Jiang Qingyue handed the precious pearl in his hand to Ren Shuhan, his tail swaying swiftly. Ren Shuhan thought he was tired of holding it, so without much thought, he took it.

Little did he know, as soon as he placed it in his hand, Jiang Qingyue hugged him tightly, saying, “Great, I like you too!”

Ren Shuhan hadn’t realized he was being tricked. He saw Jiang Qingyue lift his head, bring his face closer, close his eyes, displaying a shy yet happy expression, seeking a kiss from him.

The surrounding crowd of fish sighed in unison. Hu Yang was dumbfounded. All his complicated thoughts boiled down to one word…


Jiang Qingyue’s cheeks grew redder, and his tail wagged more joyfully. Ren Shuhan couldn’t help but be amused, so he turned his head slightly and gently kissed him on the lips.

His lips were incredibly soft. Ren Shuhan could smell his sweet fragrance, like the chocolate he loved to eat. It made Ren Shuhan want to savor it more, but the situation didn’t allow.

Ren Shuhan had to suppress his emotions, requiring considerable effort. Even the seawater trembled as he clenched his fists.

Ripples spread around the two, catching the attention of the onlookers.

“Oh my, why is there such a special effect? Is the kiss of true love real?”

“Wasn’t that just a bedtime story for kids?”

“Really? Then can he breathe underwater now?”

“Don’t move, my tail seems to be dislocated…”


In the background, there were sounds of astonishment, painful moans, and heart-wrenching cries. However, none of it affected Jiang Qingyue’s good mood.

His fish tail tip was still raised, swaying, and he slightly sank, creating a bit of distance from Ren Shuhan. He slowly opened his eyes, looking at Ren Shuhan with anticipation.

Under the bright, shining eyes, Ren Shuhan couldn’t resist. Not wanting to spoil the mood, he decided to take a deep breath forcefully, considering his large lung capacity. It shouldn’t affect his performance later.

“Um,” Ren Shuhan tried to speak, “it works.”

It actually worked?

Ren Shuhan: ?

System? Is that you?

Apart from invisibility and flying, do you also have this messy ability to talk and breathe underwater?

System: “…Host, this is your innate ability.”

Finally, Ren Shuhan fell silent.

He had envisioned a normal life, planning to return to the Interstellar Alliance, so he had to read many books and didn’t usually rely on system reminders. Now he realized he could breathe underwater all along.

Feeling like he had been holding his breath stupidly before.

“Ah…” Ren Shuhan sighed, touched Jiang Qingyue’s cheek, thinking, ‘You’re also a bit silly, but your silliness is adorable.’

He handed the precious pearl back to Jiang Qingyue. “Hold onto this; their parents are coming.”

Adult fish usually stayed in the sea, and the sound transmission in seawater was fast. Hearing the cries for help from these young fish from the deep sea, combined with the just-flying-out commotion of Hu Wang, the parents were particularly concerned and arrived quickly. Ren Shuhan didn’t have to wait long.

It was Hu Yang who was more anxious.

He watched as this human could now speak underwater, feeling a sense of fear. When the adult fish arrived, they shouted, “This human is not normal! He just received the kiss of true love and can breathe underwater!”

Several arriving adult fish covered their faces.

“Yangyang, did he hit you on the head?”

“You, child, should grow up. How can you still believe in these things?”

“Why are there so many people here? Just got beaten like this, the Jiang tribe is too arrogant. We’ll help you reclaim your dignity!”

Hu Yang and the worried young fishies wailed:

“It’s true!”

“Be careful!”

The adult fish, however, didn’t believe it and were quite arrogant. But being a group that usually hunted together, and now facing another group, the Hu family’s adult mermaids, with their combined strength in the sea, could even compete with a giant octopus. So, while the Hu family’s young shark mermaids were worried, they also thought this time was almost certain.

“All attack together,” Hu Yang said, “make sure he doesn’t fight one-on-one, that’s how Hu Wang got into trouble!”

Unfortunately, in Ren Shuhan’s eyes, whether they came up one by one or all at once made no difference, as their movements were too slow.

So many adult fish attacking one human in the deep sea was basically a death sentence. Ren Shuhan didn’t show any mercy this time. A blur passed, and these fish were individually thrown, their tails broken, forming another small mound next to Hu Yang, not much different from the young fish before.

“Is that all?” Ren Shuhan asked, “Do any of you have the strength to fight?”

It seemed to him like child’s play = =!

The adult mermaids were in a daze, and the young fish were speechless.

Hu Yang, pressed for too long, actually spat out blood, “Damn, is he even human????”

“Heh,” Ren Shuhan was disappointed, took the precious pearl from Jiang Qingyue’s embrace, turned and walked away, casually leaving a remark, “You know nothing about humans.”

Jiang Qingyue swam to the shore, circling Ren Shuhan, extremely happy.

“…Did you forget about lying to me?” Ren Shuhan reminded him.

Jiang Qingyue grabbed his arm, swaying and blushing, not daring to look at him, but shamelessly saying, “From now on, we’re a family. You won’t be mad at me, okay?”

Ren Shuhan chuckled, patting his buttocks like he did when Jiang Qingyue was a child.

Jiang Qingyue trembled all over, hands behind his back, covering his face, and accusingly looked at him, “I’ve grown up, and even Mom doesn’t do that anymore!”

“What do you mean grown up,” Ren Shuhan sternly said, not looking away, “If your mom knew you lied to come to the deep sea, it wouldn’t be just a slap.”

“Don’t tell Mom, okay, good big brother, don’t tell them,” Jiang Qingyue pleaded hurriedly, blushing even more, rubbing his cheek against Ren Shuhan’s shoulder, whispering very softly, “And… let’s not mention the kissing thing for now?”

Ren Shuhan glanced down at him, energized by his “good big brother” title.

But why weren’t you embarrassed when you were seeking a kiss in front of so many merfolk? Now, you suddenly feel shy?

Unable to wait for his response, Jiang Qingyue played the stubborn child and stopped swimming, falling down with Ren Shuhan.

“Don’t be naughty.”

Ren Shuhan took a few deep breaths. After emerging, he looked down at Jiang Qingyue’s wet black hair. The cunning and dependent eyes stared back, water droplets hung on his eyelashes, and his body was closely pressed against Ren Shuhan’s. He was finally unable to resist.

“Baby,” he held Jiang Qingyue’s waist, placing him on the shore, leaning in, and whispered to him, “What you did just now isn’t called kissing.”


Jiang Qingyue widened his eyes, looking at him disapprovingly, “Then what is kissing?”

“Let me teach you.”

Ren Shuhan used his index finger to press down his slightly parted lips, boldly went and pressed down on his teeth, then forcefully sucked his lips, his tongue invaded clumsily, asserting dominance.

Jiang Qingyue widened his eyes, his head buzzing. His face turned as red as the tips of his ears, unsure where to put his hands. Soon, he was kissed to the point of having a mesmerized gaze, softening all over, and his fish tail unconsciously rubbed against Ren Shuhan’s calf.


When he couldn’t help but make a trembling sound, Ren Shuhan finally let go of him, stood up, and walked to the cave entrance. The action was a bit awkward, and he even wiped his lips with the back of his hand, as if he had just enjoyed a delicious meal.

Jiang Qingyue opened his eyes in confusion, tears still in the corners of his eyes. When he sat up, he realized…

His fish tail was gone.

Zheng Zhilai had told him before that before reaching adulthood, merfolk would go through a transition phase where their fish tails would reveal certain human features. Most merfolk had this by the age of fifteen or sixteen, transitioning naturally to legs around eighteen. Since he matured later, having just turned eighteen recently, his legs were only now appearing.

“Put on some clothes.”

Ren Shuhan covered his face and conjured a simple sleeping robe from the system, placing it within Jiang Qingyue’s reach.

This should be easy to wear. When he used to bathe Jiang Qingyue and put on such a robe, the towel had created a fluffy effect, making him look adorable. However, this time Ren Shuhan picked silk, expecting a different kind of charm.

However, he waited for a while with his back turned, but he didn’t hear the sound of fabric.

“What’s wrong?” Ren Shuhan turned back and asked, concerned. “Can’t you put it on?”

Unexpectedly, he saw Jiang Qingyue lying on the stone, one leg bent, supporting the knee, and the other leg lifted high, shaking the pale foot while curiously touching his own leg.

Ren Shuhan abruptly turned his head.

“Big brother?” Jiang Qingyue saw him turn back and called, raising his chin, “Look, my legs!”

Ren Shuhan: “… I saw them. Put on the clothes quickly.”

Jiang Qingyue sat up a bit disappointed, “Is it not good-looking?”

Ren Shuhan’s throat moved up and down several times before saying, “It’s good-looking. Put them on.”

Jiang Qingyue then sat up, leisurely putting on the clothes, “It’s good-looking. Why aren’t you looking at them more?”

Ren Shuhan had a headache, “Spare me. I forgave you today, but if you lie and take risks again, I won’t bother with you.”

“Oh.” Jiang Qingyue didn’t have much of a reaction, as he had expected this outcome. Suddenly, he stood up and took a step toward Ren Shuhan, excitedly saying, “Are you shy—Ah!”

He hadn’t learned to walk yet and stumbled.

Quick to react, Ren Shuhan swiftly came to his side, lifted him up, and tied the robe belt into a bow.

Jiang Qingyue, holding onto his neck, asked eagerly, “Are you shy now—Ah!”

He stumbled again.

Ren Shuhan’s eyes were quick, and his hands were deft. He swiftly reached Jiang Qingyue, lifted him, and tied the belt again, this time in a butterfly knot.

Jiang Qingyue skillfully hugged his neck and sweetly asked, “Did you just poke me with yours…”

“Don’t say it!” Ren Shuhan wasn’t much older than him, but now he blushed and felt embarrassed, “You’ll know later.”

“I know it now,” Jiang Qingyue said smugly and a bit hesitantly, “but why are our parts so different?”

Ren Shuhan felt like he was experiencing Hu Yang’s breakdown.

Please, don’t make me remember. I can’t stay calm!

“Baby, spare me today. We have a lot to do when we go back,” Ren Shuhan attempted to reason with him, “We need to tell our parents about today’s events, inform the tribe, negotiate between the two tribes, and my parents will probably come looking for us tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay, hmm, are you going to be the chief of both tribes?” Jiang Qingyue nodded obediently, “Do I get to meet your parents, my husband?”

Ren Shuhan felt like he was getting used to this.

“Don’t call me that so early… Forget it, pull your legs.”

“Oh, okay.” Jiang Qingyue was used to wrapping his tail around Ren Shuhan, but now he had humans legs and was being princess-carried by him again.

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