Chapter 726: Advanced only (grand finale)

God Realm Shenluo Palace.

"The three major devil emperors of the Southern Devil, the Northern Devil, and the Eastern Devil were all killed by the Huangyan Devil!!! His growth is truly amazing!!"

The Shenluo Divine Emperor looked at the information he had obtained, and there was a ripple and fear in his heart.

The four great devil emperors of the devil world are terrifying existences on par with the **** emperor Shenluo. They all fell into Yang Fan's hands, and they also fell two Great Demon Emperors at once, which was simply terrifying.

Shenluo Divine Emperor felt a little fortunate: "Fortunately, I and Huangyan Devil Emperor are allies!"

Although there are endless incidents of tearing up the covenant in the devil world, there is generally no conflict of interest, and the relationship between allies is relatively solid.

Inside Yanhuang Cave House.

"The treasure trove of the Southern Devil Emperor and the Eastern Devil Emperor is already in hand! You deserve to be the Four Great Devil Emperors, and the rich are not inferior to the Northern Devil Emperor!"

Yang Fan looked at the countless treasures of the world in the cave, with a trace of satisfaction in his eyes.

The four great demon emperors of the Demon Realm have dominated the Demon Realm for many years. If Yang Fan were to collect it alone, it would take at least several hundred million years to collect wealth comparable to that of the Southern Devil Emperor.

Now Yang Fan killed the two great devil emperors and seized all the treasures of the two great devil emperors, and became the richest person in the devil world.

Yang Fan admired the treasures of heaven and earth owned by the two great demon emperors for a while, and immediately began to frantically refine various supreme magical medicines, turning them into the highest evolution points, and then slowly transforming them into half-step unique evolution points.

One month passed in a flash.

"The only evolution point in the half-step is 10!"

After Yang Fan refined the resources of the two great demon emperors, a line of information emerged.

"Finally reached this point! Synthesize unique evolution points for me!"

When Yang Fan thought, his [Evolution] skill gleamed, absorbing the unique evolution point at 10:30 and starting to gather the unique evolution point.

A month later, the Demon Realm was a place full of demons.

"The only evolution point is 1 point!"

"it has started!"

When Yang Fan thought, the only evolution point plunged into his body, causing him to start a crazy transformation.

Under the cover of a terrifying force, Yang Fan broke through the limit in one fell swoop and stepped into the threshold of the only realm. His whole person instantly turned into a group of terrifying black holes, madly absorbing all the power around him.

Countless light-years away, huge and incomparable demon energy gathered from all directions and crazily submerged into Yang Fan's body.

In that Demon Realm, all the power was sucked and dried up.

"What happened here?"

"The power has been sucked away!"

"Damn it, I can only escape!"


Those powerhouses in the Demon God Realm suddenly felt the change in the vitality of the heavens and the earth, and there was a trace of unknown premonition in their hearts, fleeing in all directions.

The body devil energy and life essence of those powerhouses below the Demon God Realm were all extracted, submerged into the heaven and earth, and turned into rays of light into Yang Fan's body.

"That's the only one in advanced!! Damn!! That person must die, the only advanced in advanced, can only be me!"

In that demon realm, suddenly, a mountain range split open, an evil soldier demon emperor with ten magic knives on his back, covered with all kinds of sharp blades, appeared, flashing in the sword-like magic pupils. Moving with a sharp and incomparable light.

The evil soldier demon emperor took out a spatial magic blade and slashed it, and the void was cut open at once, and a spatial gate appeared in front of him. He waved his hand directly, and a magic sword flew out and sank into the space gate.

In front of Yang Fan, a space door appeared directly, and a magic sword flew out from the space door and stab at him.

"Go away! Rubbish!"

The Golden Wing Roc suddenly appeared, holding the [Space Blade] and slashed it down.

The demon sword collapsed together with the space door, and a twisted and strange light flew out along the space door, slashing on the body of the evil soldier demon emperor.

A wound with deep bones appeared on the body of the evil soldier demon emperor instantly.

"That's the running dog of the Huangyan Demon Emperor!! The only person in the advanced stage is the Huangyan Devil Emperor!! The Huangyan Devil Emperor killed the three major demon emperors, just to be the only one to advance!!!

A fierce light and jealousy flashed across the eyes of the evil soldier and the emperor, and he kept roaring. Before he took the shot, he had already vaguely guessed that the only person to advance might be Huangyan Demon Emperor.

After all, in the entire Demon Realm, only the ruthless person like Yang Fan who killed the three major Demon Emperors was the most likely to advance.

"The Huangyan Devil Emperor is the only one to advance in the Evil Land!"

A fierce light flashed in the eyes of the evil soldier and the emperor, and he flew up to the sky with a sharp roar.

"The Huangyan Devil Emperor is the only one to advance in the Evil Land!"

Among the many forbidden places in the two worlds of gods and demons, an evil weapon with a handle of a magic weapon and a series of magic weapons appeared at once, transmitting the sound in all directions.


"The Huangyan Devil Emperor is going to be the only one! Absolutely not, only I can be the only one!"

A decomposed Devil Emperor crawled out of an ancient tomb, a fierce light flashed in his eyes, and flew towards the evil land.

The only realm is the dream of many gods and devil emperors. If you want to hit the only realm, you must have the only **** flower. If you can kill Yang Fan when he is in the only stage, there is indeed a trace of the power that might extract the only magic flower.

Amidst a sea of ​​horrible and poisonous monsters that was as dark as ink, there was a wave of tossing, with two ribs and two wings, like a snake-shaped alien horror emperor flew out, the fierce light flashed in his eyes, and he whispered: " The only! The only!!! I am the only!!!"

One after another, the Devil Emperor appeared from the hidden places and flew towards the evil land.

God Realm, Senluo Shrine.

"The only realm! Damn it, only I am qualified to be a strong man in the only realm! The rest of the people will all die!!"

A fierce light flashed in the eyes of the God Emperor Senluo, who dominated the God Realm and was as famous as the God Emperor of Shenluo, and his figure flickered, turning into a stream of light and flying towards the Devil Realm.

At this time, the devil's weakening of the power of the gods has been reduced to less than 10%.

Shinra Palace.

God Emperor Shenluo frowned slightly: "The Huangyan Devil Emperor is going to be the only one to advance! It's terrifying! There will surely attract countless strong people to go there and cause countless battles. Should I go or not?"

Yang Fan's slaughter in the Demon Realm has already caused fear and anger of the emperors of the Demon Realm. He is now in the only realm of advancement, attracting countless strong people at once.

In all likelihood, those strong men wanted to besiege and kill Yang Fan and solve the problems. The God Emperor Shenra also worried that after he went to the battlefield, he would be besieged by other God Emperors and Devil Emperors.

Among the two realms of gods and demons, most races can only have one **** or one demon emperor guarding them, and only the human race has given birth to two half-step unique powerhouses.

If there is a chance, those half-step only powerhouses don't mind teaming up to kill God Emperor Shenluo.

Evil land.

The Golden Wing Roc held [Space Blade] and opened an extremely powerful space barrier, guarding Yang Fan steadily.

Distorted and weird rays of light emerged in the void, and **** emperors and devil emperors came here one after another, looking at Yang Fan who was advancing, a trace of greed appeared in his eyes.

"Do it, break this barrier together!"

The Western Devil Emperor held the [Wanshan Circle] with a fierce blow and hit the space barrier where the Golden Wing Roc opened.

Boom! !

The space barrier trembled, but it resisted the Western Devil Emperor's blow.


"Kill him!"


The **** emperor and devil emperor looked at each other, and they joined forces one after another.

All kinds of attacks tore the void and blasted above that space barrier.

The entire enchantment space enchantment collapsed instantly.


The Western Demon Emperor smiled grimly, appeared in front of the black hole where Yang Fan was like a ghost, blasted down in a circle, and the mountains smashed toward Yang Fan fiercely.

"A bunch of idiots!!"

Yang Fan opened his closed eyes, a sneer flashed across his eyes, reached out and grabbed, shattering the mountains and holding the Western Devil Emperor in his hands.

"no, do not want!"

A frightened look passed through the Western Devil's eyes, and with a scream, his body instantly turned into dust and drifted away in the wind.

"Thank you, Western Devil!!"

Yang Fansen smiled, his body blurred, and he easily avoided the attacks of the **** emperors and devil emperors, appeared in front of the swamp devil emperor, and grabbed it directly.

The enchantment above the body of the swamp demon emperor collapsed instantly, and Yang Fan was grasped in his hand, and the terrifying suction burst instantly, sucking him into ashes.

Yang Fan's breath increased by one point again.

"It's not good, it won!"

"He wants to use us as food to complete the final transformation!"


When those demon emperors and **** emperors saw this scene, everyone's complexion changed drastically, and their figures flickered, turning into streams of light and fleeing madly in all directions.

"Time stands still!"

Yang Fan reached out and pointed.

In the void, a ray of ripples shone, and the vast expanses of Demon Realm instantly stood still.

Those devil emperors and **** emperors are like frozen amber, trembling slightly in the static world of that time, struggling desperately.

Yang Fan walked like a ghost in the world that was still at that time, reaching out and pressing on those demon emperors and **** emperors.

One after another, the **** emperor and the demon emperor powerhouse turned directly into ashes and drifted away in the wind.

When all the divine emperors and devil emperors who came to besie Yang Fan were turned into ashes, a terrifying aura of the only level immediately permeated his body.

"Not enough! This power is not enough to completely transform me, the only realm of advancement!"

Yang Fan frowned slightly, stretched out his hand, grabbed the Blue Star Realm in his hand, and threw it into Yanhuang Cave Mansion, then stretched out his hand.

The strong men who had a relationship with Yang Fan, such as Zero Emperor, were all teleported into Yanhuang Cave Mansion.

In front of the Shenluo Palace, ripples flashed, and Yang Fan's projection appeared directly.

Yang Fan slowly said: "Shenluo God Emperor, the universe is about to be destroyed, do you want to become my subordinate, or stay here and disappear with the old universe?"

The God Emperor Shenluo smiled freely and said: "I am a child of the old universe, and I have lived long enough, a little tired. Let me follow the old universe and destroy it together! However, it depends on our allies. Please let my friends and subordinates follow you and go to the new universe together!"

"it is good!"

Yang Fan stretched out his hand to grab, and immediately grabbed the relatives, friends and subordinates of the Shenluo God Emperor and threw them into the Yanhuang Cave.

After Yang Fan finished all this, he flew into the void and took a breath.

The world origin after the fusion of the two worlds of gods and demons turned into a torrent and plunged into Yang Fan's body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The universe trembled and began to collapse and contract rapidly.

Countless stars are destroyed, and the world is dead.

The higher world after the fusion of the two worlds of gods and demons also began to collapse and collapse.

"Do not!!"

"Help me! Help me!"

"How come, how could the universe be destroyed so quickly?"


The **** emperors and devil emperors hidden in the universe appeared one after another with a look of despair, and then collapsed and shattered and turned into flying ashes under the cover of the power of the collapse of the universe.

The terrifying power of extinguishment enveloped Yang Fan's body at once, but it had no effect. This is the horror of the only realm strong.

"The entire universe is destroyed! I don't know when the new universe was born. I can finally take a break and enjoy life!"

Yang Fan looked at the universe shrouded in endless darkness, smiled slightly, and entered Yanhuang Cave Mansion.

A month later, on a beach in Yanhuang Cave.

Sisters of Yin Qingwu, Fang Caiyun, Wei Rouyi, Mu Xinying, Aria, Aisha are playing in a swimsuit, Yang Fan and Zero Emperor are lying on a beach chair, and the poisonous red leaves are sitting aside for Yang Fan. With fruit.

Yang Fan looked at the happy scene with a hint of satisfaction in his eyes: "Life is so beautiful!"