Chapter 64 - Chapter 64: Chapter 64: You Move Out of the Master Bedroom

Chapter 64: Chapter 64: You Move Out of the Master Bedroom

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“So your father didn’t give the family commandment token to your mother?” Xaviera Evans asked curiously.

“Hmm.” Caleb Mamet chuckled softly, his eyes full of meaning, “Why are you suddenly asking about the family commandment token, do you want it?”o

Xaviera choked and then looked away. Just asking was tantamount to wanting?

She didn’t know how this man’s thought process worked. If Mrs. Mamet found out that she was eyeing the family commandment token, she would undoubtedly be scolded as shameless again.O

However, Caleb curled his lips. This woman seemed smart, yet sometimes seemed foolish enough not to know that the family commandment token was already on her.

After the two went upstairs, Caleb went straight to his study. He hadn’t seen the documents sent by the company yet, and there was a video conference that needed him to host. Xaviera returned to the master bedroom on the third floor to sort out her things until she was so hungry that her stomach growled, and then she went downstairs to find something to eat.

Unexpectedly, just when she went downstairs, she saw Mrs. Mamet ordering a group of servants to move Vita Coriell’s luggage into the villa.

“Mrs. Jenny, isn’t this inappropriate, having me and Caleb live in the same room …” Vita’s face turned slightly red.

Mrs. Mamet patted her hand: “What’s there to be shy about? You and Caleb are already Fiance and Fiancee. If it wasn’t for the misunderstanding in-between, you two would have been married by now, and you would have eventually lived in the same room anyway. It’s just a matter of starting earlier, and no one will gossip about it.” After speaking, she lowered her voice: “And besides, if you don’t live there, that woman will live with Caleb. Do you want them to continue entangling each other?”

Vita bit her lip: “I understand, Mrs. Jenny, and I know you mean well, but Caleb is currently infatuated with Miss Evans and puts her above everyone else. I’m afraid that if I do this, Caleb might grow even more dissatisfied with me.”

“You think too much.” Mrs. Mamet poked her forehead: “All men in the world are alike. Our Vita is so beautiful, what man wouldn’t be tempted?”

“Mrs. Jenny…” Vita acted coquettishly, holding onto her arm.

Mrs. Mamet couldn’t do anything with her, so she had to compromise: “But you’re right, Vita. Caleb is currently bewitched by that temptress, so he can’t see your merits for the time being. Moving in hastily would only make Caleb dissatisfied. So don’t hurry to live with him.” With that, she instructed the servants to move Vita’s things to the room next to Caleb’s.

The housekeeper stood in place, motionless.

No matter if it was living in the same room with Caleb or next door, he couldn’t do it. The third floor only had one master bedroom, which now belonged to Mrs. Mamet, and young Mr. Mamet had been living with Mrs. Mamet recently. Thus, he couldn’t fulfill the request to let Vita live in their neighboring room.

Vita also thought of this. She remembered that last time she came to the villa, Caleb and Xaviera had come down together from the third floor. Clenching her fists tightly, tears filled her eyes as she said to Mrs. Mamet: “Mrs. Jenny… Caleb lives on the third floor… And that woman also lives on the third floor.”


Mrs. Mamet jumped up: “That little Bitch actually lives in the same room with Caleb? How is that possible? Caleb hates it when strangers enter his room! Housekeeper, go throw that bitch’s things out of Caleb’s room right now! Vita, don’t be sad, I will definitely give you an explanation.”

The housekeeper resisted: “Mrs. Mamet has been living in the master bedroom since she entered.”

If their young Mr. Mamet, who had such a strong territorial awareness, had to give in to her, then what right did Mrs. Mamet, a mother who wasn’t close to her son, have to force her to leave the master bedroom?

Just as Mrs. Mamet was about to speak, suddenly, Vita’s face turned pale, and she trembled as she looked upstairs: “Miss Evans, you’re here… I… I didn’t mean to deliberately occupy your room. Please don’t misunderstand…” Everyone turned their heads upon hearing her voice.

Leaning lazily on the stairs, Xaviera crossed her arms over her chest, her demeanor like that of watching a drama. Seeing her like this, Mrs. Mamet became even angrier, and her tone was commanding: “Xaviera, you came at the right time. With your status, you don’t deserve to live in the master bedroom at all. I’m giving you a chance now, move your things out of the master bedroom yourself, and I won’t fuss over it. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not giving you face.”

Xaviera raised her eyebrows.

Not give her face? When has this woman ever given her face?

Mrs. Mamet was convinced that Xaviera wouldn’t dare defy her orders, so after speaking, she sat down on the sofa with Vita and leisurely drank coffee, completely disregarding Xaviera.

Xaviera rubbed her temples… What should she do? This was really irritating….