Chapter 544 Song Yu Han's Promise

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Chapter 544 Song Yu Han's Promise

After Carsilion realized he had misunderstood her and the man beside her was her husband, he became too embarrassed to speak the whole journey back home. It was not as if he hadn't sneaked a peek at the man, but every time he did it, Song Yu Han would always catch him. There was really no point of peeping anymore. Truth to be told, Carsilion did not expect that Song Yu Han would come to the Cao family tonight. According to the information he received from Lapis, the Song family and the Cao family were deeply connected. Song Yu Han's father also married Cao Huiling and became his step-mother. However, ever since Song Yu Han was brought to the Song family after being found by his grandfather, Cao Huiling never saw her stepson in good light, always trying to find a way to get rid of him. Unfortunately, her methods were lacking power as years passed by, and the stepson she loathes is still alive to this day. But it didn't mean that she won't stop making her moves. The only problem was that the patriarch of the Cao family had taken a liking to Song Yu Han and wanted him to marry Cao Yujin. 'Was it alright for him to come to the party?' Carsilion looked at the rearview mirror again. But this time, Song Yu Han did not catch him staring as his attention were all focused towards Ran Xueyi. "S-so, uh... to tell you the truth. He's someone I found while I was in Ren country. I figured that I needed some people who are strong and smart enough to help me achieve my goals."

Ran Xueyi looked nervously at Song Yu Han. She didn't mean to hide LOBO from him, but now was not the time to tell him about the organization.

"Carsilion is one of them." Song Yu Han raised his eyebrows in surprise. He moved his eyes to glance at the man driving the car before looking thoughtful. It was no wonder that Ran Xueyi felt different when she was in Ren country. It was all because she found worthy people to call as her allies. He left her alone in Ren country, only looking at her from a distance. It wouldn't be strange that she would do something that would secure her footing when he's not around. "A-anyway! Carsilion, what did you find?" Ran Xueyi felt guilt for hiding LOBO from Song Yu Han and decided to change the topic. Carsilion pulled out a tablet and handed it to her. "Everything is inside. There are still some things that need some cracking, but Lapis should be able to easily decode it." Since Ran Xueyi asked him about what he had found from the Cao family's mansion, there was no need for him to hide the tablet anymore. Ran Xueyi accepted the tablet from him and started to look through it. She didn't notice that beside her, Song Yu Han had a rare kind of surprise written all over his face. As she browsed through the hundreds of files that had been stolen from the Cao family, the frown on her face continued to deepen. Soon, she couldn't keep her silence and opened her mouth to speak. "Song Yu Han, look at this." Song Yu Han moved closer to her, leaning his head forward to get a better look at what was on the tablet.

Then, his eyes widen in surprise again. "This is..." his voice trailed as he continued to read the file that was on the screen. Ran Xueyi nodded. "I couldn't find anything that could bring down the Cao family no matter where I look. So, I took advantage of tonight's party and have Carsilion breach into the security and their system and retrieve documents as much as possible." She made it sound so easy. Just let someone enter the Cao family's mansion, get to the security, and have them copy some documents, as if it was as simple as hacking into a school's computer systems. However, Song Yu Han knew and understood how difficult this mission was. After all, even after years of being involved with the Cao family, he and Cao Qing were unable to retrieve important documents. It was not as if he didn't try. He did. But, the people found by the patriarch of the Cao family were all experts. And those who created their system were all missing or dead. Not completely surprising. Considering that the Cao Patriarch didn't want his secrets leaked or exposed to his enemies, he would definitely kill anyone who knows the way to crack it. Besides, there was an extremely sensitive trigger that raises the alarm. nove.lB)1n

However... Ran Xueyi and this man named Carsilion only needed a couple of hours to retrieve the things he couldn't get. Was it his own incompetence, or Ran Xueyi's luck was truly great? No. It's not just luck.

Song Yu Han didn't think it was luck. Having an elaborate plan to infiltrate the Cao family using the party as an excuse to allow Carsilion to get inside, draw in Cao Yujin's attention towards herself, and make Song Yu Han come to the party despite the dangers that might have come his way, knowing that he wouldn't allow her to meet the Cao family alone... Everything was planned. And not only did it succeed wonderfully. The Cao family had no inkling of it.

Even if they find out someone had infiltrated their system, it would take them a while to notice. "You..." Before he could start to praise her, Ran Xueyi smiled brightly at him. She said, "I did great, right?"

At this moment, she looked like a cat that brought a reward to her owner, expectantly waiting for compliments and pats on her furry head. "Ah!" Song Yu Han didn't give her pats on the head. He pulled her right into his embrace, tightly held her in his arms. "You're the best," Song Yu Han whispered against her ear. "I don't know how I can repay you." Ran Xueyi felt teary-eyed. She knew how much Song Yu Han wanted to destroy the Cao family. However, it took him several years to gather his thoughts and allies. She didn't know whether what she did tonight will be helpful to him. She didn't even know if he already possessed the same documents that Carsilion took. However, she wanted to tell him with her actions that no matte what, she'll always stand by his side.

Ran Xueyi raised her hand and patted his back. "You can repay me by staying by my side and Zhanzhan. You need to promise me that nothing will happen to you and our family."

Song Yu Han tightened his hold around her and nodded. "I promise you."