Chapter 1669: You are a **** and I am the world (16)

Name:Dark Beast Summoner Author:青扇
Chapter 1669 You are a **** and I am the world (16)

"I hope I think too much."

The brother said, rubbing my hair.

I rolled my eyes and asked him suddenly, "Brother, do you like Ali?"

He froze for a moment before saying:

"I like it, but my sister likes it like that."

"Huh? I thought my brother was different to Ali."

I always thought that my brother liked Ali differently, but I didn't expect that I was wrong.

"Then brother, have you ever met a girl who makes your heart beat?"

I asked again.

His face turned unnatural for a moment, and then he actually pinched my cheek, so I didn't ask too much.

"Why don't you let me ask? I want to ask, brother, brother, tell me, is there a girl that tempts you? I remember you used to go to Ali often, even Uncle Fox thought you wanted to marry Ali."

He frowned, and it took him a while to say:

"I always treat Ali as my sister."

I was suspicious, how his look felt a little weird.

"Brother, did something happen? By the way, I remember you saved a woman from outside the other day. Is her injury too difficult? Do you want me to see."

"No need, you are not going to the Demon Race to find Uncle Fox to thank you, you go early and return early, don't stay in the Demon Realm for too long, you know?"


I vaguely wonder if the girl brought back by my brother has a problem. I haven't met her yet, but I heard people say that she is a very beautiful girl with serious injuries.

The elder brother is not a kind person, even if he saves a person, he will not bring him back to the heavenly palace. This is the first time he has brought a woman back.

I thought to myself, when I came back from the demon world, if that woman was still there, I had to meet her well.

I quickly set off for the Demon Realm. Wu Yan smiled when he saw me. He put aside his business and took me to eat delicious food first.

"Wu Luo, where is Ali? I want to sleep with her tonight and talk."

I think A Li has that thought for her brother. After she transformed into a human form, her brother was alone in her eyes.

For a long time, I also thought that my brother would marry Ali as his wife, but I didn't expect everything to change quietly.

"She is now a little temperamental, and I was taught a lesson. She slipped away without a trace, and secretly took the baby from my storeroom."

Speaking of Ali, Wu Yan shook his head, angry and helpless.

"Ah? Where can she go by herself?"

"Don't worry about her, she will be back by herself after a while."

I think he is talking angry, Ali was brought up by him since childhood, so how could it be possible to ignore her.

It seems that A Li's temper is a bit loud this time.

It's just that no one thought that Ali would have left the demon world long ago.


Long Xuanxi was meditating and adjusting his breath. A barefoot girl jumped behind him and wrapped his neck.


He opened his eyes, his eyes were cold.

"It's just an illusion. What are you afraid of? Or, your thoughts on her are not the sister you are talking about?"

The girl's cold hand pressed against his neck, she stepped back and walked around in front of him.

The charming girl suddenly changed her appearance, turned into a charming girl, changed her face, and bells rang on her body.

But he didn't react to how she provoked.

The girl snorted coldly, her body exuded a strong magical energy, and her fangs opened her mouth wide.

Long Xuanxi closed his eyes, motionless.

The devilish energy circulated around him, and then changed back to the appearance of a pretty girl.

"Brother Xuanxi, look at them."

"Brother Xuanxi, don't you like Ali anymore?"

Because of the pressure in my heart, I didn't stay in the Demon Realm for long this time, so I went back.

After returning home, I was the first to find my brother, and I also saw the woman he rescued.

She was indeed a beautiful girl, and she carried her unique amorous feelings in her every move.

She actually held her brother's hand, and the relationship between the two seemed very close.

At the beginning, I wondered if A Li found her brother after Yi Rong came, but now I am a little disappointed.

She can't be Ali.

"Brother, she..."

My brother looked at me and asked me profoundly:

"Rou'er, can you distinguish between reality and illusion?"

"what do you mean?"

Something flashed quickly in my mind, but I couldn't catch it.

"Xuanxi, people are uncomfortable..."

The girl fell on her brother's shoulder like a puddle of water. Her elder brother's expression was stiff. He looked at what I wanted to say, but couldn't say it. She was dragged away by the girl.

I hurried to follow up, wanting to ask clearly.

I always feel that there is a deep meaning in my brother's words.

"We are going to sleep, are you coming too?"

The girl turned her head and showed a nasty and provocative smile.

My brother didn't even turn his head back.

I froze in place.

Seeing them walking away, I shook my head and said:

"No, what's wrong in the end."

The stars in the sky seemed to have torn a huge hole, and my eyes went black and fell to the ground.

When I woke up, my brother and grandfather and grandmother were beside my bed.

When I looked to the side, I actually saw Wu Yan.

"what happened?"

There was chaos in my head, and I couldn't think of anything for a while.

"Rou'er, there is a residual devilish energy in your body, which has affected your mind."

My brother said to me softly.

I stared at him blankly: "How could it be possible that the devilish energy in my body has been wiped out a long time ago."

Wu Yan came over and said to me:

"You have a few cunning demonic energy remaining in the sea of ​​knowledge. We will clean it up for you together, so you will feel a little pain in your head now. It's me who is not good and didn't help you clean the devil energy.

I quickly shook my head and said: "How can I blame you, you have helped me a lot."

As I said, I remembered something and looked behind my brother, "Where is that girl?"

"What girl? Where's the girl from?"

They all showed confusion.

I was stunned for a moment, and told me about the girl who had been rescued by my brother before.

They all surprisingly denied that there was no such thing, saying that I was eroded by demonic energy and had hallucinations.

I don't think they looked like they were hiding something from me, but it really didn't happen.

My brother's look was not as complicated as before, and he didn't feel like hesitating to speak.

"There should be no devilish energy in my body? The hallucinations that I have produced seem to be the same as real."

"You just need to raise it, and you won't have hallucinations in the future."

Wu Su said.

I nodded and drove out the weirdness in my heart.

"By the way, did A Li find it?"

"Ali has gone back long ago, and her temperament will be better in a few days."

I breathed a sigh of relief, and Ali would be fine if she didn't see her.

I looked at my brother, who looked as usual.

Wu Luo left on the same day. He learned that I was in a coma and was invited by his brother and others.

As time passed, this incident was gradually forgotten by me.

On this day, Wu Yan appeared in the Heavenly Palace.

"I'm going to the Snow Mountain of God's Domain. I heard that Rou'er has a good relationship with Buddhism. I just passed the Tiangong, so I asked Rou'er if I would go together?