Chapter 512: Now, it's time for me to perform! !

The coercion exuded from the white-haired man was so powerful that He Tiancheng almost fell from the air!

He Tiancheng's complexion changed drastically, and he was shocked, resisting the pain in his body, and quickly backed away!

The white-haired man's voice was accompanied by coercion, almost causing He Tiancheng's body to collapse!

He is only in the pill formation stage, and has not yet cultivated into the soul!

If the body dies, it is death in the true sense! ! !

So He Tiancheng can really be said to be dying! !

At the same time, the body of the white-haired man has become more transparent by two points.

The heavens and the earth changed color, and the sea churned.

The space cracks in the sky have also become bigger and bigger, the laws of which are wandering, lightning and thunder are particularly terrifying.

He Tiancheng gritted his teeth and glared at the white-haired man, trying to control the silver-stripe sword to fight back!

But the white-haired man had obviously expected what He Tiancheng wanted to do, so he snorted directly, adding to the pressure.

For a time, the river flows backwards and the wind is raging.

He Tiancheng's face was pale, blood spilled from the corners of his mouth, and his internal organs broke apart because of such a powerful pressure.

Even at this point, He Tiancheng still couldn't move!

The spiritual power in his body has been pressed to the point that it cannot be mobilized!

He is almost like a mortal now! !

The white-haired man only used realm coercion to force He Tiancheng to such a situation!

It is hard to imagine how easy it would be to kill He Tiancheng if he shot with the cultivation base of the transformation stage!

Damn it! !

Is this the gap?

He Tiancheng looked at the white-haired man with red eyes, extremely angry and unwilling in his heart!

He has never felt such a strong death crisis! !

Never! ! !

He wanted to resist, but the opponent would not give him this opportunity at all!

The spiritual power in the body was completely suppressed, and it was already difficult to even stabilize the body in the air.

Seeing that He Tiancheng was so embarrassed that there was no possibility of escape, the white-haired man suddenly said: "Boy, you are so talented. You have cultivated pill formation at a young age. You must really want to survive, right?"

"Why don't you explain to me, how did you destroy my clone?"

"He possesses a spirit weapon of this level, and he is invincible at the same level, so he can actually be planted in your hands?"

The white-haired man stared at He Tiancheng, his tone full of exploration.

He Tiancheng is not stupid, he must ask if he has any secret treasures.

"I'll explain to you, can you let me go?"

He Tiancheng grinned, and blood flowed down his chin to his body.

The white-haired man's eyes flickered, "It's not impossible to let you go."

"It depends on whether you have said anything of value."

He Tiancheng stared at him and fell silent.

He had been thinking just now, since the gap is here, why didn't he just kill himself? Why waste time here?

Obviously, there must be a problem.

What can't he be afraid of?

When He Tiancheng started thinking about this issue, he noticed that the body of the white-haired man became more and more transparent.

Seeing this, He Tiancheng was shocked again in his heart!

Could it be that he is just a paper tiger?

Or is this not his ontology at all?

Otherwise, why did he only use coercion instead of directly doing it?

Could it be that direct action will lead to serious consequences?

"How about it?"

"I won't kill you, you tell me how to do it."

The white-haired man is like a wretched uncle, using a lollipop to trick the little girl.

Since He Tiancheng discovered something was wrong, how could he treat him as a real cultivator of the transformation stage!

He answered: "Yes, but the ins and outs are more complicated. I can't explain it in one or two sentences."

The white-haired man frowned, "You're going to make a long story short."

"I can make a long story short, I'm afraid you can't wait."

With that said, He Tiancheng vomited a puddle of blood again.

Hearing that, the white-haired man's complexion changed, and his body was already transparent to the point of becoming a phantom.

He really doesn't have much time.

As his body gradually dissipated, He Tiancheng felt that the pressure on his body was gradually decreasing.

The spiritual power in his body can also be mobilized for use.

Seeing a trace of panic flashing across the white-haired man's face, He Tiancheng knew he should fight back.

So while he threw the pill into his mouth, He Tiancheng squinted his eyes, "Senior, are you able to endure it?"

"Now, it's time for me to perform!!"