Chapter 81 - 81: Do you despise it?

Chapter 81: Chapter 81: Do you despise it? Immerse Yourself in the Storyverse: N♡vεlB¡n.

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Adrian Zhekova used his chopsticks to pick up some dishes for Cindy Clarke that were far from her and she would feel embarrassed to reach for.

Who knew, Old Madam Zhao had opinions again: “How impolite! How can you use your own chopsticks to pick up food for others?”

Are you not afraid of being disliked!

Is it not dirty!

“There are public chopsticks on the table,” Old Madam Zhao said again.

“...” Adrian Zhekova turned to ask Cindy Clarke, “Do you mind?”

Cindy Clarke: “...”

What could she say!

When did their relationship get to the point where they could share utensils?

Moreover, in front of Old Madam Zhao, it was so intimate, what if she misunderstands!

“This Garlic Steamed Pork is not greasy at all and has a slightly crispy texture. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, and just tasted it with my eyes closed, I wouldn’t have thought I was eating pork belly. The garlic flavor, spiciness, and sourness are all perfectly balanced.”

The old ladies continued to comment on each dish.

Adrian Zhekova smiled and whispered, “Indeed, the old ladies are all gourmet food enthusiasts. If they say it’s good, it really is good.”

Cindy Clarke finally relaxed and felt more satisfied hearing their satisfaction than eating the dishes herself.

Finally, lunch was over, and Cindy Clarke sighed with relief and immediately said goodbye.

Old Madam Zhao said to Adrian Zhekova, “You need to go back to work after eating too, so take Cindy with you.”

“No, it’s okay. From here to my place and then to the company, it’s a bit too far,” Cindy Clarke hurriedly said, “I can just call a car to go back.”

“We don’t let girls go home alone in our family,” Old Madam Zhao immediately said. “Of course. voll are the first girl he has ever taken.”

At other times, guests with daughters or granddaughters didn’t need Adrian Zhekova’s help.

If someone dared to come alone, the old lady would have the driver take them.

Adrian Zhekova wasn’t needed anyway.

Although Old Madam Zhao was eager for Adrian Zhekova to find a partner, she was also a person with requirements..