Chapter 1900 - Breaking of the Immortal Formation

Outside Snow Wind Ridge.

The 100,000-strong Evil Wolf Army and Goshawk Gang had been attacking the immortal formation day and night for seven days!

Initially, the immortal formation was indestructible. However, under the continuous toll of the 100,000 troops, the energy of the Essence Spirit Stones in the formation eyes decreased rapidly as well.

The light emitted by the immortal formation was clearly much dimmer than before.

Each time the army charged, the immortal formation would tremble.

After seven days of recuperation, the wound on Yue Hao’s abdomen was already bandaged and stopped bleeding.

Although he was still unable to fight, he had at least regained his mobility.

Yue Hao and Xia Qingying looked at the army outside Snow Wind Ridge with grim expressions.

Both of them knew very well that once the Essence Spirit Stones in the formation eyes were depleted and the immortal formation was destroyed, Snow Wind Ridge would be doomed!

There were no extra Essence Spirit Stones in Snow Wind Ridge.

Even if there was, the two of them did not know how to replace them.

This immortal formation could not last long!

Xia Qingying gripped Yue Hao’s hand tightly.

The two of them exchanged glances, understanding one another telepathically without having to say anything.

Even if they had to die, they wanted to die together!

“Big brother, almost all the major factions are here. However, none of them dare to stand out and fight against the Evil Wolf Army and the Goshawk Gang,”

Shen Fei sighed.

For the past seven days, the major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star such as the Heavenly Scorpion Gang and Thunder Shock Hall arrived at Snow Wind Ridge one after another.

Furthermore, those that arrived were the leaders of the major factions!

The Gang Leader of Heavenly Scorpion Gang, the Hall Master of Thunder Shock Hall, the Sect Master of Heaven Bane Sect, the Mountain Lord of Black Yin Mountain, the Palace Lord of Heavenly Fire Palace and the Sect Master of Black Light Sect were all here personally.

However, be it the Gang Leader of Heavenly Scorpion Gang, the Hall Master of Thunder Shock Hall or the leaders of other factions, none of them brought many people.

The number varied between hundreds and thousands.

That was a clear indication of their stance.

The sect masters and hall masters had no intention of helping Snow Wind Ridge at all. They were only here to watch the show.

Some people might even harbor thoughts of taking advantage of the situation and kicking someone when they were down!

Yue Hao shook his head gently. “It’s not that they don’t dare, but they don’t want to. Given the strength and foundation of the major factions, if they work together, there’s no way the Evil Wolf Army and Goshawk Gang can defend against them.”

“However, they each have their own motives and are worried that their strength will be weakened if they fight the Two Great Bandits. Therefore, neither of them is willing to stand out.”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, a jarring sound came from the barrier around Snow Wind Ridge. Cracks appeared on it and spread rapidly!

The immortal formation was about to shatter!

“Prepare to fight to the death!”

Yue Hao grit his teeth and ordered.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Right then, dust billowed from the ground far away and a violent quake sounded.

An army was speeding over!


Wind Flame, Cang Ya and the leaders of the major factions turned to look. Everyone from Snow Wind Ridge tried their best to look through the crowd as well.

“It’s Twin Dragon Sect!”

The crowd exclaimed.

“By the looks of it, there’s about 40,000 troops!”

Shen Fei was invigorated and could not help but ask, “Could Twin Dragon Sect be here to help us?”

“Let’s wait and see,”

Gu Wenjun took a deep breath and tried her best to remain calm.

“Kou Yong, Xu Zhi’an, why did the two of you bring so many people here?”

The Gang Leader of Heavenly Scorpion Gang raised his brow slightly and asked loudly.

“Since it’s rare for the Two Great Bandits to gather, we naturally have to kill to our hearts’ content!”


At the front of Twin Dragon Sect, a burly man shouted murderously.

He was one of the twin dragons, Kou Yong!

The Mountain Lord of Black Yin Mountain, Ding Ye, said in a strange manner, “The two of you, I advise you not to get involved in this mess lest you get implicated.”

A figure caught up from behind Kou Yong. Xu Zhi’an asked with an indifferent expression, “Since when was Black Yin Mountain on the side of the bandits?”

Ding Ye harrumphed coldly with a dark expression.

Suddenly, Wind Flame declared loudly, “Today is a feud between the Evil Wolf Army, Goshawk Gang and Snow Wind Ridge. Fellow Daoist Brothers, please give me some face and I’ll definitely repay you handsomely in the future.”


Kou Yong burst into laughter and slapped in reverse. The saber on his back jumped out and let out a buzzing sound as saber qi spread!

“How dare a bandit leader refer to me as a brother!”

Kou Yong hollered and leaped up with his saber. Descending from the skies, he slashed towards the Evil Wolf Army with a blinding saber beam!

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

Nobody expected one of the twin dragons, Kou Yong, to be so domineering that he chose to take the Two Great Bandits head-on!


Xu Zhi’an waved his arm and pointed forward as well.

The 40,000-strong Twin Dragon Sect army swarmed forward and fought against the 100,000-strong army of the Two Great Bandits!

The moment the two armies collided, an endless blood mist burst forth.

Boom! Boom!

At the same time, the immortal formation at the outer perimeter of Snow Wind Ridge could not withstand it and shattered completely.

Everyone from Snow Wind Ridge was exposed to the gazes of the Two Great Bandits.

“I’ve long heard of the methods of the twin dragons. It’s a rare encounter today and I can take the opportunity to learn from you!”

Right then, Ding Ye of Black Yin Mountain suddenly stood out and joined forces with his Right Protector to charge towards Kou Yong and Xu Zhi’an.

“To think that the Black Yin Mountain would attack as well,”

The Hall Master of Thunder Shock Hall frowned slightly.

The Gang Leader of Heavenly Scorpion Gang sneered, “Black Yin Mountain is located extremely close to Twin Dragon Sect. If they can kill the twin dragons here, Black Yin Mountain can make use of the power of the Two Great Bandits to devour Twin Dragon Sect and strengthen themselves!”

“By the looks of it, it’s not just Snow Wind Ridge today. Twin Dragon Sect might be annihilated as well!”

The Sect Master of Black Light Sect said.

With Ding Ye and the Right Protector of Black Yin Mountain holding back the twin dragons, Wind Flame, the Second Boss of the Evil Wolf Army, Cang Ya and the Vice Gang Leader of Goshawk Gang seized the opportunity to escape and charged towards Snow Wind Ridge.

Those were four Grade 8 Black Immortals!

As for Snow Wind Ridge, apart from Yue Hao and the Silver Giant who were at the Level 7 Black Essence realm, there was not even another Grade 7 Black Immortal.

Yue Hao and the Silver Giant were severely injured and could barely participate in the battle.

Four Grade 8 Black Immortals charged into the battlefield and in the blink of an eye, the army of Snow Wind Ridge was in a mess with heavy casualties!

Nobody could stop the attacks of Wind Flame and the other three!

Cang Ya led an army of hundreds of goshawks and attacked continuously from the skies, causing immense damage to Snow Wind Ridge and Twin Dragon Sect.

Although the twin dragons were also Grade 8 Black Immortals, they could only leap less than 90 feet into the air.

However, the goshawks could fly dozens of feet in the air!

It was extremely difficult to capture and tame a goshawk.

Although the Goshawk army did not have many people, only a few hundred, they were already invincible with that fact!

Nobody in the Black Essence realm could hurt them!


Wind Flame looked at Yue Hao and the others and laughed brazenly. “You survivors should have died a long time ago! Even immortals won’t be able to save you today, let alone Twin Dragon Sect!”

“Snow Wind Ridge will be removed today!”


Before his sentence was finished, an ear-piercing sound tore through the air from the distant horizon.

“Good, good, good!”

Someone spoke.

The first word was still on the horizon.

By the time the third word sounded, that voice had already appeared on the battlefield!

That speed was shocking!

“With me around today, who can remove Snow Wind Ridge?!”

A green figure stood in midair with a pair of gigantic golden wings flapping behind him. His black hair danced and his gaze was like lightning. His aura was torrential as he shouted with a divine might that rumbled like thunder!