Chapter 412: Kindred Spectre Race

Chapter 412: Kindred Spectre Race

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--- Chapter 409 ---

Dream Beast Galaxy, Dream God Planet.

Yunlong and others returned to this galaxy because it was the closest base of the Bright Spirit Empire.

However, as soon as Yunlong stepped into the land, Xuan Ge(Dream God) appeared out of nowhere and hugged his leg, bawling like a child.

"Uwaaah, My Lord!"

"How could you leave me behind! You promised to bring me along to the Oceanic Nebula Planet!!"

"You said we are going to watch the sunset together!!"

"..." Yunlong's mouth twitched in disbelief.

People on the streets are giving Yunlong a weird gaze.


Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, and Gu Yuena laughed on the side.

Qian Renxue wiped her tears from laughing and played a character, "Y-Yunlong, you... You don't have a 'special' relationship with him, right?"

"He even said you're going to watch the sunset with him together..." She added with a wronged look.

'This girl is good.' Gu Yuena secretly gave the new Angel God a thumbs up.

Meanwhile, Bibi Dong shook her head because Qian Renxue always liked to prank or tease Yunlong. 'You know he's going to punish you on the bed later, no?' She used sound transmission on her daughter.

Qian Renxue smiled slightly, 'Hehe, that's the point.'

'I see, how sly of you...' Bibi Dong covered her mouth and giggled.

'I learned from the best, dear mother.' Qian Renxue gave Bibi Dong a smug look.

Bibi Dong didn't bother to feed up Qian Renxue's performance anymore and told Gu Yuena to bring the ten dragon kings along.

Well, seven dragon kings along. And it was humorous to see three ladies leading seven gigantic creatures.

The Space Dragon King, Royal Dragon Princess, and Mountain Dragon King stood behind Yunlong.

After getting the divine metal from the dying stars, they followed him as he wanted to forge Divine Tools. Although everyone could see it later, the three dragons decided to see the process from the beginning to the end.

Countless precious metals were 'actually' birthed by Oceanic Nebula Star's explosion, but [Exodium] piqued their interest the most.

One of the two reasons is that the divine metal has the Draconic Quality that the Dragon Clan has had for millions of years. As for the other, they wanted to see how Yunlong refined such a precious metal.

Yunlong kicked Xuan Ge away and said, "Stop making people think weirdly."

"I didn't bring you along because the explosion would waste my effort of reviving you. With your pitiful cultivation, the ejection energy from the dying star will fry you into nothing."

After saying that, Yunlong sent a short memory of when the Oceanic Nebula Star was about to explode. It only lasted for two minutes and a half, but still enough to make Xuan Ge's face change color into a pale one.

"For example, I used not to be able to breach other God's domains, but now I feel like doing it wouldn't be impossible."

"Toatie is a foodie who causes trouble left and right. However, when she was satisfied, she would hibernate(nap) and digest the energy in her stomach."

"Usually, it would be around 100 to one thousand years."

"The longest record is 69,213 years old." Long Shan added with an amused expression.

Xuan Ge listened to the conversation and stupefied, "She slept longer than I died..."


"No, you're impressive enough, Dream God." The Royal Dragon Princess praised him sincerely. "Although you're only planetary lifeform when grasping 3rd Class God's position, it was commendable because your race is known for being robust and not very intellectual. Still, your race is very peace-loving and a great friend in the vast space."

Xuan Ge's eyes widened, "Y-You can tell?"

Long Qise stared into the distance and answered, "In the past, I used to roam the space and met the Kindred Spectre Race of my universe."

"Even though we are from different universes, You're one of many who survived that event, right?"

Hearing the mention of that day, Xuan Ge instinctively clenched his hand and sighed, "Yes, you're correct."

Yunlong noticed this but didn't say anything. He'd ask Long Rou about it later.

"I won't do anything today. Qise, Shan, you should pick a room and go rest." Yunlong commented.

"Okay." Long Shen went to the nearest guest room.

Long Qise glanced at Yunlong and nodded, "Tell me when you're going to make the Divine Tools."

Xuan Ge put on a complicated look and excused himself, leaving Yunlong and Long Rou alone.

"What's Qise talking about earlier?" Yunlong asked.

Long Rou stared at him and answered, "Kindred Spectre Race is like Dragon Race. We lived around the same era."

"However, they aren't as fortunate as our Dragon Clan."

"They were wiped by an unknown force that sliced heaven and earth apart, leaving only a scarce amount of survivors."

"It was so bad. One could count Kindred Spectre Race kin with fingers..."

"Are you talking about the Heavenly Slaying Universe Era?" Yunlong couldn't help but utter.

Long Rou was surprised that Yunlong knew about the Heavenly Slaying UNiverse Era, but she nodded. "Yes." She replied certainly.

[Ding! You have triggered a quest]

[Name: The Truth of Heavenly Slaying Universe Era]

[Objective: Discover the remains of Kindred Spectre Race(0/3)]

[Time Limit: None]

[Reward: 2x World Traveling Ticket]

[Failure's Penalty: None]

"I see... Another mystery." Yunlong smiled in anticipation.