Chapter 967 Wild Hungry Pavilion

Name:Eternal Thief Author:Wahi
Chapter 967 Wild Hungry Pavilion

The Golden Lion Kingdom's capital city can be described as gigantic as it covered hundreds of miles, and it was blustering with activities. People from other kingdoms also came here to do business and buy the specialty of the kingdom, which was its ores.

At this moment, Ace, in disguise as Feng and Eva, wearing a veil and slightly altered her facial fears, were walking in the market region holding hands. Then, there was Cyrus curiously looking at everything while sitting on Ace's shoulder.

Eva appeared extremely happy and bliss as she would drag Ace in a shop every now and then and have him buy whatever she wanted. She knew Ace's wealth could topple the entire Sky Heart Plains, so she wasn't worried about spending, nor did Ace bat an eye and pay any price for her happiness.

"Let's try the spiritual cooking of this place!" Eva suddenly pointed at a magnificent building named Wild Hungry Pavilion, it was a restaurant and not just any restaurant but a restaurant for cultivators.

Furthermore, Wild Hungry Pavilion was a very famous name as they had branches all over the Sky Heart Plains, and they studied a branch profession of alchemy, Spiritual Cooking, which was the combination of alchemy and cooking. The practitioners of Spiritual Cooking were known as Spirit Chiefs, and they had the same ranks as alchemists and rune crafters.

Ace was also curious about a novel profession unique to the Sky Heart Plains, so he entered with Eva.

They were received by a beautiful elf in golden attire, and she greeted them, "Welcome to our Wild Hungry Pavilion, dear guests! Do you have a reservation, or would you like to reserve a pavilion?"

The elf race's women and men were really beautiful as many organizations as such would hire them as attendants.

Ace politely replied, "The latter. Give us a private pavilion."

"Please follow me." The elf nodded and led the way as there were private and open pavilions. The former was for private gatherings and was more expensive, while the latter was for everyone and cheap.

The elf lady led me to a beautiful pavilion surrounded by colorful Qi flowers, and in the center were tables and chairs. The air was extremely fragrant and refreshing, and the atmosphere was very relaxing.

"Which grade meal would you like to order?" The elf asked. The meals were graded by the Spirit Chiefs who cooked them. The higher the grade, the more benefits and expensive they are.

"The highest available. Bring out the full course for three, thank you." Ace smilingly replied as he already knew the customs here.

Eva's expression softened as she tenderly replied, "You don't need to worry about it. I'm just sharing some of your burdens. As for the three of them, we just discussed our lives, and we found that we get along pretty well."

Ace suddenly stuck with a realization, but he didn't dare to bring it up, afraid of getting misunderstood by Eva.

"Just don't over-exhaust yourself," Ace replied.

Suddenly, Ace's eyes narrowed, and Eva was the same.


The next moment, the entire Wild Hungry Pavilion rocked before an overbearing voice rang throughout the pavilion.

"Everyone leaves; the Imperial Family is booking the entire Wild Hungry Pavilion! You all have five minutes, those who remains will be punished according to the empire's laws!"

"So, it's the imperial family. No wonder they dare to be unbridled in this place and kick everyone out. But what are they doing here? Which member arrived?" Ace couldn't help but muttered.

Eva said ruefully, "I guess we have to wait to try this Spiritual Cooking. Those nobles are really hateful."

Ace suddenly grinned deviously, "Now that we've come, we can't leave without eating, right?"

"What are you planning?" Eva asked, as she could tell Ace was up to no good.

"I'm just thinking about 'packing' our food. But only if you want to?" Ace meaningfully asked.

Eva's eyes shone with ecstasy, "Are we really...?"

Ace shrugged his shoulder and stood up before his clothing began to change, and a hood appeared behind his robe, "Let's test your thriving ability!"