Chapter 258 - Chapter 258 Chapter 86 Ancestral Dragon Attack_l

Chapter 258 Chapter 86 Ancestral Dragon Attack_l

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The Ancestral Dragon looked at Huang Lao San closely and quickly discerned his identity.

“Yellow Sky Immortal Emperor, unexpected that you’re still alive. however, your current cultivation level only managed to recover to the Immortal Monarch Realm, yet you dared to confront me.

I wonder if you’ll be as lucky as in the ancient times to survive this!”

The Ancestral Dragon spoke calmly, but he did not feel calm.

According to Ye Jinsen, this Huang Lao San was a worshiper of the Ye family.

Even though Huang Lao San is just an Immortal Monarch now, he has the pride of a former Immortal Emperor.

To make a former Immortal Emperor willingly serve, is the background of Ye Jin Sen and the Ye family as simple as those Supreme Elders of the Dragon Clan describe?

According to those Supreme Elders, Ye Fan, the clan leader of the Ye family, was just a Golden Immortal with the strength of a Profound Immortal a thousand years ago.

Only a thousand years have passed, even if he has made some progress, he is at most a Profound Immortal, he poses no threat to the Dragon Clan today.

Among the Supreme Elders, only Ao Mu insisted that Ye Fan was not as simple as it seems, but was ignored by the Dragon Clan.

As a former Demon Ancestor, he never took the power of human clans seriously.

But today, the Ancestral Dragon had a change of mind.

This Ye family doesn’t seem that simple.

After all, what kind of ordinary family could make a former Immortal Emperor willingly serve?

The Ancestral Dragon knew his cultivation hadn’t fully recovered yet, and shouldn’t provoke strong enemies.

Yet, Ye XingLong’s rich bloodline power was something he couldn’t lack.

It was too difficult for an Immortal Emperor to regain the realm of a Taoist Ancestor.

However, the powerful bloodline within Ye XingLong who is also of Dragon Clan descent, was his best medicine for recovery.

Therefore, even if it meant offending a power whose background he was unsure of, he could not give up on Ye XingLong.

“Huang Lao San, he’s just a clan member, are you sure you want to oppose me for him?”

A trace of the might of a Demon Emperor ascended slowly from the Ancestral Dragon, targeting Huang Lao San.

Although the cultivation level of the Ancestral Dragon is currently just that of a Demon Emperor, he was once a powerful being in the Monster Ancestor State.

Even a generic Immortal Emperor wouldn’t stand a chance against the Ancestral Dragon now.

Especially since Huang Lao San was only a former Immortal Emperor and is currently just in the Immortal Monarch Realm.

However, Huang Lao San did not panic at all. His aim originally was not to annihilate the Demon Ancestor, but to delay him.

Moreover, Huang Lao San still had the trump card given to him by Ye Fan!

Symbol of Time, reversing time by sixty thousand years!

Sixty thousand years ago, Huang Lao San’s cultivation level was in the Immortal Emperor Realm.

The next moment, Huang Lao San felt the familiar power within him return at this instant.

Unfortunately, the Symbol of Time lasted only a day.

If he wanted to truly recover his strength, he still needed to cultivate diligently.

“Jinsen. You guys go ahead, I’ll handle this Ancestral Dragon!”

Controlling a supreme Taoist artifact, Huang Lao San charged towards the Ancestral Dragon.

The heavens and earth trembled, for a battle of the Immortal Emperor Realm was not something that ordinary Profound Immortal Realm beings could handle.

The Ancestral Dragon, not wishing to harm the Dragon Clan from the aftermath of the fight, immediately took Huang Lao San to fight in the skies.

“We can’t let him escape!”

The voice of the Ancestral Dragon resonated in the ears of every member of the Dragon Clan.

The Dragon Clan was shocked that the Ye family also possessed a powerhouse in the Immortal Emperor Realm.

Several Supreme Elders in the Profound Immortal Realm were quite shaken.

Wasn’t the strongest of the Ye family the Ye Fan who only had the strength of

Profound Immortal Realm?

How did the Ye family suddenly have a powerful being of Immortal Emperor Realm in such a short time?

If even the Immortal Emperor was only serving, how powerful would the Ye family be?

They realised that they had provoked an entity they couldn’t afford to offend.

But it was too late for regret now, they only hoped that the Ancestral Dragon could withstand the pressure of the Ye family.

Otherwise, they would be the ones to suffer.

Since they had already provoked the Ye family, and now that the Ancestral Dragon had made a declaration, they knew they couldn’t let Ye Jinsen and the others get away so easily.

Immediately, several Profound Immortal Realm Dragon Clan members and a dozen Golden Immortal Realm members surrounded Ye Jinsen and his comrades.

“Come on!”

Ye Jinsen absolutely didn’t mind.

Without the Ancestral Dragon, these Dragon Clan members were nothing but dogs.

“The Profound Immortals are mine to deal with, you two take care of the Golden Immortals.”

They drew out their medium-grade Taoist artifacts.

These Taoist artifacts were custom made by Ye Fan for each person.

Seeing the Taoist artifacts in the hands of Ye Jinsen and the others, several elders were wild with envy.

Why should Ye Jinsen have such good things while most of them didn’t even own a single Taoist artifact?

As a clan leader of the Dragon Clan, Ye Jinsen should contribute his valuable items for these supreme elders to enjoy.

The fight broke out instantly!

A few Supreme Elders initially fantasized about capturing Ye Jinsen and his comrades and snatching their Taoist artifacts.

But after the contact, they realized how naive their thoughts were.

Without using the Taoist artifact, Ye Jinsen was already impossible for them to stop.

Now that they have used the Taoist artifacts, they easily crushed them.

Law of Heaven and Earth!

Ye Jinsen morphed into a tiny giant, with a step, he sent a Dragon Clan elder flying thousands of miles. Dragon Blood spattered all over the ground, causing a stir among the underlying beings.

This was Dragon Blood, a rare treasure for them!

Not only was Ye Jinsen creating a storm with his side, the Little Red Dragon and Ye Xinglong over at the other side dealt the Golden Immortal Realm cultivators a punch each!

It was only due to the sheer quantity of cultivators from the Golden Immortal Realm of the Dragon clan, that Ye Xinglong could not defeat them all.

Most of the cultivators were from the Three Seas Dragon Clan.

Not a single member of the core North Sea Dragon Clan stepped forward.

Clearly, the North Sea Dragon Clan felt differently towards Ye Jinsen and his companions compared to the rest of the Three Seas Dragon Clan.

Though they could not change the outcome, they chose not to harm Ye Jinsen and his comrades.

After Ye Jinsen shattered Ao Hai’s scale armor with a single strike, he stood defiantly.

“Anyone else dares to step forward?”

Glancing around and finding no one else meeting his gaze, Ye Jinsen was visibly disappointed.

“Let’s leave!”

The trio of Ye Jinsen floated away.

Soon, the figure of the Ancestral Dragon appeared again before the eyes of the Dragon Clan.

However, the Ancestral Dragon was not as carefree as before.

His scale armor bore many signs of injury.

“Where are they!”

The Ancestral Dragon implored. “They have fled, they are back in the Ye Family!” Ao Hai and the rest answered fearfully.

“Ye Family, very well!”

The Ancestral Dragon’s face was distorted in anger. As an ancient powerhouse, when had he ever been treated this way?

One human clan dare to disrespect him this much.

“Today, I am going to find out what the Ye Family really is made of.”

Soon, the Dragon Clan began mobilizing their forces towards the Ye Family.

On the other hand, a shamble Huang Lao San managed to pick up Ye Jinsen’s trio and they quickly made their way back to the Ye Family.

Despite being at a disadvantage, Huang Lao San was content.

A rare opportunity to beat up an ancient powerhouse of the Demon Ancestor State wasn’t one that could be found easily!

In the future, Huang Lao San could boast about beating the Ancestral Dragon.

The group quickly returned to the Ye Family. When they planned to involve Ye Fan, they were informed that he was in seclusion.

Given the rare circumstances of Ye Fan’s seclusion, the members of the Ye Family wouldn’t interrupt him over this matter.

For the Ye Family, the affairs of Ye Fan the ancestor were the most important.

Also, not as if they would fear the Ancestral Dragon even if Ye Fan did not come out of seclusion.

The current Ye Family wasn’t the one from before, helpless in the Changming World.

Now, the Ye Family had ample connections.

If they reached out to Guang Han Palace for help, the Palace would certainly intervene.

Moreover, the current Ye Family also had a temporary martial force at the Immortal Emperor Realm.

Could it not beat the Ancestral Dragon with two martial forces at the Immortal Emperor Realm?

By the time Ye Fan emerges from seclusion, the problem of the Ancestral Dragon could be solved completely.

“The Ye family members outside should pay attention to themselves and activate the grand formation. Huang Lao San, you should also go to the treasury and retrieve a Symbol of Time.”

As the matriarch of the Ye Family, Su Yan naturally had the right to allocate the resources of the Ye Family.

Most of the resources of Ye Family, except those owned by Ye Fan himself, were stored in the treasury.

Apart from Ye Fan, only Su Yan had a key to the treasury, which showed the position of Su Yan.

The cultivators of the Ye Family had no objections to Su Yan’s arrangements and retreated one after the other.

Virtually immediately, the Nine Turns Yellow River Formation and the Array of All Heavens and Stars that had undergone countless upgrades and had reached the high-end Taoist rank, started up one after another.

This formation protects the outer regions of the Ye Family, and the true core of the Ye Family is naturally in the Original Principle Realm.

Now, after the construction by the Ye Family, the Original Principle Realm is no weaker than the Blessed Land.

There are also a number of Ye family members within the Original Principle Realm.

As long as the Original Principle Realm is not destroyed, the foundation of the Ye family will not be damaged.

As the Ye family began to take action, the Dragon Clan’s troops also finally arrived.

The Ancestral Dragon stared at the Ye Family’s residence from afar, his eyes squinted.

Covered by two formations, even the Ancestral Dragon felt a bit shocked at the sight of the Ye Family residents.

Though he already knew the Ye Family was no simple entity, seeing their residence still gave the Ancestral Dragon an inscrutable feeling.

When did this Ye Family jump out?

Theoretically, the practice of an Immortal Emperor is calculated in units of ten thousand years.

He has only been absent for tens of thousands of years, how could a family this strong suddenly appear in the Yangming world?

According to the information obtained by the Ancestral Dragon, this Ye Family has only risen in just a few thousand years.

The Ye Family absolutely has a big secret.

If he could obtain the secret of the Ye Family, he might have a chance to recover his cultivation as the Demon Ancestor.

For the Ancestral Dragon, nothing is more important than recovering his cultivation.

If necessary, he could even sacrifice the entire Dragon Clan to restore his cultivation.

After all, in the view of the Ancestral Dragon, the Dragon Clan he created in Changming World was just to serve him.

Now that he has a demand, the Dragon Clan simply cannot refuse.

The Ancestral Dragon transformed into his original form, his body of thirty thousand feet made everything else seem incredibly insignificant.

The next moment, the Ancestral Dragon extended his dark golden claw and viciously struck the Ye Family residence.

The two grand formations immediately began to rumble intensely..