CH 41

Name:Earth Era Author:
Zhao Huasheng's words made many people feel puzzled. What does it mean to be at the bottom of the valley now? What does it mean that the current situation is the worst?

Zhao Huasheng paused for a moment, then continued, "When I say this, I feel a bit sad. When did it start to be good news that 'the situation won't get worse' ... Probably only in the current situation where it is constantly getting worse can it be considered good news."

In the endless cheering, Zhao Huasheng waved to the crowd and the countless cameras stacked together, then returned home. The house was soundproof; as long as the windows and doors were closed, no sound from outside could reach Zhao Huasheng's ears. Zhao Huasheng, on the other hand, seemed to hear cheers echoing throughout the equator city. In Zhao Huasheng's feelings, it was as if a stone had been thrown into a pool of dead water, rippling the surface of the pool and giving it a little bit of vitality.

This was Zhao Huasheng's purpose. This was also approved by the ruler. Human society has been silent for too long; it's like a person who is about to freeze to death in the ice and snow. Only by moving could he survive; if he stopped and chose to rest, he would really freeze to death.

Zhao Huasheng did not want human society to die, so he chose to first reveal this good news that was not really good news to stimulate this huge thing called human society. Now it seems that Zhao Huasheng's purpose has been achieved.

Zhao Huasheng does not have the ability to foresee, and he does not know what will happen tomorrow, but he has confidence.

"Apart from the temperature of the sun not decreasing any further, if there are no unexpected circumstances, my speculation about the sun cooling down will be verified in the near future. When that time comes, I will tell everyone my speculation completely, so everyone will know who our enemy is and who has taken away our sun."

"I'm not a savior, but I'm confident enough to lead everyone out of the current predicament." With that, Zhao Huasheng stepped back and bowed deeply toward the front.

"Zhao Huasheng! Zhao Huasheng! Zhao Huasheng!" The moment Zhao Huasheng's figure disappeared from here, endless cheers echoed throughout the world and throughout the earth, and countless people were shouting this one name.

Amidst the endless cheers, Zhao Huasheng waved his hand to the crowd and the countless cameras stacked together, then returned to his home. The soundproofing of the home was very good, as long as the windows and doors were closed, no sound from the outside would reach Zhao Huasheng's ears. But Zhao Huasheng seemed to hear the cheers echoing throughout the equatorial city. In Zhao Huasheng's opinion, it was like a stone thrown into a stagnant pond, rippling the surface of the pond and giving the pond a little vitality.

This was Zhao Huasheng's goal. This matter also gained the approval of the emperor. Human society had been silent for too long, it was like a person about to be frozen to death in the ice and snow. Only by walking could he survive, if he stopped and chose to rest, he would really be frozen to death.

Zhao Huasheng did not want human society to die, so he chose to release this good news that could not be counted as good news to stimulate this giant of human society. And now it seems that Zhao Huasheng's goal has been achieved.

If the situation no longer gets worse, it means that the lives of most people in human society can be safeguarded, and the food and energy supply may not be improved but will not be reduced either. As long as the current living standard can be maintained, people are already satisfied. After all, it is only when stability is achieved that human society can find ways to get out of its predicament.

Zhao Huasheng sat in front of the desk, looking out the window in a trance, and said nothing. Li Wei came to Zhao Huasheng's back at this time. She put her hands on Zhao Huasheng's shoulders and gently massaged him. Zhao Huasheng didn't move, didn't turn around, and didn't speak. Zhao Huasheng just rubbed his forehead and then relaxed, enjoying Li Wei's service.

"I have something to ask you," Li Wei said.

"What's that?" Zhao Huasheng asked.

Li Wei's tone was a little lost as she said, "About my brother. I want to know what kind of role did my brother play in this solar crisis? Was he a positive or a negative character? Does he need to take responsibility for this solar crisis?"

Zhao Huasheng was silent too. After a moment, Zhao Huasheng answered, "Your brother didn't foresee that such a thing would happen originally. He... he had good intentions. He was also hoping to make a contribution to humanity."

"But... he ultimately made a huge mistake that caused great losses to the entire human civilization?"

"Yes." Zhao Huasheng said.

My brother is already dead. In a half-sob, Li Wei said, "He paid for his own sins and left a clue in the hope that human civilization could eventually resolve this crisis. He had done his utmost to make up for it. He has already died, so I beg you, don't nail him to the pillar of historic shame, okay?"

Zhao Huasheng finally sighed: "Yes, he is already dead, and the matter has already happened. Even if we dug his corpse out of the grave, it wouldn't make any difference to the current situation. Moreover...we are now relying on the afterglow of your brother to achieve our current success, and the solution to the solar crisis also needs to be mined from the clues left by your brother."

"Li Wei, do you know? I have always admired your brother. Since I went to college, your brother has been my idol. When I first guessed that your brother had committed such a serious crime against human civilization, I also questioned it, and I couldn't believe it myself. But as my guesses were continuously verified, I could only accept it in the end. Believe me, my pain is no less than yours."

Li Wei finally started to cry, her tears continuously streaming down her eyes, one drop by one drop, falling onto Zhao Huasheng's shoulders.

Li Wei's voice was trembling: "I had already felt that my brother must have been responsible for this solar crisis. Whenever I think of Freya's family freezing to death in the snow, the polar bear that was killed by Meng Zhuo, the countless people in the Equator City who committed suicide out of despair, and the countless of our compatriots who died from the icy cold... My heart feels like it's being stabbed. I can't sleep all night, I always dream that my brother is still alive, being taken to the guillotine by an angry mob and killed, and then the angry mob tearing off his flesh piece by piece… I think my brother must have died in extreme guilt, remorse, and pain. Can you… can you let him go and not let him suffer after death, even if he can't find peace in death?"

Zhao Huasheng covered his face in pain and said, "I can't make this decision. No matter how good your brother's intentions were and how hard he tried to make up for it afterwards, he still made a big mistake, and that is a fact that can't be denied."

"I wish so much that I could take the place of your brother and take on this guilt for him, and I wish I could keep the role your brother played in this incident from the public, but... I can't. I'm sorry, Li Wei, I can't. In this solar crisis, you, me, our friends, and family have not been directly threatened by this crisis. Because of our status and identity, we have been properly taken care of. We will still have enough warmth, food, and a safe living environment. To be honest, we are people living in the upper class of society. So, no matter if it is you or me, neither of us has the qualifications to represent the public and forgive your brother. The ones who have the qualification to say whether he is forgiven or not are those who are risking their lives on the Arctic Ice Shelf to ensure the life line of the Equatorial City. They are the people who are still working in factories, construction sites, or in the wild in the cold. They are the people who are still staying in non-equatorial areas due to their job responsibilities. They are the people who have lost their parents, lovers, family, and children in this disaster."

Zhao Huasheng stood up and then turned around, tightly embracing Li Wei, who was constantly dripping with big tears. "We shouldn't hide all this. Even if we don't tell the truth to the public, will our inner turmoil be lessened? Will your brother really be at peace in the underworld? No, it won't. So I choose to reveal the truth, and then, for both you and me, we will work together to make up for your brother's mistake. We will both strive to contribute to society and seek the public's understanding of your brother. Only then will your brother be truly at peace in the underworld, and our hearts will really be calmed."

Li Wei knew that Zhao Huasheng had always been a stiff person, so she stopped talking and tightly held Zhao Huasheng, letting her tears flow, wetting Zhao Huasheng's clothes.