Chapter 234 90: My Reincarnated Daughter Wants My Seed!

Name:Dragon Lord: Erotic MMO Author:

It was too sudden, Zell's hands were empty, and his eyes opened only to find the beautiful woman before him, her soft blue hair and dazzling azure eyes; he watched her long, black lashes flutter, tilting her head as she quietly watched him with a faint smile.

"Oh, I'm back, Colette!" he said, smiling back at her in return before his hand brushed against her cheek; although he knew she might be the reincarnation of his daughter, it couldn't be helped that he felt a disconnect to those feelings; how could he accept that Vincent guy was his previous life so quickly?

He felt a strange sensation towards her, much like Garnet and the elven queen and her daughter, like these four women pulled on the strings controlling his heart and lust; even if he knew it should be wrong, the situation and conditions couldn't be helped, only three dragons left in this universe, would he just let the pair of them live a sad life alone, never becoming mothers?

Or, more realistically, he didn't believe that Garnet would care; the moment he became a mature dragon in her eyes, she would have him naked and deep inside her within an instant.

'Not like it matters; she's not related to me by blood...'

"A-are you alright, Zell?" Her soft voice asked, reaching out to touch the back of his hand.

It wasn't like she knew what would happen; the words her father and mother left in her dreams were that once she met a man that made her chest feel an attraction she couldn't resist, then his hidden memories would guide her on how to act, and so she placed her forehead against his.

"I'm sorry, Colette, but..." 

'Her face is so cute. Is this that hard-faced woman from earlier?' He thought, watching her eyelids slowly droop down; seeing her body leaning closer, he didn't stop her, instead wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her closer.

"But...?" She whispered, turning to look up at him. 

"Haha, nothing big, just..." 

Zell grasped her soft hand, gently pulling Colette closer, allowing her to lean against his body, her scent sweet like berries and skin soft like cotton, as her arm grasped around his, tightly holding him as if she never wanted to let go.

"Mm," She sighed softly, closing her eyes. "You are such a good man."

The way she spoke sent chills running through his entire being.

"Hmmm, well, you don't know me yet; why don't you speak honestly and say you're such a handsome guy instead." 

"What handsome... stupid... my instincts tell me you are good... so you are good!" 

Colette snorted, her cute face looking up as if she was proud about that comment, her blue eyes glistening as her iris seemed to wax and wane like an ocean hitting the coast. Zell found that her eyes were some of the most beautiful he was lucky enough to see up close; he stretched his hand and stroked along her cheek, enjoying the little flutter and reaction of her nose twitching.

"I'm good? Okay, what do you want this good man to do for you?"

She looked into his eyes as though trying to decide something important, then nodded, turning away from him slightly.

"W-we will have children soon."

His stomach dropped as if someone had hit him with a blunt object, making him stumble backwards against the soft backrest; she leaned against him, the alluring scent of her body wafting into his nose as she placed both hands against his firm chest. 

"Why so extreme... isn't that the goal of any male and female?" She asked seriously, wondering why he looked a little confused.

"What's with you dragon girls... There are so many steps in between knocking you up..."

"Dragon... Girls...?"

"Ah, you are so much like Garnet..."

Colette leaned against him, her azure eyes peering up at him as she breathed before speaking.

"When a dragon woman finds the man of her dreams, she can have offspring with no problems. Once that pair is together, the magic binding them will naturally lead to pregnancy; however, dragons are rather picky about who they mate with. Why should I mate with someone who isn't a dragon?"

Her eyes were a little sharp as she dug her nails into his chest, not too deep, but he felt a little prick. Instead, he felt being compared to Garnet hurt her pride, making her grumpy. However, Zell didn't care; his eyes focused on her face as they moved close enough to feel the warm and pleasant breath on each other's cheeks.

He ran his fingers through her hair, brushing away the loose strands that fell around her delicate neck, watching her look down as he spoke, a small smile gracing his lips.

"You want to become my woman, or do you simply want my seed? In your womb?" He teased, then chuckled. "Okay, forget the innuendoes; just say what you mean."

She pouted, and her soft, voluptuous body was suddenly pushed on her back, sinking into the large sofa, leaving her arms dangling by her side. "Go on, be a good girl; tell me, do you just want me to fuck her here, fill you with my seed and make you a mother, or..." 

Zell's fingers began to run along her cute lips, slightly sticky from her pink lipgloss, as she opened them, barely kissing his finger with eyes that betrayed her body, blazing with a lustful heat, despite her body being cold-blooded and a blue dragon. With each light peck, he enjoyed the soft feeling as her lips seemed to suck on his fingers.

"Answer me~ little blue dragon."

'Sorry girls, I cannot control the lust demon in my blood... I want to seed this dragon girl until she begs me to stop...' He thought the only thing keeping him from pulling her into his embrace and piercing her soft, white dragons lair was the fear that she wouldn't forgive him if he didn't take things slowly, although, from what he saw, Colette was a different kind of woman, or instead she was like her sister.

He just wanted confirmation.

Colette turned to look at him, her azure eyes shining, her chest rising and falling; a slight gasp escaped her lips when his index finger grazed across her tongue before he lowered it into her mouth, rubbing it over her wet tongue, causing an explosion of passion and craving to explode in her womb rapidly spreading throughout her entire body.

Zell's body felt hot, his skin prickling as his cock grew, straining against his black trousers; he felt ready for action, and with his hand still touching her lips.

His other arm moved to slip between their bodies, allowing his hands to cup her plump breasts; the chilly sensation of her pale blue skin was alluring in the dark light of the VIP room.

"Mmmmn... so naughty... you asked me what I wanted... then started doing things to make me horny... and wet...!" Colette sighed, her breath warm on his cheek. 

"Why, you... hmmm?"

She ran her tongue up the back of his hand, lapping away at his palm before slipping inside her mouth, sucking lightly on his fingertips as her arms slipped around his neck, pulling him closer. Zell could feel the heat of her burning body; he felt like if she moved just a little more, his flesh would be seared.

'This is so wrong!'

He knew he should stop, but the only thing on his mind was the thought of being inside the soft body of the dragon girl before him. Her gaze was the only thing that prevented him from pulling her towards himself and unloading within an instant.

Colette looked up at him as though she was looking through him and into his soul, making him hold back, unsure whether he wanted this to happen.

His eyes dropped to her body, her belly exposed, the muscles flexing as they prepared to shift, a thrill racing through his blood; her lower pelves were filled with cute blue scales, leading towards her pussy like a guiding path.

Their soft shine and smooth look caused his lust to increase as his hands pushed her shoulders down, the wet hand sliding along her collarbone before slipping inside the bust of her dress, pulling it apart to reveal her amazing breasts, more than a D-cup with a soft, bouncy look and round shape.

"Shall I seed a cute little azure dragon with lots of whelps?"