"Girl, you're daydreaming again! The things that guests have ordered, hurry up and send. " Grandma Qian's voice sounded out.

"Yes, immediately!"

"Grandmother, this weekend..." Is there a holiday? " Zhuo Yanfeng asked Grandma Qian as they walked back to the operation room.

"The weekend is the busiest time. Do you have anything to do?" Grandma Qian asked without raising her head.

"Haha, nothing, I'm just asking."

"However, although you are busy on weekends, you won't be busy on Wednesday. You can have a half-day leave tomorrow." Grandma Qian squeezed the cream.

"Really?" Zhuo Yanfeng revealed a smile, "That's great, thank you grandma!"

Zhuo Yanfeng took a small cake and got on a bus from the suburbs at noon. He wobbled in the chilly weather and headed towards the edge of the city.

Then, under the light of the noon sun, they got off the carriage at the foot of the mountain and continued to drive towards the mountain road.

Relying on his memories and the markings on the map, Zhuo Yanfeng, this idiot, arrived at the entrance of that luxurious villa after an hour and a half.

In the blinding sunlight, he saw that there was almost no one inside. Only the puppy inside the door began to bark.

An old grandpa walked to the door, narrowed his eyes and carefully sized up the clean girl in front of him, and loudly asked: "Who are you? Is there nowhere else to go? "

"Uncle Hua, please go back and rest. Don't go anywhere." A middle-aged woman ran over and helped the man into the shady corridor and into the back of the house.

"You are... The girl that Young Master brought last time, right? " Zhuo Yanfeng was looking at the back of the old man when another old man in his fifties opened the door and asked very politely.

"Yes," Zhuo Yanfeng smiled and wiped the sweat from his forehead, "I am Zhuo Yanfeng, and I wish to pay my respects to the madame."

"Oh, oh." The old man nodded his head as he sized up the young girl with his eyes. "Come in quickly. Wait a moment. I'll go inform the others."

When he spoke, he treated Madame Ouyang with the utmost respect, like a loyal old housekeeper.

Zhuo Yanfeng looked at the withered lotus in the lotus pond, and thought of that half beautiful, half sinister face.

It took more courage than suicide to ruthlessly destroy such a beautiful face.

Ever since he saw her, Zhuo Nianfeng had been thinking about when he could come back again.

Not only because of her curiosity, but also because this woman seemed to be very familiar with her parents.

Perhaps from her, he could learn a bit about the past and also find out what had happened to the Ouyang Family recently. Something didn't seem right with Ouyang. Zhuo Nianfeng was always a little worried that something might happen between him and Han Muyun.

This room was very simple and elegant, to the point that he even forgot the decorations and walls, and only saw the emerald green trees outside the window.

At the beginning, Zhuo Yanfeng was very worried that Madame Ouyang would be as emotional as last time.

But now, she was sitting in front of him with a calm expression.

The beauty of half of her face was reflected by the ugliness of the other half. However, it had a serene and serene temperament to it.

Madame Ouyang's pair of indifferent and clear eyes quietly stared at the young girl in front of her. Although she didn't say anything, she still felt that she was gently smiling at you.

"Thank you for the cake." Madame Ouyang finally opened her mouth to speak. "According to what Yu'er said, you're participating in a competition. It's rare for you to still remember this place."

Zhuo Yanfeng smiled nervously and suddenly didn't know how to talk to her.

Her burned face, like a mysterious story, led others to inquire.

However, Zhuo Yanfeng could not speak.

"Young Master Ouyang …" "I like you very much." As soon as he opened his mouth, the topic of conversation was immediately brought to Ouyang Yu.

"Young Master Ouyang …" "I like you very much." The moment he opened his mouth, Zhuo Nianfeng's topic was brought to Ouyang Yu.

Madame Ouyang suddenly smiled like a lotus flower blooming in summer. With a smile filled with fragrance, she said, "Yu-er also likes you a lot."

Zhuo Yanfeng froze for a moment before smiling awkwardly: "Young master is very good to me …"

"He's always been good to people he likes." Madame Ouyang continued, "Unfortunately, there are not many people he likes. I was worried that one day I would die and he would be left alone in this world, unharmed and untied, unable to endure. "

Death spat out from her slightly pale lips. It was calm, as if she were saying that the weather today was very good.

Zhuo Yanfeng could not answer, and felt that in front of her, he was like a doll that could not speak.

"For Yu'er to fall in love with you, it's really a fated arrangement." Madame Ouyang took a sip of her tea and said lightly, "Yu-er has inherited my genes in many ways, even the ones she likes are so similar."

"Gene?" Zhuo Yanfeng was silent for a moment, and no longer spoke.

Her parents?

"You didn't come here just to deliver the cake, did you?" Madame Ouyang put down her thin porcelain teacup and looked up at Zhuo Yanfeng, not answering her question.

Zhuo Yanfeng looked at the scar that snaked across her neck, and drew back the corners of his lips. Finally, he said, "It's getting late, I'll come see you next time."

"Why don't you stay a while longer?"

"Mm, next time you want to eat something, I …"

Although Zhuo Yanfeng had a lot of questions, she didn't want to get to the bottom of this so quickly.

"If you don't have anything to do, then come for a walk. You don't need to bring those things. It would be a waste to make them for me." Madame Ouyang interrupted her, a faint smile appearing on her lips again. "Has Yu'er been busy lately? It's like this all summer... Not once a week. Your match is over, come here with him for a few days. "

"Alright, then I'll be leaving. Goodbye." Zhuo Yanfeng nodded and stood up.

"Uncle Quan, send Feng Er back." She nodded slightly and raised her voice.

Even her personality was so similar to him … It was so gentle and reserved that it made people want to touch their hearts in front of him …

"No need to send me off, I can do it myself …"

"It doesn't matter, since there's a car and a driver, when do you want to come and make a call? I'll get someone to bring you over." Madame Ouyang lazily stood up with a hint of loneliness in her eyes.

He didn't know why, but the moment he saw the loneliness in her eyes, Zhuo Yanfeng's heart suddenly tightened.

For no reason, he thought of a sorrowful phrase — the dead are dead, the living have no right to live.

Zhuo Yanfeng became even more certain that Ouyang Yu had met with some trouble.

Because in the past, no matter how busy he was, he would always find the time to video call her or ask his subordinates to bring her a present.

But this time, two weeks had passed, and Zhuo Yanfeng still hadn't seen him.

Zhuo Nianfeng turned on the phone he had bought for him.

Ouyang Yu always allowed her to bring her cell phone so that they could contact each other.

However, ever since he left the Han Family, Zhuo Yanfeng had never used his phone. During this period of time, he was studying outside before leaving his phone in his bag.

The number was chosen for her by Ouyang Yu. The ending digit was the birthday of two people.

Just as Madame Ouyang had said, he was always very attentive towards people he liked.

He held his phone for a long time, but Zhuo Nianfeng still didn't take the initiative to call him.

She was afraid that she would disturb Ouyang Yu. Who knew if he was in a meeting or picking up girls …

Ever since the start of the semifinals, she hadn't contacted Ouyang Yu on her own accord.

As for Ouyang Yu, he no longer contacted her.

As if he really wanted to give her space, Ouyang Yu generously let her be with Han Muyun.

It had to be said that his EQ was very high, and at the same time … It was also so considerate that it moved others.

Zhuo Yanfeng carried the cake in the rainy evening sky and walked towards an alley that faced the street.

I don't understand why the school is holding such a competition. Do they want their classmates to be integrated into society as soon as possible?

When Zhuo returned with the cake, he suddenly saw a limousine parked in front of the cake house.

As expected, Ouyang Yu had a tacit understanding in his heart. It was as if he knew that she'd appeared on time when she'd thought of him.

Actually, it was because Han Muyun had left.

And in the middle of it all, Zhuo was looking for his mother...

Ouyang Yu had been sitting upright on his seat the entire time. Seeing Zhuo Yanfeng enter, a smile hung on his face.

"Did you miss me?" Zhuo Nianfeng had just arrived in front of him, but before he could say anything, Ouyang Yu asked him with a sly smile.

Well, he missed her.

After she was injured, he didn't even come to take a look. He really wasn't willing to give up such a good opportunity to that brat Han Muyun.

Ouyang Yu wasn't a magnanimous person. He had a purpose for making such concessions.

Stealing a woman's heart was the same as fighting on the battlefield. Strategy was very important.

Ouyang Yu knew that Ouyang Qing Xue would help him exert pressure. If he couldn't face the enemy head on, he wouldn't face them head on.

"Why have you lost weight?" Zhuo Nianfeng wasn't in the mood to care about his jokes. He frowned as he sized him up. Not only had he lost weight, even the dark circles in his eyes had appeared. It was impossible to tell that this was the energetic Ouyang Yu.

"Heartache?" Ouyang Yu rubbed his face, a trace of an evil smile flashing through his bloodshot eyes.

"If even you don't feel sorry for yourself, how can others feel sorry for you?" Although Zhuo Nianfeng was very worried about him, he couldn't help but roll his eyes when he saw the other's sage form.

"It's nothing. I just flew on the plane for too long. The jet lag isn't over yet. I just need to get some sleep." Ouyang Yu wasn't joking this time. He got up, removed the 'Open' sign from the cake house, locked the door, and sat down at the table. He rested his chin on his hands and said, "Can I have a copy of Boston Brouni?"

Zhuo Nianfeng looked around and realized that both Grandma Qian and Grandpa Zhang were no longer in the store. He didn't know where they had gone to.

"Stop looking, I've invited them to tea. I've reserved this shop for tonight." Ouyang Yu raised his eyebrows as he laughed in an unbridled and seductive manner.

"Wait a moment." Zhuo Yanfeng walked towards the operation room. It looked like he had rushed over as soon as he got off the plane without any rest.

"Little Feng." Ouyang Yu leaned against the door of the operation room. Watching her busy herself without saying a word, he suddenly shouted gently.

"Here." Zhuo Yanfeng lowered his head and beat his eggs as he indifferently replied.

"Little Feng." Ouyang Yu shouted again, his voice even gentler.

Calling her name like this gave her the feeling of always being close by.

Years later, he found himself loving her more than he had imagined.

But she wouldn't believe such a deep feeling, would she?

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