Chapter 96 - Chapter 96: 72. Soul Casting Secret Technique 2

Chapter 96: 72. Soul Casting Secret Technique 2

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He was a contented and happy-go-lucky person.

He had already gained a lot from this Twilight Dream; there was no need to pursue more.

If he could get a suitable mixed color extraordinary trait, that would indeed be a great thing, something to be added as a bonus.

If he couldn’t…

Well, then he couldn’t.

Just as Noland Lee put his mind at ease, a cyst secretion squirming on the titan’s chin released a small cluster of mixed color extraordinary traits. The size and color of the cluster perfectly matched Noland’s standards.

Noland glanced at the countdown.

He still had 1 minute left.

If he started now, there was still enough time.

He stepped on his “feet” in the hair on the titan’s chest, bent the hair, and with the elasticity of the hair, shot himself straight into the air.

During the flight, his eyes locked onto the small cluster of mixed color extraordinary traits, and he released the Deconstruction technique.

[System Message: You are about to launch the Deconstruction Technique on “Extraordinary Trait: Chaotic Mutation (Level 15)”. ]

[Estimated consumption of 15 energy points, guaranteed Deconstruction of the target.]

[You currently have 24 energy points; do you confirm to proceed with the Deconstruction?]

“Well, as expected, after reducing the volume of mixed-color extraordinary traits to the size of a fist, the energy points required are very, very few. This level of mixed-color extraordinary traits should be considered ‘rat droppings’ in the eyes of cyst secretions…”

Noland silently recited in his mind:

“Confirm the Deconstruction.”

Noland’s flight posture slightly wobbled and then returned to normal after a brief trance.

[Deconstruction Success!] [You have obtained the target object’s Panel Information:]

[Name] Chaotic Mutation

[Level]        15

[Type] Parasitic Extraordinary Trait


Can be used as a Mutated Inducing Factor.

Once you have mastered the scholarly skills related to mutation, this panel will be updated synchronously.

Can be used as a basic material for Alchemy.

Once you have mastered the scholarly skills related to Alchemy, this panel will be updated synchronously.

Direct consumption.

System prediction:

11% chance:

Your “Toughness” +3, “Agility” -3, “Charm” -15, “Spirit” +15.

You will develop irreversible mysterious patterns on your forehead.

29% chance:

Your “Toughness” +15, “Agility” -15.

Your forechest and back fat layers will harden irreversibly.

30% chance:

Your “Spirit” +15.

You will gain an irreversible negative effect “Parasitic Infection: Inferior Eye Bugs”.

30% chance:

Your “Agility” +15.

You will gain an irreversible negative effect “Parasitic Infection: Abdominal Pincers”.


When your basic attributes are below o points, you will suffer corresponding negative conditions. These negative conditions are dangerous and deadly, lasting until your basic attributes are back to o points or higher.

Direct consumption will cause irreversible changes to your “Race” entry and Personal Panel.

All attribute changes will take effect after the adverse reaction of the Strengthening Potion ends.

“Huh? So that’s what Chaotic Mutation is all about.

“Subtracting the value of a certain attribute and adding it to another attribute, or gaining a large increase in a single attribute at the expense of suffering permanent negative effects.

“No matter which mutation direction I end up with, I can’t afford its cost. So what do I need this thing for? There’s no need to turn myself into something neither human nor ghost for the sake of a few personal attributes.” Noland stopped and flew no further upward.

There were about 20 seconds left until the end of the Twilight Dream.

The titan’s next wail would occur at this point in time.

At this moment, Noland was on the titan’s neck.

Before the titan’s wail, it would inhale deeply, causing its neck to expand slightly.

Noland could already see this detail.

By his estimation, the titan’s wail should happen simultaneously with the end of the dreamscape.

Seeing that he was about to experience the titan’s wail at close range, Noland immediately threw himself onto the back of the titan’s neck and secured himself to a hair.

The titan inhaled sharply, causing the air to rush backward and into his mouth and nostrils.

Noland clung to the hair, preventing himself from being sucked into the titan’s mouth.

There were still 5 seconds left in the Twilight Dream countdown.




In the last two seconds, a roaring explosion burst from the titan’s mouth, and ferocious sound waves indiscriminately attacked everything in their vicinity.

The black tentacles tensed at this moment, closing their cysts.

The cyst secretions were bombarded and cut by the sound waves, reduced to powder by invisible air blades.

Those extraordinary traits that lingered on the titan’s surface, whether tainted by the black tentacles or not, were all shattered by the wailing, becoming dust that scattered with the wind, spilling onto the mountains and forests below.

This was the first time Noland had seen these details.

Previously, when the titan wailed, he had always been on the ground, unable to imagine the power of the wailing sound waves.

A ripping pain engulfed his entire body in an instant, as if countless sharp daggers were stabbing into him at the same time.

As his consciousness was about to be completely submerged by the vast pain, a system message pulled him back from the brink:

[Warning! You are suffering soul damage!]

[The “Soul Shield” can resist this kind of damage!]

Noland’s thoughts flashed like lightning.

The system message had appeared for only 0.1 seconds, and he had already sketched the “Soul Shield” blueprint in his mind..