng mountain."

Xia Zhiyuan is noncommittal, did not answer the meaning of Liu xunxian.

On the contrary, Zhu Hao and others spontaneously moved to the other side, watching the treble and others on guard.

Bajie suddenly said:

"there is something wrong. These people seem to be opposite to each other, but they stand in order. How can they give me a feeling of being in a group?"

Zhu Hao was stunned and looked around, only to find that what Bajie said was true. These people were really approaching the center, and Xueyi and Jiangmou, who had been fighting hard before, were also standing near!

He looked at the rear and saw a familiar figure in the crowd. It was the little witch!

Didn't she say before that she was going to explore the secrets everywhere? What's going on here?

As if to ease the embarrassment, a living creature asked in a low voice:

"according to the time, it's far from the end of Tianjiao battlefield. Why do you gather together? Even if it's a precious place, only four adults came here before. Don't you care about the chance? "

Many people have looked at the six champions and others, this is the question they are eager to know the answer.

Luo Tian said in a low voice:

"because of the innate nature map, Tianjiao battlefield collapsed, and all the people outside were sent to the middle. This is the southwest of the whole Tianjiao battlefield, and there are also congenital treasures in the other three places. We arrived at the deepest place and were sent here by a mysterious force."

Liu xunxian suddenly looked at the sky and asked:

"do you know there is another name in China?"

Most of the people present were puzzled and didn't know what this meant.

But Zhu Hao's body was shocked. Isn't it

The treble winner took over the words:

"the sky is full of waste."

What's the matter?

Many people are still puzzled. It's obviously the first time they have heard of this term.

Zhu Hao looks at the little witch, only to find that she looks up at the sky and doesn't know what she is thinking.

The sixth crown king took over and said:

"heaven and earth are mysterious, the universe is vast and desolate, every word represents a heavy heaven, and these days are ranked according to their strength. China is also called a heavy heaven."

There was a strange silence in the game.

For them, this is really unheard of information.

Even Meng canglan and others were shocked.

Although they practice among those big forces, they never know about these things.

Yang Chenyue is pulling Zhu Hao's robe. She seems to be afraid.

Bajie paw is digging the ground uneasily. Compared with the shock, it is more like the uneasiness of something big.

Zhu Hao asked Bajie: "in fact, you already know about it, right?"

Bajie ordered a big head.

A nice voice sounded in my ear:

"I once said that it's not good for you to know this too early. Do you believe it now?"

Zhu Hao was silent.

He thought a lot of things.

When the little witch wrote these words, she left the stone on the xuanzi. Is it that the clue of the mysterious token is in xuanchongtian?Before he reached the great Xia Dynasty, he thought that the rulers of the Xia emperor and other super powers would be the peak of martial arts.

But when he learned that becoming a God was not the end of practice, he had doubts.

According to his understanding of all aspects, even Xia Huang and others, their cultivation did not reach the divine realm.

This is not normal.

Now when he heard what these people said, he understood it.

Then there was a trembling voice:

"Why are you telling us this at this time? Shall we go to those places? "

A lot of people are shaking in their hearts.

It's like the belief that has been held for many years collapses at this moment.

They have been called genius by people on the map of China and France for many years, and they are very proud in their heart. But now someone suddenly says that their place is just a boundary at the end of the ranking. How can they not waver?

Luo Tian looked up and said gently:

"it's not that we're going to that boundary, but that the heavenly pride of those boundaries is about to reach this boundary."

"Why?" Some people don't understand.

If what they say is true, the barren sky at the end of the ranking is not worth those arrogant people coming here!

"Because of Kunpeng method!" The treble's voice was cold.


Just as their voice fell, there was a sudden roar in the sky!

Golden light appeared in the original blue sky and spread from a very far away, like a passage for the Buddha to arrive here from the sky.

Then, a spreading array appeared and spread all over the sky.

One after another, people began to see each other, but they found that although there were only about ten people, their breath was very terrible.

The strong true meaning of martial arts spreads out and floats behind them, just like a God coming down to earth!

Zhu Hao looked at the sky, but he was stunned.

These people are not the group of young people in gorgeous clothes he met when he got Kunpeng law in Yunxi sect at that time?

It can't be wrong. He always remembers the faces of these people!

After that war, he kept the information of these people in his mind. Originally, he thought these people were the pride of the top ten superpowers, but later found that they were not.

Just when he thought he could not meet these people, they appeared again, which surprised and shocked Zhu Hao!

Above, ye Xiao looked at the Tianjiao battlefield and said with a trace of disgust:

"is this the so-called Tianjiao among those scumbags in the barren sky? It's ridiculous. No one will accept the qualifications of the people below, even if they are put in the ancestral clan and treated as miscellaneous workers? "

"Don't underestimate the enemy. Don't forget how we lost last time! This time Kunpeng method must be achieved! " A voice of indifference came, this is the palace acetylene!

"Why, there are nine lions in this world? Well, I'm short of a mount. It's just right to catch it. " Behind a young girl gently way, one eye then saw nine lions.

"Wait a minute. Do you think the boy in white around the nine lions looks like Li Tongtian?" Someone suddenly pointed to Zhu Hao. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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