Chapter 674: New cycle

Chapter 0674 new reincarnation

A few months later, Tianluo and Li Yasi daughters began their college life.

No longer need to fight against some powerful enemies like this in high school for three days and two, at most it is to occasionally complete some demon transactions and clean up some alien wraiths and lost demons, etc. Tianluo and the girls can finally Live a relaxing campus life.

Although fighting powerful enemies is passionate and bloody, this peaceful life is also comfortable and cozy.

In order to facilitate the actions of her and her family members, Lias also applied for the establishment of the Supernatural Research Department in the university, while Cang Na, who was dedicated to improving the education of the underworld, still joined the student union with her family members.

Although everything started from scratch, Cangna was re-elected as the president of the student council of Komagakuen University, with a long-standing support, due to Cangna's excellence.

As for Tianluo, he also fulfilled his agreement with those members and girls and joined the Kendo Department again.

However, unlike Cangna, who became a student council step by step, he overthrew the previous Minister on the first day of joining the department, and then incorporated the Kendo Department of the University Department into his control.

It is also mentioned that Siegwera, who has also contracted with Tianluo, also lived in Shenye's house, and also entered the university department of Kuju Academy like Tianluo. On the one hand, it was a family mission. To cultivate a good relationship with Tian Luo, on the one hand, it can be considered as experiencing the campus life in the human world.

In the past, Siegwera gave everyone the impression that it was elegant, beautiful, and capable, but Her Royal Highness Princess of the Argares family had a special liking for robots such as Gundam, which are usually only liked by boys. A Gundam Club was created in the university, and it became so popular that it attracted many members.

In short, compared to the high calamity and hardships of the high school era, the college era is more happy everyday.

When there is something, I sublimate and elevate the feelings with Li Yasi's daughters. When I'm fine, I go to scourge those beautiful school sisters in the school. The life of the university in the sky is full and degraded.

However, during college, a slightly important thing happened, that is, Tianluo and Orpheus and Lilith entered a gap between the two dimensions.

Dimensional gap is Orpheus's hometown, but she was driven from there by greatred, and regaining the dimensional gap and eternal tranquility from greatred has always been Orpheus' longing.

Because half of the power was taken away and Lilith was created, now Orpheus cannot naturally be a greatred opponent, but Orpheus has also come up with a way, that is, she and Lilith merge to become real. Infinite Dragon God.

After trying many times, Orpheus really succeeded. After combining with Lilith, she not only changed back to the true infinite dragon god, but also had a higher level of strength than ever!

Then, under the testimony of Tian Luo, Orpheus and Lilith became one, and in the gap between the dimensions, a great battle broke out with greatred.

As the two legendary creatures Infinite Dragon God and Red Dragon God standing at the apex of this world, the battle was really broken and time and space broken. If it wasn't for the heavens controlling the impact of the battle with a powerful enchantment, even if the whole world was destroyed Not surprisingly.

The battle lasted for a few days and nights, and finally Orpheus, who had a higher level of strength after the merger, won with a slight advantage, regaining the gap and eternal tranquility.

And as another result of this battle, the greatred turned into a cute and lovely loli dragon **** became the mascot of the **** night house, and like Orpheus and Lilith became the third raised by the sky. Little pet.

As for the gap in dimensions, Orpheus did not plan to monopolize alone. When he was fine, he went in with Lilith and greatred for two laps, and occasionally even Dlegg, Albion, and Diamat followed suit. It has completely become the back garden of several dragon **** adults and female tyrannosaurus.

Having enjoyed a relaxed four-year college time, after graduating, Lias began to take charge of the family affairs as the owner of the Greymore family. Canna also started her own dream and career as the principal of Oros Academy. Vera and Abe Kiyoshi also began to take over some of their families.

As the queen of Lias, Zhu Nai assisted Lias as always, and Aisha, as the saint of St. Demon, also began to take charge of some affairs of St. Sisters, Janovia and Yi Lina is the holy sword envoy of the church. After graduation, she is the holy sword envoy of the "Holy Demon Sect." While performing some teaching tasks, she helps the "Holy Demon Sect" to cultivate new talents.

Rose Weiser's dream is to establish a school that teaches Nordic magic in the underworld, and a demon woman serves as the Valkyrie. Tianluo has also realized her dream, and she has established an oversized Valkyrie Academy in the territory of Phoenix. Even Tianluo had her followers who wished to become Valkyrie all join Rose Weiser's school.

As a result, those students who were not originally believers in Tianluo were also dyed into believers in Tianluo by their classmates, and Rosemise's academy completely became the exclusive academy to accompany Valkyrie for Tianluo.

The girls all have their own dreams and careers, and naturally the sky is not idle.

After several years of development, today's [Holy Demon Religion] has spread throughout the world, and it has more than 10 billion believers. Coupled with the successive establishment of armed forces, now [Holy Demon Religion] has become a The world's top power organization!

In the past, Tianluo left the teaching affairs to the believer girls themselves, unless there were really any important things. The believer girls reported to him through prayer and then gave some instructions. He rarely intervened in the rest of the time, but now Now that he has ended his campus life, he naturally has to start to take care of some teaching matters.

As a result, the busy days of the sky began.

I visited Scandinavia today, and exchanged with India tomorrow. What do I need the day after tomorrow? The schedules that Gurefia and Frefia have listed for him have been arranged for thousands of years, and I can see the convulsions in the sky.

The reason why he climbed to the apex of the world desperately was to control his own destiny for better enjoyment, not to make himself a working dog!

In the first few months, Tianluo still pretended to work well. As the Lord of the Holy Spirit, he went around to exchange and deal with such things. However, this guy was too lazy to pretend to be a few months later.

At the table, he quit!

Go sightseeing here today, go there tomorrow, and where to go to taste the food the day after tomorrow.

Of course, this is just someone's willful attack. After the attack is complete, it should be done.

But even if he did it, Tianluo would give most of the affairs to Gabriel, and he only dealt with a few important things, which made him much easier.

When you are free, go to have trouble with the old Odin old man. If you are fine, go to Zeus to drink and drink. When you are in a good mood, go to Xumi Mountain to see the black face of Di Shitian, and return home after work every day. Li Yasi's daughters were fooled by sleep, and this life was unexpectedly good after getting used to it.

Days pass, and the world changes day by day.

Just the day after they graduated, Hiroshi Ito, Motohama and Matsuda also graduated.

After several years of study, the European magic of the three was a small accomplishment. The three entered a company together and became an ordinary member, but secretly started their heroic career, determined to punish and eradicate Evil uses their European style to protect humanity and the world.

In the same year, many girls from the Kendo Department, including Kiryu Lanhua, Murayama, and Katase, also graduated. [Sword Guardian] was officially established. Kiryu Lanhua was appointed as the head of the group. After some special training, [Jianji Guard Group] began to attend various formal diplomatic occasions as Tianluo's exclusive escort.

The following year, women like Levier, Kitty Sauce, Kokonoe, Elme, and Lu Fei also graduated from college. At this time, the girls have grown into beautiful beauties. Although there are countless suitors in the school, the girls have been eaten clean by the sky.

After graduating, Kitty Sauce and his sister Hei Ge have been following Tianluo as a secretary of Tianluo to handle some matters for Tianluo, and Levier officially participated with her family members Jiuzhong, Elme and Lu Fei. ratinggame, intends to hone yourself in ratinggame and gain honor for yourself and your family.

The ratinggame at this time was different from what it used to be. The emperor Dihaze Baileal revealed the dark truth behind the ratinggame and disappointed the people in the underworld. It almost made this last for hundreds of years and has been completely integrated into the demonic culture and The important game of value has thus fallen, but fortunately, the game was finally continued through a series of reforms and rescue measures.

The current ratinggame is no longer a game of the underworld, but an international competition that can be participated by all major forces and races. Independent inspection committees are formed by representatives of major forces to ensure the fairness and fairness of the game. All cheating.

As long as you win in the competition, you can not only get a generous reward, but also a great honor for yourself and your family and forces, which can bring many additional benefits.

Driven by this temptation, there are a large number of players from various forces and races participating in ratinggames, and they are extremely competitive. Ratinggame has also become the most popular and most watched international competition in the world.

In the years following Tianluo, the girls have grown a lot. Levier and Jiuzhong have mastered the power of their bloodlines and have infinitely approached the level of the demon king. Lu Fei has grown into an excellent and powerful With magic, Elme has reached a level comparable to the highest-level demon. If he **** the blood of the sky, he can have the power of the transcendence level for a short time!

In the first game of the girls participating in the ratinggame, Alme sucked the blood of the sky, and as a result, exerted the power of the transcendent level to shock everyone, directly crushing their opponents to easily win.

As a result of this incident, the ratinggame committee specifically formulated a rule for Elme, although it does not limit her ability to use her in the game, but it is absolutely forbidden to **** her blood in the future.

As the invincible king standing at the apex of this world, the blood of the sky is the biggest cheating device for Elme. If she keeps going on like this, no one else can play.

Despite this limitation, under the leadership of Levier, the girls still won the streak, and soon broke into the top player's sequence in the ratinggame. Levier is also known as the new generation of demons in the underworld. The rising star and rising star shine in ratinggame, and have won countless honors for themselves and the Phoenix family.

During this period, Tianluo was more leisurely, and Diamat also proposed that Tianluo and Dlegg fulfill the promises they had made and she would recover her lost treasure.

Thing. Since it was something he had promised, Tian Luo naturally would not agree, so Tian Luo, Diamat, Dlegg, and Albion embarked on a journey to find treasure for Diamat.

A lot of things happened in the meantime, and it is worth mentioning that Tianluo slept all three female tyrannosaurus in the journey of searching for treasures. However, Li Yasi's daughters didn't have any surprises after knowing it. Are there still few women scourged by the villain Tianluo? It is really difficult for him to insist that they only deal with Diamat until now.

All in all, a few female tyrannosauruses that slept did not have any impact other than fleshing out the falling harem.

With the passage of time, four years passed quickly ...

At this time, it has been a full ten years since the original beast 666 brought disaster to the world. According to the original announcement of the demon king Ajka and the demon king Valbywin, the underworld began to officially implement the seven demon kings.

Besib, Asmode, and Leviathan remain the same, and are still served by Ajka, Falbiwen, and Catrea. Seraphre stepped down as the demon king, and the title of the devil king Sidi was inherited by his sister Canna Sidi. At the same time, Wally, Sella Ogg, and Liars, who have already established high prestige in the underworld, have also assumed positions of the demon king Lucifer, the demon king Barr, and the demon king Greymore.

At this point, the entire underworld has begun to enter a new era of the seven demon kings!

In the same year, Tianluo held a wedding ceremony with the daughters of Lias in Tianjie, and almost all the important leaders from around the world came to personally congratulate.

It was an unprecedented grand wedding. The tens of billions of believer girls in [Holy Demon Church] and the tens of thousands of girls in [Sword Guardian] and the exclusive maid group all wore white or black wedding dresses as bridesmaids of this wedding. , The epic mythological picture deeply shocked the hearts of everyone who came to watch the ceremony or watch the live broadcast!

Thousands of angel girls swayed the petals in the air, and accompanied by all the bridesmaids and girls, Liyas's ladies dressed in gorgeous wedding dresses stepped towards the sky slowly on the red carpet.

Looking at the girls at that moment, even the sky fell a little foolish.

In the end, under the auspices of Asschel, Tianluo and the girls embraced each other, vowed their unwavering vows, and officially completed the wedding.

From now on, the daughters of Liyas are the real wives of Tianluo, and the concubines of the whole [Holy Demon]!

The celebration of the wedding lasted for more than a month, and this unprecedented wedding was written into the annals of history. Even thousands of years later, it is still longed for by countless romantic girls.

After the wedding, Tianluo and the girls lived a happy life, saying that they had already lived such a life long ago.

At this time, Tianluo and the daughters no longer lived at the God's Night House in the town of Komagome, but lived in the temple on the seventh day of heaven. Everyone was busy with their work during the day, but at night they would return to the family in the temple to reunite. Lias and Canna became busy as Queens, but the girls will definitely return as long as there is no real emergency.

Although work is important, family is always the most important thing to Tianluo and the daughters.

Incidentally, after dismissing the position of the demon king, Seraphim also took a break and began to concentrate on the career of the magic girl, making movies and TV shows everywhere, and wanting to spread the glory and culture of the magic girl to the world.

The wedding was held together, and Seraphlu was also one of Tianluo's wives. His wife naturally wanted to support the glory and culture of the magical girl as a husband, so for a period of time, Tianluo also followed the race. Lavru made movies and TV shows together.

Of course, the movie or the TV series is made, every time Xyla Fulu's role is a magical girl of justice, and Tianluo is an evil boss, every time in the film and TV series, Xaru Fu Abused thousands of times.

Back then, Tianluo bullied Xyla Lulu fiercely, and even now she has to be bullied to death every night. There is nothing wrong with her being bullied and bullied in movies and TV shows.

As Tianluo and Seraphulu, even if they do nothing, they have always attracted much attention, and the movies, films and TV dramas made by the two will be even more prosperous, let alone their original shots. That's right, so it's purple.

Seraphlu said, anyway, Tianluo followed the severe addiction of an international superstar.

Originally, such a husband and wife partner is also quite good. Tianluo thought that he must also take a few golden men to mingle with the movie emperor and so on. As a result, Seraphim discovered that the villain was almost going to treat their magical girl as " When the "species" was wiped out and the disaster was terrible, Syracuse was almost not mad, and kicked him back to the heavens. He was never allowed to defile the glory and sacredness of the magical girl, so the star of the sky fell. The road died.

[Holy Demon] At this time, most of Gabriel and Aisha were responsible for them, and they did n’t need to worry about Tianluo. Tianluo, who died on the road of the superstar, lost his life direction for a while and was thinking about When you don't find something else to do, you come to your door without thinking about it.

About two years after Tianluo's wedding with the daughters, Tianluo and Li Yasi's children were born in succession!

Originally, the stronger the race and the more powerful the existence, the more difficult it will be to breed offspring, but after the wedding, the sky and the daughters became more and more loving, and there were always such hits once after thousands of times.

Before and after, Tianluo and the crystals of the daughters came to this world one by one.

Tianluo and Lias's daughter Alice Greymore, Tianluo and Canna's daughter Yuna Sidi, Tianluo and Aisha's twin daughters God Night Ellie and God Night Truth, Tianluo and Zhu Nai And Suzaku's daughter, Himejima Red and Himejima, Tianluo and Rosemise's daughter, Homer Weijie, Tianluo and Janovia's daughter, Beat, Tianluo and Irina's daughter, Shen Yezhen , Tianluo and Levier's daughter Tina Phoenix, Tianluo and Erme's daughter Erstigne, Tianluo and Hei Xue and Kitten's daughter Hei Xue and Bai Xue.

In addition, the stomachs of Princess Yasaka, Abe Kiyoshi, and Siegwera also got bigger and bigger every day. Even the queen of the queen, Ubeluna, gave birth to a daughter Barbaruna!

All the daughters born to Tianluo are daughters. This cannot be the result of chance, but Tianluo deliberately.

If it is better to be a son for the succession of the lineage, but for those who have almost eternal life and the daughters of Lias do not need to consider those issues, then it is naturally more lovely to have a group of daughters.

In addition, Tianluo himself followed his mother's last name, so most of his daughters followed their mother's last name, and several of them were born to be doomed to inherit the family of their mother.

Just like Alice will inherit the Greymores, Youna will inherit the Sidi family, Zi will inherit the name of her mother's Suzaku and the Himejima family, and the daughters that Siegwira will have in the future will also inherit the Agarez family. Wait.

This is also no way out. Who asked Tianluo to marry his daughter and the heirs of his family. Now that he has a daughter, he has to return another one?

Tianluo is quite a favorite for her daughters, because the daughters of Lias have their own jobs and careers, but Tianluo, the irresponsible Lord, has the most time, so Tianluo simply throws away everything and stays In the temple of heaven, he became a full-time nurse, and took care of these little cutes all day long. Therefore, he was closer to the father of Tianluo than his mother and daughter.

And as they grow up day by day, their daughters are gradually reaching the age to go to school. Although Tianluo allows them to receive the best education in the world in heaven, Tianluo and the girls finally decide to let their children They experience the real world and let them go to school in the human world like ordinary children.

However, it is not natural to be ordinary. Daughters Tianluo became the dean of the kindergarten when they went to kindergarten; when daughters went to elementary school, Tianluo became the principal of the elementary school; when daughters went to junior high school, Tianluo became their class Teacher; and when the daughters went to high school, this extremely brutal daughter had become a classmate of the daughters!

Almost 30 years later, Tianluo once again entered the campus of Komagakuen High School as a student. Even Tianluo couldn't help sighing.

It was here that he fell in love with his wives and wrote small notes to them during class all day, but now he is here again with his daughters. This is really a fate of fate.

The grown-up daughters are almost like a replica of their respective mothers. Alice and her mother have a full body and beautiful red hair. Youna also cut short shoulder-length hair like her mother, apparently not short-sighted but wearing a pair of glasses. Hei Xue is as black as his mother ’s black song, Bai Xue is as well-behaved as his mother ’s Baiyin, and daughters such as Yiyi and Bayat are mostly their mothers, and even Eli and Truth are as devout as their mother Aisha. And they are crazy about their father and adults!

Not only that, but after hearing some stories from their mother's high school years, Alice and Hong re-created the supernatural research department that had been abandoned for decades. Youna also entered the student union and became the president of the student union. After graduating, I will go to a school founded by my mother to help. Tianluo also rejoined the Kendo Department and became the Minister of Kendo Department.

For some reasons at the beginning, the Kendo Department of Komagaku Gakuen has always been a reserve base for the [Sword Guardian]. Anyone who finds some outstanding girls with kendo qualifications and talents will be sent here. From high school to university, these girls will receive the world's best swordsmanship instruction and brainwashing education in the department. After they pass the assessment, they will become a member of the glorious [Sword Guardian].

Revisiting the evening time on campus, while accompanying her daughters to grow up, Tianluo once again indulged and fallen in the Komagakuen Academy for three years. I don't know how many young girls in the school harmed the school.

Of course, in order to show a perfect image of the father, Tianluo never did those things in front of his daughters. He thought he was covering up well, but in fact the daughters of those who broke the things he did were all the same. Qing Erchu, it was just taking care of their irrecoverable father, his father, that he didn't give him anything.

The days of joy and peace passed day by day. It was originally thought that this life would continue until his daughters graduated from college. He planned to accompany them all the time, but the destiny was extremely similar and amazing.

In the third year of the high age of Tianluo and Li Yasi daughters, the entire world has undergone huge changes. Tianluo and the females have constantly battled with various powerful enemies, and finally won, and he has also reached the apex of this world. .

This time, when the daughters were in their third year of high school, the world once again changed dramatically.

It is no longer a threat of evil, nor is it some enemies and conspiracy in this way, this time it is a war of planes!

At the beginning, the evil dragon Apep said that the guy Lezviem had transmitted the coordinate position of this world to another world, not only telling the other party to invade

The approach, but also scolded and issued a declaration of war to the other side.

And after a lapse of thirty years, the intelligent life form of another world finally came here, and a war of dimensions also broke out!

Another world is a magical world where good spirits and evil mechanical life coexist. Those elves and mechanical life also have powerful angels and demon forces comparable to this world, and it is invading here that Those mechanical beings controlled by the evil **** Melvazoia.

Because the enemy suddenly attacked, and because of the difference in the rule system and the power system, some ordinary magical powers had little effect on those mechanical life forms, so the world at the beginning suffered a heavy loss and suffered a major loss. It was Tianluo and the leaders of some other forces who took the shot to repel the enemy and stabilize the situation.

It is also from then on that a decades-long battle of planes has officially begun!

If it is just some turmoil in this world, as long as Tianluo releases it easily, it can be calmed down, but there are too many factors involved in the plane war, and even Tianluo cannot be resolved in a short time.

The enemy has studied them for decades in advance. They can easily invade here, but they cannot enter their world. Their attacks can cause serious damage to the soldiers here, but some magical methods here It is difficult for them to do any harm to them.

However, war is the best driving force. After the initial frustration, various technologies in the world have been developed one after another. The enemy's various weaknesses have also been found one by one, led by Tianluo and the leaders. At last, the war situation between the two sides has finally maintained a balance.

Numerous heroes have also emerged during the protracted battles that followed for decades.

Tianluo and his wives need not say that they are always active at the forefront of the battlefield. Even Gaspar, who once liked to cry and wear a girl's skirt, also grew into a handsome and reliable man, awakened and mastered After the previous life, the power of Baroll, the demon god, reached the level of transcendence. As a member of the sky, his general followed the sky to fall into charge, and he was known as "the overlord of time and space."

In addition to Gaspar, Tianluo's daughters quickly grew through the baptism in this war, and became powerful assistants in Tianluo to shine in the war.

Incidentally, there is the three of Hirofuji, Motohama and Matsuda. When the war broke out, the European trio were almost 50 years old and entered their twilight years, but they have been engaged in heroic careers. Participated in this war as a representative of the human side.

One of the skyfalls and the heads of the major forces tied the army against the enemy at the boundary of the dimension, while the cunning enemy took the opportunity to condemn the hundreds of thousands of mechanical troops to the human world to prepare to attack the base camp behind them, and the crisis was at a critical moment. It was Hiroshi Ito, Motohama and Matsuda who stepped forward and used the magic that Lezevim used to absorb the European-style energy of all women in the human world to create hundreds of millions of European-style troops to destroy the enemy. Thereby avoiding a devastating disaster.

It is also because of this battle that the former European trio formed the greatest hero of human history!

However, it is regrettable that the trio who has been engaged in heroic careers throughout the year guarded humankind from fighting evil, and left countless hidden diseases on their bodies. When they were in their seventies, the war was not over, but three People can only lie on the bed and receive the care of the nurse and family.

Tian Luo once said that they could heal their bodies and even allow them to transform into demons or angels to give them a long life, but all three took the initiative to refuse.

Their answer to Tianluo is that they have no regrets in their lives. They came to this world as human beings, so they also want to leave the world as human beings, and eventually Tianluo respects their choices.

After the death of Hiroshi Ito, regardless of race or power, many important leaders came to join their mourning, and Tianluo left three huge statues for the three in Komagome Town.

The three statues of men with huge European styles look very funny, but everyone who has heard their stories has only strong respect instead of making fun of ignorance, because they are all human and world heroes, and they three Human descendants also inherited their magic and will to continue to engage in the heroic cause of protecting humanity and the world.

Just a few years after the death of the three soldiers, the world here finally developed a transmission technology that can safely enter the other world, and Tianluo was the first experimenter.

After going through all kinds of twists and turns, finally Tianluo finally found in the other world the God of Goodness, Leshan Torah, who is in charge of the elves, and many things happened, and the result was that Leshan Torasch and Tianluo entered into a marriage contract. Wife with Tianluo, and the elves camp against the cruel evil **** Melvazoa with the gods and their world alliance.

That is, from then on, the battle for planes that lasted for decades has finally ushered in a huge turning point. The mechanical life form of the enemy has been defeated, and finally the evil **** Melvazoia has also fallen into the gap between heaven and heaven. A terrible war broke out in China and died in the hands of Tianluo. All surviving mechanical lifeforms announced their surrender.

The decades-long battle of the planes has finally ended, and the world on both sides has suffered huge losses and damage, and then there is a long period of leap in peace and cultural integration.

Tianluo, as an important leader of the demon world, and the husband of the elven queen of the other world, was kind and prone to maintain the stability and balance of the two worlds. At the same time, the "holy religion" also began to spread in the other world. Hundreds of millions of elven girls and mechanical girls were added.

For the next hundreds of years, Tianluo once again lived a peaceful and happy life with his wife and daughters. However, one day after hundreds of years, in the different world where the elves live, Tianluo them Rediscovered the existence of another world!

The collision between civilizations is bound to begin with war, so the peace that has been maintained for hundreds of years is broken, and the war has begun again!

It was decades of war on the planes, and it ended with a victory on their side, but after enjoying hundreds of years of peace, a new world was discovered!

Therefore, in the following endless days, Tian Luo took his soldiers and believers to defeat and conquer one world after another, but each conquered world will soon find a new world next to it.

Enjoy peace ... conquer the other world ... enjoy peace ... conquer the other world ...

It's like entering an infinite loop!

After countless epochs, Tianluo has conquered countless worlds and become the master of countless worlds!

One day, Tianluo discovered another new world, but just after entering Tianluo, he stopped.

Because this world is the world of the Devil's College, where he met his wives, and where his life began ...

Around a huge circle, after countless times of space and time, everything is back to the starting point!

Standing in the void of chaos, at this moment, there was a sudden realization under heaven's heart.

The starting point is the end, and his long life and journey seem to be finally over ...

The mysterious rule flashed in his eyes, Tianluo looked to the distant void, and then a scene reflected into Tianluo's eyes.

In another distant dimension, an ordinary teenager was knocked down by a speeding van and then lost his life in a pool of blood.

Although countless epochs have passed, Tianluo still recognizes at a glance that it was its former self.

Utilizing the supreme power, Tianluo captured his soul from another dimension.

"Where is this, am I not already dead?"

Opening his eyes blankly, the boy murmured to himself.

"Ah, you are dead."

Hidden in the void, Tian Luo slowly looked at the young soul who was himself but not himself.

"You, who are you?"

It seemed very nervous, but the boy asked forcedly and calmly.

"Who am I ..."

"You will know, someday."

Sighing, the endless complexity of the heart, Tian Luo was silent for a moment and then said.

What came to mind, Tianluo gathered the power of his whole body again, and condensed a treasure jade to float it in front of the boy.

Baoyu exudes a soft light, but the boy still subconsciously blocked his eyes.

"It's called" artifact plunder ", and it's an artifact that can plunder any artifact."

"Use it well, and then pass it on to the next cycle."

After telling all the things that he once said to himself, Tianluo broke Baoyu into the young man's soul, and then raised him into the world of the Devil's College with a wave of his hand.

The boundless silence, standing alone in the void for a long time, then the sky's shadow disappeared.

The story that belongs to him is over ...


A new cycle has begun!

End of the book! !! !!