Chapter 2055: Never be a family

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Zhang Yu saw the hesitation of the two and said, "You think about it! If you agree, contact me as soon as possible. But don't take too long! It is best to help him get a passport during the consideration. If you agree, the visa I will solve the problem, the shorter the time, the better. Okay! Let ’s go! I ’ll go first. "After that, I refused to keep several people and left the hospital.


For the next few days, for Zhang Hongcheng and Yan Yuzhen, it can be said that it is a dilemma and a lot of suffering. While looking at Zhang Junfu's disease, there was no solution, but on the other hand, he was thinking about the method Zhang Yu said.

In fact, the two of them really wanted to agree, if they can go with their son, of course, it is the best. But the problem is that the two can't stay with them, but if Zhang Yu is to go with them, they also have no idea.

Zhang Yu also wisely did not call to remind him. For him, life should be faced with various choices. All he can do is let the two choose. As for the final result, it is beyond his control.

After about a week!

Zhang Hongcheng and Yan Yuzhen finally made a decision, called Zhang Yu and agreed to let him take Zhang Junfu to Rome.

Zhang Yu is not a nonsense. He directly called Christina and asked her to help with the visa. In fact, his plan is very simple, intending to personally cure Zhang Junfu. But because he didn't want others to know that he would cure the disease, he used Rome as a pretext for a new treatment plan.

Get everything done!

Zhang Yu took a long vacation and flew to Rome with Zhang Junfu.


In the following days, Zhang Hongcheng and Yan Yuzhen could only live in suffering. Because since Zhang Yu went to Rome, the news has basically disappeared, and the phone is not turned on. I don't know the situation there. They didn't even know where Zhang Yu went.

Zhang Hongcheng would like to call Yu Meixiu to ask if there are other ways to contact Zhang Yu. But Zhang Yu said before leaving, he was not allowed to call Yu Meixiu, so he hesitated again and again, and finally resisted not playing.

More than a month later!

Finally, one day, Zhang Hongcheng received a call from Zhang Yu, and they had returned to Fuxi City.

The two were ecstatic and ran to the station to meet the two.

When several people met again, Yan Yuzhen couldn't help but miss her son, crying and rushing to Zhang Junfu who also ran over.

"Xiaojun! You can come back. Great! I want to die mother." Yan Yuzhen cried Zhang Junfu and became like a tearful man.

"Mom don't cry! Xiaojun is back." Zhang Junfu held Yan Yuzhen's non-stop comfort.

Zhang Hongcheng walked over. Although he was also very excited, he refrained, looked at Zhang Yu, and said, "It's hard!"

Zhang Yu nodded and said nothing, and instead looked at Zhang Junfu with some affection. I have to say that through more than a month of contact, he had a touch of affection for this younger brother. It seems that a person is such a complicated living body. If he is asked to donate bone marrow to the other party at this moment, he will definitely not refuse.

"Xiaojun, how is your body now?" Zhang Hongcheng asked the question he was most concerned about.

Zhang Yudao: "The treatment was very successful! He has recovered."

"Really?" Zhang Hongcheng was excited when he heard this, and hurried over to hold Zhang Yu's hand, grateful: "Thank you Zhang Yu! Thank you!"

"Let me go!" Zhang Yu shook away from the other person in disgust. Although he now accepts Zhang Junfu, it does not mean he can accept Zhang Hongcheng. In his heart, he still hated the other.

Of course, Yan Yuzhen also heard the news of his son's recovery and stood up quickly, wiping his tears excitedly: "Zhang Yu! Thank you, thank you for saving my son."

Zhang Yu nodded, walked to Zhang Junfu's side, squatted down, and said, "Xiaojun! Brother is leaving. You will learn to take care of yourself by yourself! Have you heard?"

Hearing this, Zhang Junfu hugged Zhang Yu's neck and said, "Brother! Don't go, please! Our whole family can be together."

Zhang Yu smiled and said, "Brother is an adult! Have a life of his own. Xiaojun also has a life of Xiaojun! But you can rest assured that your brother will come to see you in the future. But you can as I promised, yes Study hard. If I know that you do n’t study hard, I wo n’t come to see you in the future. Have you heard? ”

"I heard. Xiaojun is obedient and will definitely study hard. I must be like my brother! I am admitted to the best university."

"Okay! My brother is waiting to see that day! Okay! Say goodbye to my brother!"

Zhang Junfu let go of Zhang Yu, his eyes turned red: "Goodbye ... goodbye! Brother goodbye!"

Zhang Yu got up and looked at Zhang Hongcheng and Yan Yuzhen, then looked at Zhang Junfu and said with a smile: "Goodbye!" After he finished, he turned away without looking back.

Seeing Zhang Yu gone, Zhang Junfu turned and hugged Yan Yuzhen, crying: "Mom! Brother left, brother left."

Yan Yuzhen looked at Zhang Yuyuan's back, shed tears, and instead took Zhang Hongcheng's hand, "Husband! Can't we be a family in our lifetime?"

Zhang Hongcheng sighed: "I'm sorry for their mother and son! I have no face to be their family anymore."


Zhang Yu called Yu Meixiu on the train back to Beijing. Tell the other party everything.

Of course, Yu Meixiu can't say anything. Although she hates Zhang Hongcheng very much, Zhang Junfu is not wrong after all. Now this situation is a good result.


Zhang Yu returned to the school and saw Fang Zitong, which was a great surprise. Only then did he know that the other party returned to school a few days ago.

Satisfied with a few people is also happy and broken. The four King Kongs got together again and had to say that it was a very happy thing. Several people immediately went out to find a restaurant and planned to have a good meal.

"Zi Tong! How is your body recovering?"

"It's been well recovered!"

"Oh! Uncle Fang is still against you playing team?"

"No objection! He doesn't care about me now, and he won't let me go to the United States to study. Our brother will be a roommate in the future."

"Zi Tong, are you going to study in the US?"

"Yes! It turns out there is this plan!"

"It's not interesting enough! Why don't you tell us."

"Just a plan!"

"How did that Yu know?"

"This one……"

"Okay! Don't make any inquiries. I also listened to Zitong's sister! By the way, Zitong, when did your show start, didn't you say you would get some tickets for us!"

"What show?" Satisfied and Ma Rongxuan are of course a bit confused.

"Oh! This Saturday, at the Jingguang Sports Center, there was a big rock carnival with my show on it. I got a few tickets for you guys! Let's watch together!"