Chapter 2358 - 2358 Whoever Wants It, Come and Take It!

2358 Whoever Wants It, Come and Take It!

“S-Su Zimo?”

When Chang Qi saw who it was, his expression changed and he let out a look of disbelief.

“What’s going on?”

“Isn’t he already dead?”

The inner sect disciples beside Chang Qi whispered with bewildered expressions.

Su Zimo helped Yang Ruoxu refine the power of the Saraca Fruit completely. When he saw that Yang Ruoxu could circulate and recuperate on his own while his Essence Spirit was healing, he walked over towards Chang Qi and the others who had barged into the cave abode.

Su Zimo released a tremendous spirit consciousness pressure that surged over like a tide!


Chang Qi shuddered.

Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit had already reached the peak of a Grade 5 Heaven Immortal. Coupled with the powerful condensation of his Green Lotus Essence Spirit, his spirit consciousness was definitely not weaker than Chang Qi’s!

The pressure on Liu Ping vanished without a trace and he regained his freedom.

Su Zimo’s gaze landed on Yang Ruoxu’s boy. His expression turned cold as he waved his sleeves casually!

As though they were struck by lightning, the immortal servants shuddered and were sent flying instantly, spitting out blood. All of them smashed against the walls of the cave abode and rolled down in a wretched manner.

The boy was still standing on the spot, safe and sound.

“Junior Brother Su, what’s the meaning of this?”

Chang Qi’s expression darkened as he asked slowly.

“Senior Brother Chang, he’s now the in-name disciple of the Sect Master. We should address him as Senior Brother Su…” An inner sect disciple behind Chang Qi reminded softly.

Taking a deep breath of air, Chang Qi had no choice but to change the way he addressed Su Zimo. “Senior Brother Su, when one beats a dog, one must answer to its master. You injured my men without even asking about the facts. You have to be accountable for it!”

“Answer to the dogs’ master?”

Arriving before Chang Qi, Su Zimo raised his hand without any warning and slapped Chang Qi heavily on the face!


“I’ll smack the master of the dogs as well!”

Su Zimo looked at Chang Qi expressionlessly with a cold gaze. As though he was chasing away a servant, he spat out a single word, “Scram!”

Liu Ping and the boy almost clapped and cheered. They felt as though they had vented the grievances they had suffered for the past few days and were delighted.

Chang Qi was stunned for a moment.

He had not expected that Su Zimo would dare to attack him directly in the inner sect of the academy!


Chang Qi reacted quickly and was enraged!

To think that he would be humiliated by Su Zimo in front of a few inner sect disciples and many immortal servants. He felt his anger rush to his head and his eyes were bloodshot. He glared at Su Zimo and was about to step forward and fight!

“Senior Brother Chang, don’t be rash!”

Two inner sect disciples hurried forward and grabbed Chang Qi’s arm.

“What are you guys doing?!”

Chang Qi shouted, “Su Zimo has already violated sect rules by attacking fellow sect mates in private in the academy. He can’t blame me for being nasty!”

“In terms of sect rules, you were the one who barged into Senior Brother Yang’s cave abode first. Even if I cripple you now, the sect elders won’t punish me.”

Su Zimo said coldly with a sinister tone.

Chang Qi could not help but shudder under Su Zimo’s gaze.

At that moment, Chang Qi was overwhelmed by Su Zimo’s aura. Even though he was a Grade 6 Heaven Immortal, he felt guilty at the moment and he gradually calmed down.

A thousand years ago, the person before him condensed the tenth stone step of the Dao Heart Stairs. Not only were the Nine Great Elders alarmed, even the Sect Master of the Academy appeared.

There was even a legacy disciple who was completely crippled!

Compared to that legacy disciple, he was only a Grade 6 Heaven Immortal and was truly nothing.

Given Su Zimo’s status as an in-name disciple of the Sect Master, even if his cultivation realm was not high, who in the inner sect would dare to have a direct conflict with him?

However, it was way too embarrassing to be slapped by Su Zimo in front of everyone. Chang Qi was still indignant.

Chang Qi took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Senior Brother Su, I respect you as a senior brother of the academy and won’t fight you. However, there’s always a reason for everything.”

“Yang Ruoxu is already a cripple. Why isn’t he handing over the Righteousness Sword?”

Su Zimo sneered, “Only an open and honest person is worthy of wielding the Righteousness Sword. Ask yourself if you’re worthy of those words!”

Chang Qi was shocked.

Su Zimo’s words were extremely powerful and pointed to his Dao Heart like a divine weapon!

Chang Qi’s expression was dark and he wanted to retreat.

Right then, many academy disciples sped over from the distant horizon. It was a large crowd and there looked to be more than 10,000 of them!

Their leader was Fang Qingyun.

When the people from the academy at the teleportation formation relayed the news of Su Zimo’s return to Fang Qingyun, he realized that something was amiss and gathered many inner sect disciples, rushing over in a grand manner.

There were hundreds of thousands of inner sect disciples.

Fang Qingyun had been in the inner sect for many years and was the number one of the inner sect. He was extremely famous and could gather thousands of inner sect disciples with a single wave of his arm.

“Senior Brother Su, how have you been?”

Fang Qingyun cupped his fists with a smile.

Although he was smiling, there were tens of thousands of inner sect disciples behind him after all. They were aggressive and clearly hostile!

Su Zimo had an indifferent expression and did not return the greeting.

“What’s going on?”

Fang Qingyun asked with a frown.

Chang Qi recounted everything that happened in detail.

When Fang Qingyun heard that, he looked at Su Zimo and said in a deep voice, “Senior Brother Su, you were definitely in the wrong. Junior Brother Yang’s cultivation has already been crippled. Indeed, it’s not suitable for him to retain the Righteousness Sword, causing this sword of the academy to rot in the dust.”

“Even if Chang Qi isn’t qualified to wield the Righteousness Sword, Senior Brother Yang should hand it over and return it to the sect for other fated people.”

Although Fang Qingyun’s every word seemed fair from the perspective of the academy, he was actually still targeting Yang Ruoxu.

“Senior Brother Fang is right. Senior Brother Yang is about to die. Why is he retaining that sword?”

“Senior Brother Yang, aren’t you way too selfish? Indeed, this sword should be returned to the sect.”

“Hand over the Righteousness Sword!”

The many inner sect disciples behind Fang Qingyun spoke one after another, creating a commotion that formed an unstoppable might!

Fang Qingyun had a faint smile on his face the entire time.

He knew very well that Su Zimo was the in-name disciple of the Sect Master and was even superior to him in terms of status.

Therefore, this matter had to be blown up!

In fact, if it could reach the upper echelons of the academy and the legacy ground, he could make use of their power to exert pressure on Su Zimo!

Even if an academy elder appeared, he wouldn’t be able to say anything about this matter.

Indeed, Yang Ruoxu was a cripple and was unsuitable to wield the Righteousness Sword—that was an irrefutable fact!

Even though Su Zimo was the in-name disciple of the Sect Master, he could not reverse the tides!

Against the torrential commotion, Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent as he looked at Fang Qingyun with a hint of mockery.

Fang Qingyun noticed Su Zimo’s gaze and suddenly felt uneasy.

Could I have miscalculated something?

I don’t think so.

Fang Qingyun pondered carefully once more but could not find any flaws.

“The Righteousness Sword is in my hands. Whoever wants it, come and take it!”

Right then, a robust voice sounded from the cave.

A man and woman walked out side by side alongside that voice.

The woman was Princess Scarlet Rainbow while the man was Yang Ruoxu!

At that moment, Yang Ruoxu did not look like he was severely injured or on the brink of death. Instead, he had a torrential aura and was surrounded by righteousness. Wielding the Righteousness Sword, he surveyed his surroundings with a lightning gaze!

Many disciples were no match for him and none of them dared to meet his gaze!