Chapter 377 - Chapter 377: 192

Chapter 377: 192

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“Cloud upon the Sea, I know you too well. You better hand over the opportunity immediately. I can pretend nothing happened. But if I have to search and find it myself, you won’t be able to bear the consequences,”

The Grand Elder was indifferent. He didn’t believe Cloud upon the Sea’s explanation as it was too weak. He couldn’t believe there were no finds in the Cave Mansion, it seemed like a joke from heaven.

Cloud upon the Sea was begrudgingly pleading, “Father, you can search. If you find something, I’ll commit suicide to apologize. If you find nothing, I hope you can let go of your suspicions. After all, we are father and son.”

This sentence made the Grand Elder pause a bit. Could it really be that he was overthinking? But if something really was missing, where did it go?

Suddenly, the Grand Elder understood. He remembered that when he entered the Cave Mansion, there was a shadow that followed behind him. At that time, he didn’t care and thought Cloud upon the Sea would kill the intruder.

After questioning, Cloud upon the Sea claimed to have encountered no one inside. This made it plausible that half the chances were that the shadow had taken the finds. Because he was late, Cloud upon the Sea came back empty-handed.

The Grand Elder’s anger was uncontrollable. “After all that effort, I have just been making wedding clothes for others. It’s infuriating! But who could have taken the opportunity before me?”

“Father, my first suspicion is the Lord. When you came to the Secret Land, his spy must have followed. Perhaps during the fight with the Divine Beast, he took the opportunity to sneak into the Cave Mansion,” Cloud upon the Sea speculated.

The Grand Elder reflected and did find the Lord suspicious. But after thinking about it, he dismissed the idea. It would be meaningless for the Lord to randomly send a spy to track him. After all, as a supreme Dominator, only the Lord could keep him in check.

Also, if the Lord’s spy had taken the opportunity, the Lord would have personally come to the Secret Land immediately. But at this moment, there was no presence in the Secret Land, which indicated it had nothing to do with the Lord.

“My second suspicion is Logan. Although Logan is only in the myth realm, he does have the power to kill the Throne. Our relationship is incompatible as fire and water. He may well have taken advantage of the situation,” Cloud upon the Sea continued his deduction.

The Grand Elder also felt it was possible. Suddenly, he felt the situation was a hot potato. If Logan were to understand the opportunity, and his realm entered the transcendent state, then he would become a formidable enemy. As Logan had already slain the Throne in the myth realm, who could say for sure that the transcendent state couldn’t kill the Dominator?

“Right now, I need half a day to recover my energy. The pursuit to kill Logan must be postponed. You, on the other hand, must stay here and guard, not letting anyone take the opportunity,” he ordered.

Having thought it through, the Grand Elder reassured that no great misfortune would occur in half a day. After all, this was the opportunity of a Holy See’s expert. Even if Logan was exceptionally gifted, it would be impossible for him to digest it all in half a day.

Once he regains his energy, he will order all his subordinates to hunt down Logan relentlessly. Even if Logan belonged to the Spirit Race, he would not spare Logan. No matter what the cost, they absolutely couldn’t let Logan comprehend the opportunity. This was not merely a conflict between the two of them, but also about the future safety of his own clan.

Cloud upon the Sea secretly breathed a sigh of relief. No matter who took the opportunity, his father no longer suspected him, which was the best news he could hear at the moment. As for killing Logan, Cloud upon the Sea had long understood that he was not capable of that.

On the other side, since Logan had obtained the opportunity, he was eager to leave the Ancient Road Illusion. However, he was intercepted by a group of people halfway. Although he instinctively felt danger, they wouldn’t be there to steal the opportunity, would they?

Logan tried to calm himself down. After all, nobody knew about his gain. If he revealed it first, he would face endless hunting.

The leader of the group raised an eyebrow, “I am of the Kunpeng Clan, the leading clan of our territory. Our young master and the Protector’s vitality had waned. They might have encountered a mishap. Have you seen anything in the illusion?” He offered a handsome reward for any clues.

Logan observed that the three of them were all at the perfect Throne rank. He was not their match. Furthermore, if the three of them worked together, even a regular Dominator wouldn’t fare well.

Since they came to him, Logan had to make good use of it and divert their anger to the Grand Elder. After all, though Gamenor died at his hand, the Protector was killed by the Grand Elder.

Logan let out a sigh, shook his head, and said, “I dare not say. The matter is too grave. If revealed, I will certainly face revenge. Anyway, I was warned by that person. You should ask someone else or investigate yourself.”

“Friend, we are from the leading clan. Others’ threats don’t work on us. As long as you are willing to speak, we are willing to pay a hundred Spirit Stones as a reward. And we will ensure that nobody knows you revealed it,” the group offered.

Upon hearing this, the three of them became excited. They had met tens of people before, and none knew what had happened. It was not easy to find someone who knew something, and they couldn’t just let Logan go.

“I regret to inform you that your young master should be Gamenor, and he and the Protector have both met with a tragic end. They died a terrible death. I wanted to help, but I am merely in the myth realm,” Logan replied.

Upon hearing the tragic news, the three became extremely distressed. Even though they had expected it, how could they easily accept it? After all, how could the young master die so easily?

The Protector of the young master had the strength of a perfect Throne, which meant they must have encountered a peak-level expert. Otherwise, even if tens of Thrones attacked at once, the Protector could still escape with the young master.

“There are only three peak-level experts in the territory. First, the Lord won’t take the initiative to attack. Second, it’s absolutely impossible for the Family Head. The last one is the Grand Elder, but he has no grudge with the young master,” the three of them were puzzled.

Three of them continued to question, “Talk more in detail, who exactly took the young master’s life? What’s the causation? There are many opportunities in the Secret Land, was it because of an opportunity?”

“It was the Grand Elder,” Logan directly attributed everything to the Grand Elder. Although it was a bombshell, the three had to believe it. Indeed, only the Grand Elder had that strength.

“Back then, Gamenor obtained some opportunities and was favored by the deceased Holy See. Unexpectedly, he was coveted by Cloud upon the Sea, the son of the Grand Elder. Hence, he invited his father to join hands to murder Gamenor and the Protector.”

“If you don’t believe me, I can take you to that place to have a look. Everything will become clear. You all are at the perfect Throne rank and should have the ability to discern the truth,” Logan concluded.