Chapter 82 Part2

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Hua Feisheng naturally could also see there was something wrong with her. When martial artists fight, they would not seek a one-sided advantage. But he seemed to have personally experienced Hua Wanyu's wasting of her limbs. He would definitely not let go of Hua Jinglan!

Hua Feisheng's movements became faster. The phoenix's cry almost overshadowed the snake. Hua Jinglan could barely handle the person forcing her. Her dagger flicked and she jumped to another plum blossom stake. One foot tread empty air. Fortunately, she seized a stake in time!

She used her hands to flip over in mid-air. Hua Feisheng was approaching!

He fiercely struck her in her chest!

A strong internal force broke through her Qi wall and drilled into her internal organs. She spat out a stream of b.l.o.o.d.y mist. The beast form collapsed! She sliced the blade at Hua Feisheng and retreated. She retreated ten whole plum blossom stakes, pulling their distance to the farthest!

And Hua Feisheng did not chase. He coldly looked at her retreat, taking on an att.i.tude of a victor looking at a loser's retreat!

Fresh blood dripped into the lake and disappeared. Hua Jinglan gasped deeply. Her every breath was like ice-cold air piercing her chest, making her suffer in pain!

"Do you want me to break your four limbs too before you admit defeat?" Hua Feisheng asked maliciously.

There was no fear if her limbs were broken. As long as she was still alive, Hua Jinglan would make a comeback anywhere and anytime!