Chapter 5640: Bastard

Chapter 5640: Bastard

“Reincarnation Loop shall be no more.” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian observed the falling particles and lamented.

Although what Immortal Emperor Yi Shi did was body-snatching and not reincarnation, this might have been a workable method for everlasting life.

If others were to know of the loop’s effect, they would have fought to the death over it. Now, with its destruction in the hands of Li Qiye, none would be able to replicate what Yi Shi did in the future.

“Zzz...” The particles fell onto the figure trapped in the tablet, causing it to light up with rings.

“Boom!” Suddenly, Li Qiye targeted the tablet and exerted his power, surprising the trio.

The tablet reacted with haste. Its ancient runes surged to the sky, wanting to resist his palm press. Each rune turned into a war god with peerless divinity but they were still crushed into dust specks.

The trio was left astounded by Li Qiye’s power display. They knew that dao lords and Immortal Emperors stood no chance against Li Qiye.

Nonetheless, their impression of his actual level was vague at best. Alas, this was a great example since each war god mirrored an emperor or a dao lord.

All activated their strongest form yet were still crushed in the blink of an eye. This would be the result of them going against Li Qiye as well.

The specks also fell on top of Ice Empress’ silhouette and he immediately added his dao flame, infusing a primordial life force into her.

“Ahh!” Everyone could hear her scream now. The drawing on the piece of paper had broken through a dimension and reached reality.

The trio calmed down and exchanged glances after it was gone. They wondered just how mighty the Ice Empress would be after her rebirth.

Of course, failure was still possible. The rebirth process might fail or that she wouldn’t be able to become a great cultivator again. Only time will tell.

“This is far superior compared to Immortal Emperor Yi Shi’s method.” Bai Lian commented.

This made the emperor’s method seem despicable and not worth mentioning.

“Still here?” Li Qiye stared at him.

Bai Lian turned red, not knowing what to do. Eventually, he abandoned his pride and prostrated again: “Sacred Teacher, please take me in. I will be your trusted ox and never say no for an answer.”

Sindragon and Thousand-hand watched attentively and didn’t make fun of Bai Lian. After all, only a selected few in history had the privilege of following Li Qiye.

Even if an unbeatable Immortal Emperor or dao lord wanted to follow Li Qiye, he might not even accept them.

His power had reached an incalculable level. Emperors and dao lords were nothing in his eyes now.

“I don’t need an ox.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “But since you always read the situation well, I will grant you a fortune.”

Having said that, he sent a strand of dao flame into the emperor’s body.

“Zzz...” The latter’s true form appeared - a tree that had reached the dao. The roots started burning but instead of destruction, the flame was filled with majestic life.

The emperor found himself becoming younger, capable of living for another lifetime. This was more effective than any immortal medicine.