“Wang Shao?!” Li Yifei’s trio shouted in unison when they heard the familiar voice.

The trio looked at each other and ran to the alley where Wang Shao had left.

Lin Qiye stood alone, frowning at the dark alley with a dignified expression.

Although he did not know what had happened, he had an ominous feeling in his heart.

I’m on the outskirts of the old city, getting involved with a sick murderer, weird stench, and screaming.

Something is definitely wrong here.

He hesitated for a while. After some mental struggle, he sighed helplessly, finally picked up the white cane in his hand, and rushed toward the alley.

Typically, Lin Qiye would avoid meddling in such a situation. Instead, he would run in the opposite direction as far as he could!

Since everyone was screaming, it was definitely not good news.

Thus, it would mean trouble.

Robbery, murder, or witnessing a murder scene… Lin Qiye did not want to get involved with any of them.

He did not have exuberant curiosity and did not want to know what had happened. At the same time, he did not have the overflowing empathy, wanting to be a hero.

Most importantly, he could not fight. What if he lost his life there?

But this situation was different.

Although Lin Qiye did not want to admit it, Wang Shao’s misfortune was related to him.

If they had not taken the initiative to escort Lin Qiye home, Wang Shao would have gone home the other way or reached home a few minutes earlier. As such, this situation would not have happened.

He did not like to be nosy, but he did not want to owe favors even more.

In any case, he would want to know what happened, which he felt like he did his best for the situation already. If he encountered any danger, he would just run away.

Lin Qiye had his eyes warped in black cloth, but he was not slow in his movement. The closer he got to the place where the screams came from, the tighter his frown became.

The smell was getting stronger.

“Ahhhh!!!” A second scream came from the front corner, only this time it was a female voice.

Jiang Qian!

Lin Qiye stopped at the corner of the alley immediately. Jiang Qian’s group finally appeared within the range of his mental perception.

Not far in front of him, Jiang Qian had slumped to the ground. Her mouth was wide open as she looked ahead in horror, and she was shaking!

In front of her, Liu Yuan and Li Yifei were frozen like stone sculptures. Their eyes stared straight ahead, trembling!

As for what lay ahead, Lin Qiye could not perceive it.

He could not open his eyes yet, could not see the world with his vision, and the range of mental perception was only ten meters. Thus, it was an extremely embarrassing situation.

He perceived everything within ten meters, but a blind man toward everything outside the ten meters.

Why did Jiang Qian’s trio see to be frightened like this?

Although he could not see, his hearing was sensitive, and he could hear the sound of rustling not far away.

It was like someone was gnawing something wildly and with relish.

Hmm… It sounds like Blackie gnawing at a bone.

“What happened?” Lin Qiye asked in a low voice.

Jiang Qian seemed to be taken aback by Lin Qiye’s presence. She grabbed the hem of his clothes with both hands in a panic with her teeth chattering!

“Monster… A monster is eating Wang Shao’s face!” Lin Qiye’s expression changed instantly!

“Run!” Lin Qiye and Li Yifei yelled at the same time!

As soon as the word popped out, Liu Yuan turned around and darted in the opposite direction like a wild dog. He bumped into Lin Qiye’s shoulder and staggered to the floor. But, he immediately got up and sprinted away!

“Monster… Help us! Someone! There is a monster!” He screamed as he ran.

Lin Qiye was caught off guard by Li Yuan and staggered. Just as he stabilized his body, there was a dull crashing sound in the distance.

It was like a brown bear stomping on the ground and running toward him.

Jiang Qian’s pupils shrank suddenly. No one knew how she mustered the strength where she got up from the ground like lightning and ran away screaming.

Li Yifei ran away after shouting “run”, sprinting faster than Liu Yuan, who pushed Lin Qiye away.

If it weren’t for Liu Yuan, who just bumped into Lin Qiye and stumbled, Qiye would have run far away.

But after such a short delay, he was already at the back of the group, just like Jiang Qian.

At this time, everyone seemed to have forgotten Lin Qiye’s “disabled” status. The classmates who had just promised to escort him back had forgotten about him.

Oh, they have not completely forgotten about me. After all, he just bumped into me. Lin Qiye sneered in his heart.

But he had no time to worry about these things because something new broke into the ten meters range of his mental perception right after running just a few steps.

It seemed like a person, but not exactly a human.

It was akin to a human just because he had limbs and a head like a human being. However, it was unlike humans because of its hyena-like property of sprinting on the ground with four limbs. Also, its burly body was like a brown bear!

On top of that, it was ghost-faced, pale, and twisted.

The long, scarlet tongue was like a long snake, extending half a meter from its mouth, twisting flexibly.

Lin Qiye’s face turned ugly immediately.

It swiftly entered Lin Qiye’s ten-meter perception range and approached him at an alarming speed!

Lin Qiye believed that even if the running world champion came, he would never be able to outrun the monster.

Lin Qiye calculated the distance to exit the alley, and a gloom enshrouded his heart immediately.

With the speed difference between the two, he could not run out of this alley before being caught up.

What else can I do…

Lin Qiye was running his thoughts quickly, sensing all the nearby objects, trying to use something to halt the monsters behind him.

Suddenly, his mental power fell on the schoolbag behind Jiang Qian.

“Smash the bag over! Slow it down!” Lin Qiye yelled!

Jiang Qian, who was beside Lin Qiye, was stunned. Her eyes flashed with cold light. She screamed and yanked her schoolbag down.

But, she hurled it over at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye’s pupils shrank suddenly!

He never imagined that Jiang Qian would attack him!

When Lin Qiye reacted, the schoolbag had fallen heavily on his chest!

Lin Qiye could clearly see Jiang Qian’s expression through his mental perception.

Her face was pale and filled with horror, like a frightened rabbit. However, her eyes had unprecedented ruthlessness to them!

“Are you Lin Qiye? Your seat is over here…”

“Lin Qiye, I’m the class monitor, Jiang Qian. You can ask me if you need anything…”

“Your aunty really left a deep impression on us. She was standing there with a basket of eggs that day, giving us eggs one by one and asking us to take care of you.”

“We promised your aunty to take care of you, and we’ll do it.”


The shy and kind monitor seemed to have become a hysterical demon at this moment!

She looked at Lin Qiye with guilt, madness, and viciousness in her eyes.

Yes, I’m the monitor;

I said that I would help you more in the future;

I promised your aunty to take care of you;

I can guide you on the exercise books, take you home, help you cook dinner… All of these are not a problem for me!

But now…

I want to live.


Please die.

At this moment, time seemed to stop. Lin Qiye met Jiang Qian’s gaze; her eyes were as cold and deep as the night.

Throwing a bag over would not hinder the monster much, but she had a better chance of surviving if she were to stop a person here and now.

This was Jiang Qian’s choice.

The schoolbag was not heavy, and the momentum was not much. However, Lin Qiye was caught off guard, and the bag landed on him.

Behind him, the rapidly approaching monster jumped up and pounced on Lin Qiye, who had fallen behind.

In a flash, Lin Qiye smiled.

He smiled coldly.

His back was like having eyes, predicting the monster’s trajectory, squatting down, and accurately avoiding the monster’s lunge!

At the same time, the white cane he had been holding in his hand swept forward like lightning, and the cane tip hit Jiang Qian’s ankle!

Jiang Qian exclaimed and fell to the ground, losing her balance.

A black figure fell, hitting her body.

At the next moment, the blood dipped the night into scarlet red.