Chapter 568: Great Desolation Tablet

Chapter 568: Great Desolation Tablet

Dao Sect, Central Mountain Peak.

The vast square at the top of the mountain was now filled with countless Dao Sect disciples kneeling on the ground, their knees weak and eyes filled with fear and awe as they stared at the sky above.

There, Xiao Ming remained suspended in the air. A powerful energy fluctuation radiated from his body. It was like a surging tidal wave that enveloped the entire Dao Sect.

"Senior! This was a misunderstanding! Our Dao Sect does not seek conflict with others. If there were any misunderstandings before, please direct them toward me!"

The leader of the Dao Sect, Ying Xuanzi, spoke with a trembling voice, his complexion deathly pale. In his arms, Ying Huanhuan's body was emitting a cold Qi, and she seemed to have lost her breath.

Despite this, the imposing aura of the figure in the sky made it clear to Ying Xuanzi that even if they mustered the entire Sect's power, there was not the slightest chance of victory. For the sake of the lives of over a hundred thousand members of the Sect, even with immense anger and resentment, he had no choice but to swallow his pride and yield.

"Sect Leader!"

Tears welled up in the eyes of the Four Hall Masters as they witnessed this scene.

Xiao Ming could easily discern Ying Xuanzi's thoughts and knew he had misunderstood. However, he had no intention of wasting time explaining. Ying Xuanzi would soon comprehend his purpose for coming.

Turning his gaze to the northwest, towards the Dao Sect's Desolate Hall, he spotted an exceptionally massive, desolate mountain within its depths. The mountain had a withered yellow hue, devoid of any greenery at its peak. From a distance, it resembled a barren land filled with a desolate aura.

"There's a King-rank Yimo in the Great Desolation Tablet. Let's capture it for some research."


The sound of thunderous rumbling filled the air as his words fell. After which, a huge ancient tablet broke out of the mountain. This huge tablet was like a mountain towering over the mountaintop. Its towering and majestic manner made it look like a divine artifact from ancient times.

"The Great Desolation Tablet has surfaced! Is that his objective?!"

Members of the Dao Sect gazed at the tablet with a grim expression on their faces. The Great Desolation Tablet, a heritage treasure of the Desolate Hall, represented the deepest foundation of the Dao Sect.

It contained the East Xuan Region's number one Scripture, the Great Desolation Scripture. Virtually every practitioner who had comprehended the Great Desolation Scripture had become a famous figure in the East Xuan Region.

Inside the ancient tablet lay a desolate landscape of shattered stones.

Within this bleak expanse stood a yellow stone tablet, roughly three meters in height. It was identical to the Great Desolation Tablet, except that on the surface of this particular tablet, one could see some ancient symbols...

At the very bottom of the tablet, there were veins of black, shadowy lines emerging. These lines looked like the feelers of a demon, ice-cold and wicked as they wiggled slowly while spreading on the tablet like some kind of virus.

The fluctuations emanating from these strange black lines were identical to those of the tiny black dots.


At that moment, faint ripples appeared on the tablet's surface, and shortly after, a blurry figure emerged from it. 'Its' gaze seemingly piercing through to the outside world as a coarse voice, so ancient that it seemed to invade one's heart, rang out.

"Ancestor Stage! There exists such a powerhouse in this world once again!"

As 'it' spoke, the black lines on the tablet's surface started to move quietly, looking as if they possessed some semblance of intelligence.

Buzz, buzz!

The stone tablet suddenly trembled violently. The black lines below appeared to have been revived at this moment. The countless number of black lines rose and crazily climbed towards the stone tablet.

When the black lines were climbing, waves of faint black Qi scattered from them. An evil and emotionless ripple also spread apart wherever the black Qi passed, attempting to further erode the area.


This sudden change caused a low and cold snort to be emitted from the stone tablet. The tablet shook as numerous ancient yellow lights surged downwards. An indescribable strength spread and once again violently suppressed the black lines that were attempting to erode upwards.


An ear-piercing laughter resounded, filled with an indescribable evil and coldness.

"Keke, Great Desolation Tablet, you have still not given up after so many years. Once again, you're putting your hopes on this boy outside now huh? Such wishful thinking! Ancestor Stage? You think everyone is like your master, the Symbol Ancestor? However, even someone as powerful as your master fell in the end. Who else can stop us in this world?"