Chapter 191 - Chapter 191: 103. Passionate Wilderness_3

Chapter 191: 103. Passionate Wilderness_3

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“15 Energy Points… these team members are ordinary people without extraordinary abilities.”

Noland Lee figured out the details of the seven opposing members and didn’t hesitate anymore.

He circled around to the rear of the team, using the bushes as cover, and slowly approached the four-wheeled motorcycles.

The team members were excitedly scavenging the campsite, completely unaware of the stranger approaching them.

Noland quietly came to the side of the motorcycles and found a revolver and a dagger in them.

He held the dagger in his left hand, pressed it below his gun-wielding right hand, and cast the “Magic Shield” while leaning on the motorcycle to initiate an attack.


A team member who was carrying a backpack fell on his back, with a round hole in the center of his forehead.

The sudden sound of gunfire alarmed the team members in the camp.

They dropped their spoils of war and pulled out their firearms to counterattack.

After realizing that there was only one attacker, the six surviving team members laughed wildly and pulled the trigger, showering the bullets all around their opponent.

They thought their enemy would be intimidated by the bullets, burying their head and passively taking a beating.

But they were wrong.

Noland faced the bullets flying towards him, calmly aimed at the forehead of his next target, and pulled the trigger, then at the forehead of the third target…

He had a “Magic Shield” and could completely ignore the threat of small caliber bullets, allowing him to directly face the enemy.

The arrogant team members turned into living targets.

Noland emptied the bullet chamber, sending precise shots into the forehead of each of his opponents.

Only then did the remaining team members realize that something was wrong.

The moment he turned to run, he was caught up by Noland, who slit his throat with the dagger.

Surveying the messy campsite, Noland picked up a water bottle and towel from the ground to clean the blood off his hands.

He checked the deconstruction result, carefully read the team members’ memories, and let out a mixed sigh of joy and caution.

“Turns out this Fission Wilderness isn’t as peaceful either.

“The campsite belongs to the fisherman, the team is a scavenger team.

“The scavengers are backed by big city gangs. Behind the big city gangs, there are local forces like the Alchemist Association, Chamber of Commerce, Consortium, and companies.

“There are no alchemists among the scavengers, but all big city gangs have alchemists stationed. Basically, the leaders of each gang are Alchemists of First to Second Order. Higher-level alchemists are all recruited by the local forces behind the gangs…”

Noland washed the blood off his hands, rubbed his chin, and slowly nodded.

“Judging from the memories of these scavengers, the Golden Federation is a nation that values strength even more than the Tatis Empire.

“In the Tatis Empire, ordinary people have no access to the ‘Imperial Fist.’ But in the Golden Federation, all kinds of alchemists are everywhere, deeply integrated into various aspects of society. From planting crops to manufacturing firearms, to building cars and houses, everywhere there are alchemists. It’s hard for ordinary people not to be exposed to alchemists.” Noland grinned.

“I like this place, even though there are many extraordinary people and the competition is fierce, but accordingly, extraordinary people are less restrained. As long as I don’t show those horrifying death-related spells, life can still be fulfilling. ”

Noland searched the camp and found a metal box containing “Compressed Rice

Soup. ”

This was a type of alchemical food that would dissolve upon contact with water. After being soaked in hot water, it would quickly turn into a soft, sticky, thick rice soup.

Although it sounded similar to “Compressed Biscuits,” it was not made by the food industry but was a product of “Food Alchemy.”

In the Golden Federation, alchemists are not only extraordinary people who can participate in battles, but also the main force in mass producing social materials.

Their productivity is ten times or even more than that of ordinary people.

Production lines are something that ordinary people would use.

In the eyes of an alchemist, all materials can be transformed from other materials or energies according to alchemy formulas.

Following the guidance of alchemy formulas, drawing alchemy arrays with alchemy runes, and placing the correct alchemy materials will yield the alchemical products indicated by the alchemy formulas.

Alchemy formulas, alchemy runes, and alchemy materials are the lifelong pursuits of alchemists. The scarcity of these items is enough to fascinate every alchemist.

A complete alchemy blueprint will include the formula, runes, and materials list.

These are common knowledge that scavengers and other such people know, but it is limited to this.

If one wants to learn more about alchemy, there are only three paths.

The first path is to take the entrance exam of the Alchemy Cathedral and enter the Alchemy Academy as an alchemy apprentice to study orthodox alchemy Imowledge.

This path has extremely high IQ requirements, as just the entrance exam would eliminate over 99-9% of the candidates.

The second path is to join a gang sect or company, accumulate wealth through daily work, and then purchase alchemy knowledge from the affiliated forces.

This is the path taken by those who are not smart enough but still wish to learn alchemy, such as scavengers and fishermen. Scavengers are backed by gangs, while fishermen are backed by alchemy companies specialized in making canned fish.

The third path is to purchase alchemy knowledge from the black market. This Imowledge could be the same as that taught by the Alchemy Cathedral, companies, or gangs, or it could be compiled by illegal alchemists.

Learning alchemy is too far-fetched for now.

Finding a safe place to settle down first is the most important thing.

There is only one city in the Fission Wilderness – Union City.

An identity card is required to enter Union City.

Noland is not worried about this issue now.

He found several identity cards from the scavengers and fishermen, corresponding to the forces they belonged to.

As long as Noland changes his appearance and puts on his sunglasses, he can impersonate a scavenger or fisherman and blend into Union City using the identity cards.

After that, he might be able to “hitch a ride” on other types of identity cards in the city’s black market.

He doesn’t have to worry about his Imperial features attracting unnecessary attention either…

Because in the memory of the scavenger, many people from the Tatis Empire came to the Fission Wilderness through various means and multiplied for several generations.

Imperial people’s appearances are indeed different from the local people but are not uncommon.

Out of caution against “fellow countrymen stabbing each other in the back,” Noland doesn’t want to have any contact with the Imperials in Union City.

But sometimes, it is just so coincidental.

The more you don’t want to meet someone, the more likely you are to meet them.

Noland disguised himself and came to the campsite’s exterior.

Just as he figured out how to drive the four-wheeled motorcycle, he looked up and saw another team driving in his direction.

He picked up the telescope hanging on the motorcycle and took a look, and the leader of the team was a standard Imperial man…

When the man noticed Noland observing him through the telescope, he also raised his telescope and looked back.

The two locked eyes through the lenses…

“Hiss… I need 10,000 energy points to deconstruct him completely. This guy is a big shot. But he doesn’t seem to have anything special about him…”

“Eh? There’s a stranger covering his face and hands over there? The skin in the gap of the face towel is so white, is he an Imperial who just smuggled himself over here?”