Chapter 92 - Chapter 92: Chapter 65: A Change in Power! Is this the Spirit of the Goblin!? (8k!)

Chapter 92: Chapter 65: A Change in Power! Is this the Spirit of the Goblin!? (8k!)

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Outside the Dragon Taming World,

Logan stands aloft in mid -air, looking at the scene of the merging of the World Fragment, and a myriad of insights emerge in his heart.

Such a fragmentary world, though it cannot withstand strong rules due to its minuscule size.

However, due to the imperfection of various rules, the rules within the World Fragment are also “incomplete”. This state is the easiest to be scrutinized and comprehended.

Especially now, in the scene where the World Fragment is fusing, an abundance of inferior rules are continuously being exposed, then merged, harmonized; it is the best time to understand the rules.

In particular, as the owner of the World Fragment, Logan is very clear about the changes among these rules.

Consequently, he puts aside his anxious mentality at this moment, immersing himself in this “matched weakened version” of a genesis scene.

If there was an experience bar above his head, it would clearly show that, within this short time, His comprehension of various rules, is surging rapidly!

At the same time, as the World Fragments start to interact and begin to conceive a “complete” notion, the world, as one of Logan’s pillars of strength, becomes even more robust.


Logan makes no attempt to hide his vibe. With the constant merging and expansion of the World Fragments, his aura is rapidly growing!


In Blue Star,

District 2, in Zow City,

Innumerable bone-white snake-like spatial rifts continue to thicken, and then reveal the spatial passage behind the rifts.

The next moment, even with the stable spatial structure of Blue Star, space begins to vibrate!

“Click, click!”


A soul-level roar is emitted. Immediately, all the Deity Players who were prepared for battle are shocked to see—

Huge flocks of first energy level bone birds, like dark clouds, rush out from the vast spatial rifts. They make noisy sounds sourced from the soul level, flying in unison like an army.

Several second energy level winged dragons, over ten meters long, whose heads alone were comparable to ordinary vehicles, with pale blue flames leaping in their skulls, emerge.

They then rush to the sky, instantly passing through the spatial rift, begin to gather in the sky, spitting out icy blue flames from time to time, starting to devastate Zow City!

Down below, there is a well-organized army of first-level Skeleton soldiers.

Each of them is two meters tall, looking like mini giants. Red lights leap in their skulls. Each one of them is armed with a bone spear and a bone shield that are enhanced with the solid and sharp rules!

Also, there are second -level Nightmare Knights riding bone horses.

Wherever their horse hooves tread, traces of charring are left. They wear cloaks, and you can see the faintly leaping gloomy blue soul fire.

They carry knight spears and seem to be ready to initiate a charge at any moment!

Even more terrifying are the Monster Leaders of the third level with different shapes, like monsters crawling out of the abyss!

They don’t speak any words, but the moment they arrived, their will emanating from the otherworld unintentionally revealed some basic information about


First Level: Skeleton Soldiers, Skeleton Giant Birds.

Second Level: Nightmare Knights! Bone Wing Dragons!

Third Level: Diverse Bone Generals!


“Battlefield Sacrifice TechniquePersistence!” “Elf Divine Singing Technique•Agility!” “War God BlessingSacred Battlefield!”

“Bloody Slaughter World ! ”

“Endless War Trampling!”

There is no plan to wait for all the monsters to arrive and then form an army before starting the war.

Not long after the monsters showed up, on various battlefields above Zow City, a series of supportive divine arts were released, bestowing countless amplifying effects on all the Deity Players.

Following that, the main-battle Deity Players unleashed their Totem Entities or Giant Spirit Bodies. They rushed into the skeleton monster camp, which had yet to form a stable front. The slaughter began immediately.

Each Totem Entity is at least ten meters tall, and every Giant Spirit Body is also twenty to thirty meters in size. The original size of Zow City should not contain so many giant existences.

However, due to the advent of the spatial rifts, Zow City has now become an [Otherworldly Battlefield], its size on Blue Star did not change, but the internal size of Zow City has increased manifold!

And the Deity Players’ powers are extremely strong. Before the arrival of the third energy level Bone General on the opponent’s side,

They’ve already plunged into the group of monsters and initiated low-dimensional, madness-filled undisciplined attacks.

The third level Giants charged into the second level Nightmare Knights and Bone Wing Dragons, mowing them down like cutting grass.

They knew that they had this opportunity because the spatial rifts had just opened. They took advantage of this to reap merit points madly.

By the time all the monsters arrive and the army is fully established, it will be a difficult tug-of-war!

For a while, bone fragments splattered all over the battlefield, a large number of soul fires were extinguished. Even Nightmare Knights who are considered minor lords in the Skeleton Clan were killed in vast numbers instantly!

So, it wasn’t just the Giants, the second-level Totem Entities also plunged into the first-level Skeleton Soldiers and Skeleton Giant Birds, slaughtering madly, reaping merit points!

Vast empty spaces constantly appeared in the Skeleton faction but were quickly filled up by skeletons pouring out of the spatial rifts!

Including the Department Chief, the three Transcendent God Players who saw this scene were even more shameless..