Chapter 17: Buying a ’house’ II

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Chapter 17: Buying a 'house' II

David tried his best to imitate the shadow with even more zeal than last time, but as usual, he was on the floor panting and almost motionless after thirty minutes.

Considering his previous time, it was clear that there was massive improvement compared to before. Even though he couldn't see the improvement in his physical body, he knew that something had definitely changed.

[Congratulations on completing your morning exercise, sir. I have prepared a suitable meal for your recovery... Rest, and we shall continue at night]

"What? Do you want me dead? Once a day isn't enough for you," David screamed aloud as he brought up complaint after complaint without a single care.

He may have said he couldn't complain, but at the moment, that statement would have to move aside. This artificial intelligence wants his life, and he will not give it willingly.

[Sir, like most workout routines, you need to follow this one twice a day to get to your goal.]

"Can I say no?"

[If you don't want to wake up feeling extremely sore and unable to move for hours, I would advise you to go with it. I may be able to tell exactly how painful something is for you, but I cannot feel it, so I won't stop until the routine is completed.

"That is a threat, right?... That is definitely a threat right there."

[Threats are a mix of bluffs and truths; I am only stating a fact.] Nous stated

"If you say so," David said as he forced himself up.

His entire body was aching, even though his pain receptors were still shut off. He didn't truly understand what sort of routine Nous had him following.

He knew that certain movements or positions can help train the body, but they also generate a lot of pain as a result. None of the positions he had been in looked familiar.

Slowly, he began walking into his small apartment. His legs wobbled, and he nearly fell multiple times, but he kept at it, and soon he was in the apartment.

As soon as he entered the apartment, the first thing he noticed was the extremely tantalizing scent that filled the air.

Just the smell of it alone made him feel revitalized, as he immediately raced to his sitting room, where a small buffet could be seen waiting for him. Without hesitation, David immediately dug in, all without asking where the food had come from.

Twenty minutes later, all that remained was a pile of plates, and David could be seen lying on the small couch with his belly swollen up.

"That was good food," David said to himself before things immediately began to click.

"Wait, Nous, did anyone sneak into the house?" David asked as he immediately jumped from the couch, now somewhat full of energy and alert.

He had never been in such a situation before. Due to his hunger and tiredness, he had practically devoured food of unknown origins. If the food were born of supernatural origins, he would have turned to yam, chicken, or anything the concoctor felt like.

[There was no intruder in the house; I prepared the food.] Nous answered, knowing what David was worried about.

"What?... How?" nove.LB/1n

[I can generate hard-light constructs that allow me to easily interact with physical objects.] Nous said as green particles began to gather from nowhere.

The green particles gathered together, and soon a familiar A. I was seen again. It was Nous's projection, but David didn't think it could interact with the physical world.

"That has to be convenient, then," he said as he collapsed on the couch again.

Since there was no threat, he needed to continue his rest, and though his body now had the energy, it didn't mean that all the pain had gone.


Unknown location

On a large expanse of land, a small group of people could be seen standing and waiting for someone. Each member of the group wore a suit, and several armed men could be seen around them.

The most prominent amongst them was a young lady who was dressed in a pantsuit and looked as one would expect a rich lady of the second generation to.

The others around her seemed to be either part of her protection detail or lower in rank than her. However, at the moment, they all could be seen simply standing in wait.

Looking down the dirt road that led to the area where they stood, the group caught sight of a gray vehicle speeding towards them.

The car expertly maneuvered through the various potholes in the road as though they weren't there, and soon, it was upon them.

As it got closer, the car quickly grinded to a halt, almost as though all that speed was nothing. The group stood and watched as they stared at the vehicle.

The vehicle itself was beautiful to behold, even though it clearly was an SUV, but it somehow looked better than the others, and above all, all could easily spot the Lamborghini logo that was boldly pasted on its hood.

Even the lady who didn't know much about cars knew what a Lamborghini was and how expensive their cars were. She may not know what model of car this was, but she knew it was definitely expensive.

The men by her side could be seen staring down at the car as well, and unlike her, some of them knew exactly what type of car it was, even down to its performance and engine type.

The vehicle was a Lamborghini Urus, and from the looks of things, it was clearly the latest model, as even the most knowledgeable about cars amongst them had yet to see one like this.

Despite their thoughts about the car, they knew one thing, and that was that whoever was to step out of the car was definitely swimming in money.

From their perspective, anyone who could purchase such a car and even dare to drive it up the unfinished road was definitely a stupidly rich guy.

As the group watched in suspense for the car's owner to step out, the car door opened, and out came a lean young man who looked to be in his early twenties or at least about to enter his late twenties.