Chapter 27: In the world of cunning villains, the incompetent don’t survive (9)

Part 10: Their Circumstances: The Circumstances of an Evil Apostle

I could feel it. Even at this moment, the fragments of evil were drifting further away.

“How fast.”

They had been standing still for a while, so I had been waiting. What could be the reason for their sudden movement now?

Since the opponent was that officer, I couldn’t help but think of various possibilities.

Even though they knew that I was following them, they stopped, which meant…

“Either they know my location or they think they can defeat me.”

It was possible, considering my previous failure on the mainland. They would know the fighting skills of those who had fought the greatest demon lords on the mainland, and they would have an idea of the power needed to challenge me.

Knowing or not knowing the enemy’s strength made a huge difference.

If I didn’t accurately estimate their power, I could send a large army against an opponent who only seemed strong, or my elite forces could be destroyed by a small enemy group.

The officer often stressed this point.

“You must scout to avoid surprises.”

Sometimes he said things that were hard to understand…

Nevertheless, he always stressed the importance of information, and since I was his disciple, I gathered forces here without attacking him.

If they were preparing to defeat me, I would smash their plans with even greater power.

And what if they had a way to detect my location?

Well, in that case, it was easy.

When facing someone who was adept at escaping, you just had to eliminate every possible escape route.

If I conquered the continent with overwhelming power, even if they were an officer, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Then I should move, too.”

I had gathered enough power. The surrounding animals, monsters, and even parts of nature had been corrupted by evil and formed my army.

With such a formidable force, I could quickly wipe out these small kingdoms and pursue the officer.

“Now go. My army.”

With a simple gesture, the hundreds of thousands of troops surrounding me let out a roar.

These beings, commonly referred to as the army of evil spirits, had individual abilities that were at least twice as powerful, and in some cases, dozens of times more powerful.

The wolves that could have been defeated by the villagers if they had joined forces were now capable of fighting knights, and the ogres had the power to break down gates with their bare fists.

“Destroy the world. Smash and burn everything!”

I burst out laughing as I saw the borders of a kingdom shattered in an instant.

I had worked hard for everyone, but the world had mercilessly taken everything away from me.

For the sake of revenge against this world.

“I hope you try to run to the end, Officer.”

There would be no one to stand in my way.

And after some time…


Once again, I realized that things were not that simple.

Part 11: Their Circumstances: The Circumstances of the Diligent Persecutors

It was hard. Exhausting. I wanted to rest.

“Is this the right place?”


I sent a suspicious look, but the leader remained calm.

“It shouldn’t be wrong again, right?”

“This time I’m sure. You don’t believe me, do you?”

No, honestly, I don’t.

How many times have you stumbled? I’m exhausted!

“No, that’s not true.

But I am just a low-ranking member, and the other person is the head of this organization, the leader.

Not only is my rank lower, but my abilities are also inferior. I can’t be honest.

Especially if the other person is the leader, I can’t say anything.

“Oh, really? I thought you would think, ‘How many times have you stumbled? I’m exhausted!'”

“Hahaha! No way~”

“Is that so?”

I smiled and looked at the back of the leader standing at the front.

Scary, so scary!

What? Right now? How did you know what I was thinking?

You know everything, but you pretend not to!

Who the hell is our leader?

Trembling, I followed the leader with cold sweat running down my back.

“Now we’re almost there.”

At the leader’s words, my comrades around me cheered.

They had seen countless battles, both in the air and underground.

Of course, even if I were dropped in the middle of the forest with nothing, everyone in this organization could survive by chewing on tree roots or bark.

And at the same time,

“Since you all worked hard, I’ll treat you today!”

“Long live the leader!”

“Long live the leader!”

“Our leader is the best!”

As members of the leader’s gourmet club, we also explored all the famous restaurants scattered across the continent.

Even though we could survive by chewing bark, we were originally nobles who had been raised as nobles.

Instead of sleeping on the cold ground, we naturally preferred a soft bed. Instead of a simple soup, we would choose a fine steak from a fancy restaurant.

No, even if we were commoners, we would still prefer the latter to the former.

Didn’t the leader say that? The best survival skill is not to create situations that require survival in the first place.

“Now, let’s go to our destination!”


Everyone gathered their strength and moved forward. It wasn’t long before we saw the fortress wall.

“Now we’re at the border. Shall we start preparing?”

At the leader’s words, our army, the official military force of the Karan Empire, the most powerful nation on the continent, began to form.

“It’s over.”


With quick movements, the leader nodded in satisfaction and pointed a finger at the fortress wall.

“Let’s cross it.”


Of course, each person broke through the fortress walls in their own way, like flowing water.

Some jumped over the walls, while others soared through the air.

A few people demonstrated their ability to tunnel underground.

That’s right. We were the official army of the Karan Empire, the strongest nation in the world. In the eyes of other countries, we were the last people they wanted to let in.

Well, considering the circumstances, we would open our way to confront the demons, but doing so would lead to a large-scale publicity campaign.

We would speak as if we were working diligently, even though we had nothing to do and were filled with fear, comforting the worried citizens!

Yes, the Karan Empire, the strongest nation in the world, had begun to move!

Now, the people would rejoice to bring death to the evil demon king who was trying to destroy the world, and upon hearing the news, Professor Niserwyn would eagerly flee.

But that can’t happen. We can’t chase the professor forever. We must catch him.

We must capture him and bring him before Her Highness, the Princess.

If we fail…

I closed my eyes for a moment.

It was dark. I couldn’t see anything.

And this… would be my future.

“What are you doing?”

The team leader tapped me on the back and spoke.


“It’s ‘team leader’ now.”

She was the team leader of my group, and also my senior from the academy I attended.

“Can’t you concentrate?”


That wouldn’t happen.

Who was I? I was one of the worst generation.

Among the members of the Astrid Abduction Squad, we were only a very small number of the Worst Generation.

“I have learned something from Professor Niserwyn. There’s no way I can’t concentrate.”

“That’s true.”

The team leader nodded, she too had learned a lot from Professor Niserwyn. No, compared to others, she had definitely been taught a lot.

So she would know.

“If you can’t concentrate…”

For summoners or mages, if they couldn’t concentrate, they wouldn’t be able to summon or use magic, and if that happened…

“You’ll get beaten up even more.”

The team leader’s body shook.

It seemed like the memories of being attacked by the silver demon were flashing through his mind.

“Then why did you close your eyes?”

“Ah, well…”

What should I explain?

That’s right. There was something.

“Close your eyes.”


The team leader tilted her head slightly, but obediently closed her eyes.

“They’re closed.”

“What do you see?”

“I don’t see anything.”

Of course I couldn’t see anything. If everything was normal, there wouldn’t be anything to see.

Unless it was Professor Niserwyn, Her Highness the Princess, or Commander Mirah, there would be nothing to see.


“This is our future, if we can’t catch Professor Niserwyn.”


The team leader collapsed to the ground in an instant, shaking violently.

“Hey, why would you think that?”

The team leader rose from her seat, still shaking, and grabbed me by the collar.

“I can catch him! I can!”

“But didn’t you think the same thing last year?”

“That was…”

“What about the year before?”

“That was…”

“Before that?”


The grip around my neck begins to loosen.

The team leader is shedding tears with a pitiful expression.

“No, I can catch him, I will for sure…”

“Team leader…”

She looked incredibly pitiful. Should I comfort her?

“Would you like a match?”

“I said no! It’s not like that!”

My heart ached as I watched my senior run away in tears.

“Senior Alice…”

The youngest swordmaster of the empire.

The girl who led Eugrasia for three years in her prime.

Senior Alice, who was often referred to as the Princess of the Sword, the successor to Princess Leia, and many other titles.

Especially the title of Successor of Princess Leia was mentioned the most.

Her talent to become a sword master at a young age, her irresistible beauty and grace even to other women.


“Will you be able to marry, Senior Alice?”

She was even praised for perfectly matching the assessment that her romantic history was dismal.

“Thank you, Arell.”

As I watched Senior Alice leap three times over the city walls, I saw the face of my childhood fiancé.

Thank you, Arell. I’ll definitely catch Professor Niserwyn… I’ll get back to you!

“Let’s stay strong.”

Even though we were in a semi-arranged marriage, thinking of each other as we loved each other, we decided to gather a little more strength.

Had even the great gods blessed our love?


“It’s the Demon King’s army!”

“No, we are all dead…”

Some time later, the demon army began to invade the town where we were, and as the terrified and confused villagers watched, leader Mira shouted,

“This is exciting!”

She let out a squeal of delight.

“Um… Leader?”

One of the members, worried that she had picked and eaten poisonous mushrooms or something, cautiously approached the leader’s side.

“Why are you acting like this?”

The leader smiled and replied to the member who couldn’t bring herself to ask, “Are you crazy?”

“You said the demon army was coming, right?”


“The Demon Army is related to the Professor.”

Professor = Professor Niserwyn.

Apply this equation,

“Oh, I see.”

Professor Niserwyn is related to the demon army.

Hmm… Yes. If he is Professor Niserwyn, it’s only natural that he would be related to them.

It seemed like everyone, not just me, thought so.

Honestly, even if there was a silver demon in the vanguard of the demon army, it wouldn’t be surprising. Of course, there wouldn’t be any need to fight.

If there was a silver demon in the vanguard, we would run away, no matter what the world was like.

“So the fact that the demon army is coming here means…”


As soon as I understood, my body started shaking.

“It means that the Professor is nearby. So… let’s take care of the troublesome things first.”

We all nodded at Leader Mira’s words.

Part 12: Your Circumstances The Circumstances of a Demon Ambassador

I close my eyes. I can feel the fast movement of the demon army.

Not something as fast as a horse, wyvern, or drake, but a commander riding on something slower.

The gap is closing.

At this rate, we’ll be able to catch the commander in a relatively short time.


I thought, but some time later, a part of the army was completely destroyed.

“Are they the heroes?”

Finally, the heroes seemed to be moving. If we push harder with more force, it will work.

They sent more troops. We will be destroyed again.

They sent a stronger force. We will be destroyed again.

We have decided to concentrate all our forces on attacking the enemy.


Once again, half of the army was wiped out.

“What is happening?”

I don’t know what it is, but it looks like we failed.