Chapter 452 Friend outside

Chapter 452 Friend outside

Lenny's eyes suddenly brightened with understanding. "That is why you allowed the participants to choose fighters from beyond the city. You want to give the other Great Demon rank existences the impression that they can win fair and square. In other words, this is not just a battle to be Alpha, but a secret battle amongst Great Demon rank existences. They are all battling for who gets to feed on the primordial beast."

Elder Isaiah nodded. "Not bad, you are actually very smart for a half-born. What are you, seven now!?"

"Seven and a half, actually," Lenny quickly corrected. Then he turned to Claw, "So you guys think I can't win, and that is why you want to train me!? If you wanted to win so badly, then you could have just fought for him instead. After all..." Lenny took a closer look at the Demons, "You are both half-borns, right?"

Clawed nodded. "I am a full-born, but Duncan is a half-born. We wanted Duncan to be Victor's fighter. At least that was the initial plan. However, he publicly announced your invitation into the city after you saved his life."

Lenny nodded; however, he had his own thoughts about all this. His instincts screamed in his head.

"Two questions!" Lenny raised his fingers, "First, both of you are demons, sons of Momoa. How can I trust you? And secondly, you are asking me to sacrifice Victor to the primordial beast, aren't you?"

"Well, the answer to your second question is yes, and the answer to your first is..." Duncan walked from where he stood towards Clawed, and then, grabbing one of his heads, he pulled it close as both men engaged in a passionate kiss.

Lenny was at a loss for words. That kiss happened very suddenly and unexpectedly.

Lenny was a gladiator, he was not new to such behavior among men. However, he couldn't help but remember that these two were siblings.

But more than that, these two were formally enemies, vying for Lady Vinegar's hand in marriage.

Truly, when it came to demons, sex was not as important as sexual gratification.

Lenny raised a hand to stop them. He did not swing that way, and he preferred if they did not advertise it before his eyes.

But the demons were a very shameless bunch.

"We escaped together, and through our journey in the wastelands, our hate turned to love," Duncan smiled. "You asked what's in it for us. Well, it's simple. We want to live the rest of our lives here and in peace."

"Hmmm!" Lenny nodded in understanding, throwing judgment behind his mind.

Even though these two wanted to kill Victor for their romance story,

However, he did not think that Victor was a bad kid.

Lenny did not think himself a saint; after all, he had sacrificed even babies 'for the greater good'.

But that was on his own volition. Being used was not a trait he sat well with.

After all, history had proven that most clients hated the idea of sticking with the agreement.

"And what's in it for me?" Lenny asked.

Elder Isaiah suddenly waved his hand, and a little vial appeared in his hand. Inside was a blue liquid.

It was the same kind that Elder Zod had used during the ceremony.

"This here is blood from the primordial beast. Unlike the vial used for the selection ceremony, this vial is a very concentrated one from the primordial beast's heart."

The moment he said this, he opened the bottle, and instantly, a kind of wild, ancient aura filled the room.

This was the same one he felt back then, after Riff destroyed the giant octopus in front of the wall.

Lenny suddenly realized that Elder Isaiah's intimidation of Agnes that day was with this vial.

Lenny guessed that he used it as a means to not just scare her but to also scare anyone who had any hidden motives as they arrived at the city.

It was also acted as a lie that the Primordial Beast had allowed the giant Octopus because it did not consider it a threat.

Lenny chuckled at this.

After all, this city existed in its past glory.

It was like a military barracks with no soldiers inside.

The peace it enjoyed was an illusion all set by this old man.

Lenny could not help but have a higher view of Elder Isiah in his mind.

To pull off such a trick, and for many years, must have not been easy for the Elder and the previous Alpha.

"If we have a deal, we will be willing to pay with this vial. One bottle now, two more when the job is done." Elder Isaiah waved the bottle in front of his face. "Remember, it's not diluted!"

"So do you accept?" Claw asked.

Lenny paused to think. He really did not mind accepting this.

After all, power was the key. However, he was not one to take on any kind of job.

Even in his previous life, he only took jobs involving corruption and the like.

That meant that the person to be killed had to have been a bad guy.

The truth was that he still planned to win the tournament, and so this would just be aiding him.

However, after becoming Alpha, Victor does not necessarily have to meet with the primordial beast if he does not want to.

This was what they truly wanted from Lenny—to sacrifice the boy to the primordial beast.

Elder Isaiah suddenly threw the vial at Lenny, and instinctively, he raised his hand to catch it.

"The moment you drink that vial, the deal will be set. You will be bound by a blood oath to fulfill it, or you will die. ~Sanguis Foedus~"

Immediately after Elder Isaiah said those words, the blue vial glowed a bit.

Lenny knew those words. After all, he had set up a blood pact with a particular Magi not so long ago.

"I'll think about it." Lenny waved his hands, and the blood vial disappeared into his storage unit.

He turned and walked to the door. He looked once more at the one elder and two lovers, "You'll get my reply by tomorrow!"

He walked out and closed the door behind him.

However, Elder Isiah frowned.

Meanwhile, Duncan walked up to the elder.

"You lied. That was the last vial. We both know it was!"

"Who knows!?" Elder Isaiah shook his head with a smile at Duncan.

"However, that's not our problem right now. Our goal should be to make sure he drinks it. If not, you two don't get your happily married life."

Duncan chuckled a bit. "Don't worry, I have a friend waiting for him outside."