Chapter 2885 - Chapter 2885: Cleaning the Battlefield

Chapter 2885: Cleaning the Battlefield

Translator: Legge

In the Blessed Heaven World Square.

Many Kings from the medium chiliocosm were shocked when they saw that and lamented internally.

This time round, the Perfected Spirit experts of the medium chiliocosm were gathered in the Evil Fiend Battlefield. Everyone had long expected an intense and bloody collision between the Supreme Perfected Spirits of the medium chiliocosm and the Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits’.

However, no one expected the situation to be like this.

This battle was far more tragic than the Kings had imagined!

In just a single battle, 21 Supreme Perfected Spirits of the medium chiliocosm alone died!

More than half of the top ten on the Battle Merits Jade Stele were lost!

At that moment, Xue Wen of the Blood World felt a lingering fear and his face was pale.

The moment he summoned his Blessed Heaven World Badge and escaped back to the Blessed Heaven World Square, he felt that he would definitely lose all face this time round and become a joke.

However, from the looks of it, he was the only Supreme Perfected Spirit who survived after provoking that person!

That was not something embarrassing at all.

Perhaps this could even become something he could brag about and be proud of!

In fact, he could even imagine what many living beings would discuss after this battle spread.

“In that battle, the mountains collapsed and the ground cracked. Against Su Zhu of the Sword World, more than 20 Supreme Perfected Spirits died. Only Xue Wen of the Blood World survived!”

At that thought, Xue Wen’s expression softened slightly. Instinctively, he puffed out his chest and raised his head slightly.

In this battle, three of the ten great Evil Fiends died as well.

The Peak Master of the ninth Sword Peak of the Sword World killed his way to the point where be it the living beings of the medium chiliocosm or the Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits, no one dared to advance!

If Xia Yin, God Son Ming Hui and the others could all be called Supreme Perfected Spirits…

The Peak Master of the ninth Sword Peak of the Sword World was the supreme of the supreme and the absolute paragon of all Perfected Spirits!

-He became famous in a single battle. That person from the Sword World is

truly ruthless…”

“This person is practically invincible in the Evil Fiend Battlefield!”

“I wonder what physique this person has to be able to fight until now without losing his aura and look down on everyone.”

“He was baptized by seven peerless divine powers after all…”

King Witch Blood, King Shi Shuo and the Kings of the other worlds who had suffered heavy losses had ugly expressions as they glared at the Evil Fiend

Battlefield in silence.

King Cold Eye was still unable to accept this outcome and said hatefully, “What are the remaining Supreme Perfected Spirits doing? Why are they trying to avoid and dodge?”

“This lad is already an arrow at the end of its flight. As long as a few of them join forces, they’ll definitely be able to kill him and obtain countless treasures!” Many Kings pursed their lips and shook their heads, looking at King Cold Eye with pity.

Everyone could tell that King Cold Eye had suffered a huge blow and had already lost his mind.

Given the current situation, Su Zhu of the Sword World had the blood of more than 20 Supreme Perfected Spirits in his hands. Who would dare to advance rashly?

Who knew if Su Zhu of the Sword World had any other backup plans?

Earlier on, Wu Xing and Lu Tan’s group of 18 Supreme Perfected Spirits joined forces because they thought that Su Zhu was merely putting on a strong front. However, so what?

The 18 Supreme Perfected Spirits were completely wiped out and none of them were spared!

As for the Void Yaksha, Blood Eye and Fiendcelestial who thought that Su Zimo had exhausted his trump cards after fighting consecutively and wanted to take advante of the situation, what happened to them?

All three Evil Fiends were dead!

Under such circumstances, who would dare to go up?

Immortal Queen You Lan chuckled. “An arrow at the end of its flight? King Cold Eye, your words sounded familiar. Did you say them once before?”

“Isn’t he an arrow at the end of its flight?”

King Cold Eye grit his teeth. “He’s already released seven peerless divine powers. Could he have other trump cards? What are these Supreme Perfected Spirits afraid of? What a bunch of trash!

King Cold Eye lost control of his emotions and had already begun to speak without thinking.

His words insulted many worlds.

King Divine Feng of the Parasol Tree World sneered, “Xia Yin of your Heavenly Eye race is indeed not trash. There was just something wrong with his head.” “If there wasn’t anything wrong with his head, how could he have provoked such a ruthless person?”

“Even if he provoked this person, so be it. At the very most, he could have just died. However, he thought that he was smart and ended up sabotaging a group of people even after his death!”

A King of the Barbarian World nodded and said in a disgruntled voice, “If not for Xia Yin’s move, the others would not have died in the Evil Fiend Battlefield.”


King Cold Eye’s face flushed red and he trembled in anger.

Listening to the discussions and arguments around them, everyone from the Sword World felt conflicted.

For example, some Perfected Spirits looked at Su Zimo with excitement and joy.

As for the eight Peak Masters, they felt more emotional.

That was because they knew very well that what Su Zimo revealed in front of everyone and had already attracted countless exclamations was not his full strength!

At the very least, he had never used the bloodline of the Grade 12 Creation Green Lotus.

Even so, with the augmentation of the seven peerless divine powers, Su Zimo was already invincible in the Perfected One realm!

If any other Supreme Perfected Spirit was ignorant and wanted to deal with him, there was a high chance that they would force out an even more terrifying Su Zimo!

In reality, the eight Peak Masters were overthinking it.

After the battle ended, although there were still many Supreme Perfected Spirits lingering around, no one dared to advance rashly.

Earlier on, more than 20 Supreme Perfected Spirits died tragically. Even with the Blessed Heaven World Badges, they could not escape and did not even have the chance to self-destruct their Dao Fruits. Who would dare to act rashly?

His extreme killing method had already formed a powerful deterrent in everyone’s hearts.

In the eyes of everyone, Su Zimo was completely unfathomable.

None of them knew if they would attract an even more terrifying counterattack if they advanced rashly!

In fact, many of the Supreme Perfected Spirits would not be surprised even if Su Zimo released an eighth peerless divine power now.

Chess Immortal Jun Yu, Lin Xunzhen, Long Li and Mu Lian stood not far away and exchanged glances with strange expressions.

Initially, they wanted to stand on Su Zimo’s side and fight to the death against the other Supreme Perfected Spirits.

However, before the four of them could attack, they saw Su Zimo enter his Four Heads Eight Arms state and kill in all directions, to the point where countless Perfected Spirits avoided him and no one dared to advance!

There were many corpses strewn all over the huge battlefield, including many corpses of Supreme Perfected Spirits.

There were many treasures on the bodies of more than 20 Supreme Perfected Spirits alone, let alone ordinary Perfected Spirit experts!

There were the storage bags of the Supreme Perfected Spirits, the Nine Tribulations Pure Yang Spirit Treasures in their possession as well as their well-preserved Dao Fruits that were almost flawless!

Countless pairs of eyes were coveting such rich treasures, but no one dared to step forward!

At that moment, Su Zimo had already exited his Four Heads Eight Arms state and the augmentation brought about by the Eight Tusk Divine Strength gradually dissipated.

Even so, the deterrence emanating from him was still terrifying!

Su Zimo focused on cleaning up the battlefield and most importantly, he collected the Dao Fruits of the many Supreme Perfected Spirits. Those Dao Fruits could help him increase his cultivation realm the fastest!