Chapter 2360 - 2360 Six of Nine Heavenly Tribulation

2360 Six of Nine Heavenly Tribulation

Heaven and Earth Academy, above the inner sect.

Three figures with powerful auras suddenly appeared—they were four of the Academy’s Nine Great Elders, the Grand Elder, Elder Two, Elder Five and Elder Nine.

“Hurry and disperse! Aren’t you afraid that the Heavenly Tribulation will descend and implicate you?!”

Elder Two looked down at the many inner sect disciples below and hollered.

Many cultivators were alarmed and recalled the dangers that might happen during the Tribulation Transcendence. They retreated one after another and left the range of the dark clouds above their heads.

The Tribulation Transcendence of a Heaven Immortal was the most important and dangerous step in the cultivation of the upper world!

One had to converge the Black, Earth and Heaven Essences into one, infusing it into their Dharmic Dao to condense a Dao Fruit before they could advance to the Perfected One realm.

The lifespan of a Perfected One realm cultivator would increase to more than 500,000 years!

During the Dao Fruit condensation process, a Heavenly Tribulation would descend.

The limit of the lower worlds was the Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulation.

Typically speaking, the weakest Heavenly Tribulation for the Perfected One Tribulation was the Six of Nine Heavenly Tribulation!

Of course, this was the calamity that most Heaven Immortals would face.

In rare cases, because some living beings were innately strong, possessed extraordinary bloodlines or were envied by the heavens, there was a chance that the stronger Seven of Nine or even Eight of Nine Heavenly Tribulations would be triggered!

Of course, there was also the Extreme Heavenly Tribulation of the Heavenly Tribulations, the Nine of Nine Heavenly Tribulation!

Almost all the living beings that could trigger the Nine of Nine Heavenly Tribulation were the strongest paragons of the current era. If they succeeded in the Tribulation Transcendence, they would definitely leave their names in history!

For example, the legendary Infinite Great Emperor and Longevity Great Emperor attracted the Nine of Nine Heavenly Tribulation back then.

Although the fact that a cultivator could attract the Nine of Nine Heavenly Tribulation was proof of their strength, it was also accompanied by unimaginable danger!

Throughout history, there had been many monster incarnates who failed to survive the Nine of Nine Heavenly Tribulation and died.

In the Tribulation Transcendence of cultivators, all cultivators within the radius of the tribulation clouds would be attacked by the Heavenly Tribulation!

That was the reason why the four elders of the academy reminded the disciples of the academy to watch from afar lest they were implicated by the Heavenly Tribulation.

Throughout history, there had been countless living beings who underwent the Tribulation Transcendence and their experiences were recorded.

During the Tribulation Transcendence, the person undergoing the Tribulation Transcendence could use any means to resist the Heavenly Tribulation. Be it array formations, talismans, divine powers or Dharmic treasures, there was no problem.

However, he could not find outsiders to help him resist the Heavenly Tribulation.

Moreover, the process of Tribulation Transcendence was an indispensable part of condensing the Dao Fruit and stepping into the Perfected One realm.

Without the baptism and tempering of the Heavenly Tribulation, it was impossible to condense a true Dao Fruit!

Furthermore, during the Tribulation Transcendence, cultivators could use the Heavenly Tribulation to refine their Dharmic treasures.

If a Dharmic treasure survived the Heavenly Tribulation, it would transform into a sentient Dharmic treasure and become even stronger!

That was why there were Tribulation Spirit Treasures.

There was one additional thing to take note of for Tribulation Transcendence.

Generally speaking, even if one could successfully undergo the Tribulation Transcendence and step into the Perfected One realm, cultivators would become extremely weak after withstanding a few rounds of the Heavenly Tribulation.

At that time, it would be best if they had experts protecting them.

Otherwise, it would be extremely easy for enemies to take advantage of the situation and assassinate them!

Therefore, itinerant cultivators in the upper world would be extremely cautious at this step and search for a deserted barren ground to undergo the Tribulation Transcendence.

The location of the Tribulation Transcendence would be extremely confidential and kept to themselves.

The situation would be much better if a disciple of a heaven-level sect like Yang Ruoxu underwent Tribulation Transcendence.

As long as he underwent the Tribulation Transcendence in the academy, an elder would definitely appear to protect him in case anything happened!

Any Perfected Immortal was a cornerstone of the major sects and factions and was extremely important.

Dark clouds were overcast and lightning flashed as thunder rumbled.

Yang Ruoxu stood in the air with the Righteousness Sword in hand. He looked up at the firmament with a righteous aura and was fearless!

“Come on!”

Yang Ruoxu shouted.


The red Heavenly Tribulation descended!

Yang Ruoxu did not use any divine powers or Dharmic arts and only relied on his body to defend.

Apart from the Righteousness Sword in his hand, there were seven to eight heaven-grade Dharmic treasures floating beside him, ready to be tempered by the Heavenly Tribulation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Heavenly Tribulation descended continuously. Its color gradually deepened and its power became stronger!

In the end, the Heavenly Tribulation that descended from the dark clouds had already turned into dark red lightning that was as thick as a stone pillar and smashed heavily onto Yang Ruoxu’s body.

Yang Ruoxu shuddered, but he gritted his teeth and resisted with his body.

A moment later, the nine strikes of the Heavenly Tribulation ended.

However, this was only the first level. It was also the level that posed the least threat.

There were at least five more Heavenly Tribulations, each stronger than the last!

A charred mark from being struck by lightning appeared on the Dharmic treasures beside Yang Ruoxu as well.

These Dharmic treasures had already transformed into tribulation sentient Dharmic treasures.

The dark clouds above Yang Ruoxu’s head changed rapidly. Without giving him much time to rest, the second Heavenly Tribulation quickly descended!

This time, the color of the Heavenly Tribulation had already turned yellow, and its strength had increased several times!

Yang Ruoxu had no choice but to raise his righteousness qi to resist the impact of the second Heavenly Tribulation.

Before long, the second Heavenly Tribulation ended. Yang Ruoxu heaved a sigh of relief and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Soon, the third Heavenly Tribulation descended!

The color of the Heavenly Tribulation had already changed to green and its strength increased again!

This time round, Yang Ruoxu had no choice but to take out the surrounding Dharmic treasures to resist the power of the Heavenly Tribulation.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The nine strikes of the Heavenly Tribulation bombarded continuously and three Dharmic treasures could not withstand it. Cracks appeared and their light dimmed as they fell.

Not all Dharmic treasures could survive the baptism of the Heavenly Tribulation.

The fourth Heavenly Tribulation descended!

This was a blue Heavenly Tribulation.

The huge blue lightning struck down continuously. Yang Ruoxu summoned many divine powers and secret skills to defend against it.

After this round of Heavenly Tribulation, two more Dharmic treasures beside him were destroyed.

Immediately after, it was the fifth Heavenly Tribulation. Purple lightning enveloped Yang Ruoxu and did not give him any chance to catch his breath!

Yang Ruoxu released his Bloodline Phenomenon and continued to resist the Heavenly Tribulation.

In front of this vast and terrifying Heavenly Tribulation, Yang Ruoxu’s figure seemed so tiny. After being repelled time and time again, he charged forward once more!

Finally, the fifth Heavenly Tribulation ended.

Apart from the Righteousness Sword in his hand, Yang Ruoxu’s Dharmic treasures were all shattered.

He was also covered in injuries from the Heavenly Tribulations, but he still stood with his sword and did not submit!

The sixth Heavenly Tribulation appeared. The gray lightning with a hint of deathly power smashed down fiercely and almost pierced through Yang Ruoxu’s body!


Yang Ruoxu spat out blood and swayed.

The second strike of the Heavenly Tribulation!


Yang Ruoxu was smashed into the mud, creating a huge pit. His entire body was charred and green smoke rose. He no longer resembled a human.


Immediately after, the third strike of the Heavenly Tribulation struck!

Blood and flesh splattered from Yang Ruoxu’s body. In some places, even white bones were revealed. It was a shocking sight!

Su Zimo, Princess Scarlet Rainbow, Liu Ping and the others looked at this scene with worried expressions but were helpless.

Yang Ruoxu could only shoulder the Heavenly Tribulation himself!

There were still a few strikes of the Heavenly Tribulation left. As long as he could survive them, he would experience a meteoric rise and become a Perfected Immortal!