Chapter 76 - Chapter 76: 075 Dragonborn Evolution_l

Chapter 76: 075 Dragonborn Evolution_l

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The junction of Nolan Forest and the Sulfur Mountains.

Those monsters who refused to submit to Otto have been killed and cleaned up by the ogres.

Ogres that consumed dragonborn monsters and true dragon flesh have completed their evolution.

Of course, it’s risky to evolve into a dragonborn, and not all ogres can successfully survive the process.

Several ogres couldn’t withstand the pain of evolution and closed their eyes forever.

Most of them were relatively weak, poorly gifted, or didn’t have a strong enough will.

This success rate is considered quite high.

The mental willpower of these ogres seemed to far exceed that of their own kind, as if there was a strong spiritual support in their hearts.

At this point, Moray, who was pinched into a round ball, was still shouting something illogical, but no one was willing to pay attention to him.

The surviving ogres have all evolved into dragonborn monsters.

Of course, the degree of evolution varies depending on how much true dragon flesh they received.

Mega Fatty, Little Fatty, and Wuga were among the ogres who received the highest proportion of true dragon flesh.

Mega Fatty obtained a very precious piece of Red Dragon meat due to his strong physique and the deterrent force of the fireball. He managed to survive the evolution after consuming it.

At the same time, his appearance has changed the most. First of all, his height has increased a lot, and his body surface is covered with many red scales.

Even more striking is that Mega Fatty has grown a second head, and the original head has sprouted a sharp horn on its forehead.

Overall, Mega Fatty looks much more formidable.

However, he doesn’t seem to like this change himself, and his two heads are staring fiercely at each other.

The newly sprouted head seems to have an independent mind of its own.

One head, the one with the horn, which is the original Mega Fatty, angrily shouted at the other head: “Too ugly! Too ugly! Shrink back, master doesn’t like ogres with two heads!”

Mega Fatty remembered that the first Wuga had been sacrificed because Sofia thought it was too ugly with two heads.

However, the other head didn’t think so and sneered, “Look at your ridiculous and stupid appearance; if only one of us can exist, it should be me!”

Mega Fatty roared, “No! That’s not right! I came out before you, so I’m your older brother, and you should listen to me! Shrink back now!”

“Ha! Simply because of that, I should listen to you?”

The new head scornfully said, “What a joke! If you can’t stand the sight of me, try cutting me off!”

There is an essential difference between a two-headed ogre and a multi-headed serpent lizard, although they both have multiple heads.

If one head of a two-headed ogre is chopped off, the other head will die in a short time.

Mega Fatty is well aware of this through his own instincts.

But that doesn’t mean he’s willing to tolerate the new head, so they continue to argue.

Their voices are loud and noisy, and finally, Sofia can’t take it anymore.

She turned around and angrily shouted at the ogre who was arguing with himself, “Shut up, Mega Fatty!”

Mega Fatty immediately fell silent, as did the newly sprouted head. But soon, the new head muttered, “I think the master should be calling me…”

Mega Fatty widened his eyes, even though he was very angry, he still whispered angrily, “No, the name Mega Fatty is mine!”

But the new head obviously wasn’t willing to give in, so the quarrel continued.

Of course, this time they both restrained their volume, at least not disturbing Sofia.

Besides Mega Fatty, Little Fatty and Wuga also managed to grab almost equal shares and completed their evolution successfully.

But their changes are much smaller compared to Mega Fatty’s.

Wuga, a relatively traditional ogre, got a large piece of sand mixed with the blood of two adult dragons.

As a result, he became even stronger and grew red and green dragon scales on his body.

It looked very strange and ugly, and even more frightening.

Wuga didn’t care how he looked, though, he was very satisfied with the powerful feeling he had now.

Little Fatty, on the other hand, ate the Serpentmen Leader who evolved into a dragonborn and a small portion of the Green Dragon’s blood.

The Serpentmen Leader evolved into a dragonborn because he got the blood and flesh of the Green Dragon, which was naturally inherited by Little Fatty.

The difference in his appearance wasn’t significant; he only grew slightly taller and had some green scales, but his body seemed to have become more slender.

The other ogres didn’t have many special changes either, they just became taller and stronger.

There were some ogres with scales and horns of varying lengths on their heads.

Only Mega Fatty became a two-headed ogre.

At this moment, Otto severed the connection with Saru.

Then he shook his head hard, his mental state was terrible, and it seemed like he would fall asleep at any moment.

Sofia, who was fiddling with two magic items at the time, also noticed that something was wrong with Otto.

So, the little girl asked with concern, “What’s wrong, Big Stupid Dragon? Were you talking to Saru just now?”

Otto bit the tip of his tongue to keep himself awake and said wearily, “Saru said there seemed to be some accidents in the Land of the Soaring Dragon.

But he’s already taken care of it. I may need to sleep as soon as possible; I’m feeling very tired right now…”

“Really? Then let’s go back quickly!”

The little girl wasn’t at ease with Otto, and many things could wait until they returned to the Land of the Soaring Dragon.

She then recited a spell in her heart and summoned a magic Light Ball and put the two magic items in it.

This Light Ball can effectively isolate the negative effects of these two magic items on the people around them. She already knows how to deal with them, but it takes some time.

Right now, it’s best for Otto to return to the Land of the Soaring Dragon as soon as possible and have a good rest.

She took Moray, who had been pinched into a sphere, from Otto’s dragon claws and then threw the incessant Legendary Witch Demon into another Light Ball.

This magic Light Ball has a slightly different effect from the one that holds the two magic items.

It can continuously absorb light and then slowly release the stored sunlight in places where there is no light or at night.

This is a specialized cage developed specifically to deal with Moray’s ghostly body.

Although they are supposedly cooperating with him on the surface, neither Otto nor Sofia are likely to trust him completely.

However, Moray, the person involved, praised, “This spell is quite ingeniously designed, although it’s not challenging…

From the perspective of elemental composition, your talent is excellent, and I admit you’re a genius.

However, it’s a bit too arrogant to try to crack my magic items with this alone!”