Chapter 2560 - 2560 Chess Immortal Jun Yu

2560 Chess Immortal Jun Yu

Not far away, a woman sped over. Her sleeves fluttered and her long hair was tied up simply, resembling a young nun.

The woman did not have any accessories in her hair, neck, earlobes or even body. Although she looked extremely simple, every single move she made exuded an indescribable divine charm of the Dharmic Dao!

The woman did not wear any makeup and was elegant.

Or rather, even a little makeup on that peerless face would destroy that natural beauty and make one feel pity.

She carried a gigantic square chessboard on her back.

The black and white chess pieces landed on the square chessboard like stars.

It was as though the woman was carrying the starry skies on her back and stepping on the vastness to barge into the Divine Firmament Hall. She exuded a suffocating and powerful aura. Apart from Immortal King Qing Yang, everyone else could clearly sense the pressure!

The first time everyone saw the woman, they were not attracted by her peerless beauty. Instead, they were shocked by her powerful aura!

Although there were millions of cultivators in the Divine Firmament Hall, none of them dared to harbor any designs on this woman!

“Chess Immortal Jun Yu.”

Immortal King Qing Yang raised his brow and said in surprise.

The moment those words were said, it was like a stone that caused a thousand levels of waves. The crowd exploded instantly and countless voices were raised!

“Chess Immortal! So, this is the Chess Immortal!”

“To think that Fairy Jun Yu would be here as well. The gathering of the four great fairies is an unprecedented spectacle!”

“The aura of the Chess Immortal is way too strong. As expected of the number one in combat strength among the four great fairies.”

“I wonder why the Chess Immortal appeared at this time?”

As everyone discussed, Su Zimo looked at Chess Immortal Jun Yu who had just saved his life and felt emotional.

When he saw the black chess piece, he guessed that the Chess Immortal might have arrived.

When he truly saw Fairy Jun Yu, he was even more certain that this woman was the Chess Immortal!

Apart from the Chess Immortal, no one else could match her bearing!

The four great fairies could be considered as peerless and beautiful.

However, everyone’s bearings and temperaments were completely different and each had their own merits.

The Chess Immortal was probably the only one who could make everyone feel immense pressure the moment she appeared!

Only, Su Zimo was puzzled.

Did Chess Immortal Jun Yu save him casually or did she rush over specially?

If it was the former, the explanation was naturally easy. It was said that apart from being obsessed with chess, the Chess Immortal loved to fight and often looked for experts to fight.

But if it was the latter, why?

Su Zimo recalled carefully and was certain that he had never seen Chess Immortal Jun Yu before.

“So, it’s Fairy Jun Yu. It’s been thousands of years since we last met.”

Sword Immortal Yue Hua cupped his fists towards Chess Immortal Jun Yu with a smile and greeted.

Jun Yu glanced casually at Sword Immortal Yue Hua. “The last time I challenged you, you hid and avoided me. Why are you here today?”

Sword Immortal Yue Hua blushed and cursed internally.

The surrounding crowd stirred and a few chuckles sounded.

Yun Zhu pursed her lips and smiled.

Fellow Daoist Jun Yu was still the same—she spoke without any reservations and did not give anyone any face!

However, even she did not know if Jun Yu’s sudden appearance was a blessing or curse for them.

That was because she was not close to Chess Immortal Jun Yu and did not have much of a relationship. They merely fought once in the past.

From Mo Qing’s expression, there was even less of a relationship between her and Jun Yu.

Sword Immortal Yue Hua could not hold it in any longer after being exposed by Jun Yu. He coughed gently and forced a smile. “At that time, I was indeed cultivating in seclusion. When I came out of seclusion, I heard that you have already left. I did not hide from you intentionally, Fairy Jun Yu.”


Jun Yu’s expression was indifferent. “Since you’re here today, let me witness your Moon Essence Sword.”

Sword Immortal Yue Hua’s expression was terrible.

If he were to reject in front of everyone, it would be equivalent to admitting that he had avoided meeting Chess Immortal Jun Yu because he was afraid of her challenge.


A zither sound sounded and Meng Yao stood up slowly. She looked at Chess Immortal Jun Yu and smiled gently. “Fellow Daoist Jun Yu, we have something important to do today. Once we’re done with this, it’s your freedom no matter who you want to challenge.”

Sword Immortal Yue Hua heaved a sigh of relief.

Thankfully, Meng Yao stood out and saved the situation in time.

“Put away that lousy zither of yours when you talk to me. It’s annoying.”

Jun Yu glared at Meng Yao coldly. Her words were sharp and merciless!

Meng Yao’s smile froze on her face too.

Jue Wuying had just been injured by Jun Yu’s chess piece. When he saw how domineering and aggressive Jun Yu was, the hatred in his heart intensified. Unable to hold it in, he sneered, “Jun Yu, today’s matter has nothing to do with you. It’s best if you don’t interfere!”

“How do you know that it has nothing to do with me?”

Jun Yu asked instead.

Jue Wuying harrumphed coldly. “An outsider from another race has appeared in Heaven and Earth Academy. Today, we’re going to get rid of this outsider and remove a hidden ailment for the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain!”

“Could you be here because you have something to do with this outsider, Chess Immortal Jun Yu?”

“Are you here to spoil things?!”

Upon hearing Jue Wuying’s words, Sword Immortal Yue Hua’s heart sank.

Chess Immortal Jun Yu had a domineering personality and loved to fight. Jue Wuying’s words would definitely arouse Jun Yu’s belligerent heart.

Perfected Immortal Mu Feng and Chess Immortal Jun Yu were both from Mountain Sea Immortal Sect.

He knew the personality of his senior sister even better.

He burst into laughter hurriedly to smooth things over. “Senior Sister Jun Yu, please calm down. Fellow Daoist Wuying was just being hasty and spouting nonsense. Senior sister, please don’t take it seriously and don’t take it to heart.”

Jun Yu glared at Perfected Immortal Mu Feng and asked, “Who asked you to join forces with them?”

Although Jun Yu’s tone was calm, there was a hint of coldness in it!

Perfected Immortal Mu Feng felt the pressure increase exponentially. Gulping, he laughed dryly. “No one. It’s my own decision.”

“Senior sister, you might not know it yet, but Yue Hai of our sect was killed by Su Zimo of the academy in the Asura battlefield. I’m also trying to take revenge for Yue Hai…”

“Yue Hai died in the hands of a cultivator of the same cultivation realm. It’s his own fault for not being skilled enough, who can he blame?”

Before Perfected Immortal Mu Feng could finish, Jun Yu interrupted him and said coldly, “As a Perfected Immortal of an immortal sect, you’re going to take revenge on a Heaven Immortal personally? Not only that, you’re joining forces with other Perfected Immortals?”

Perfected Immortal Mu Feng was drenched in sweat from Jun Yu’s reprimand and did not know what to do.

Although they were both Perfected Immortals, the difference in status between them was extremely great in Mountain Sea Immortal Sect.

Perfected Immortal Mu Feng had an awkward expression. “Senior sister, I…”


Jun Yu hollered.

Perfected Immortal Mu Feng shuddered and did not dare to say anything more. Lowering his head, he returned to the seats of Mountain Sea Immortal Sect and felt his face flush and burn.

The atmosphere in the Divine Firmament Hall turned extremely tense.


Sword Immortal Chunfeng chuckled and broke the silence. “Fellow Daoist Jun Yu, please calm down. We’re doing this out of goodwill so that we can get rid of the outsider from another race. We’re not bullying the young because of our cultivation advantage.”

“Is that so?”

Jun Yu swept her gaze across Meng Yao and the others and said slowly, “With me here today, let’s see who dares to touch him!”