Leng fan immediately used space jump and came to the local artillery position in the twinkling of an eye. But at the moment he appeared, more than a dozen lasers came at him from all directions. He immediately displayed a colorless wall to block the attack of these lasers. However, his colorless wall almost collapsed under the laser.

A figure appeared in front of him out of thin air, and he subconsciously cut out a sword. The sword knocked the other party away and landed on the ground. At this time, he saw clearly that it was a woman in a white dress who rushed towards him. The woman looks very young, but her actual age is unknown.

"Princess, I'll help you." this voice came from the opposite side, and then a man in white rushed up.

Leng fan first observed these two people, and they both exuded divine power. It can be seen that these two people at least have the fighting power of little divine generals. However, the divine power they emit seems to be somewhat different from the divine power of the divine world, and the divine power they emit seems to be polluted.

Leng fan's goal is not to defeat them. As long as he destroys these cannons on the ground, he will complete the task. Because of his counterattack against the natives and his inner support, he would do the same thing himself.

"Offended" Leng fan growled in a low voice, pulled out the chopping sword and cut down towards the cannon on the ground.

A deep crack was cut on the ground, which destroyed all the cannons. Leng fan tried to reduce the damage as much as possible, but he still caused several casualties, which he didn't want to see.

"Sorry, I just want to destroy these guns. Now the task has been completed, see you tomorrow!" After Leng Fan said this, he showed space jumping again, and instantly disappeared in situ.

Leng fan returned to Yan Xier. Because there was no artillery attack, they were able to deal with the natives with ease and even counterattack. However, the team centered on Li Hai will not choose to counter attack, because Li Hai wants to ensure that everyone can go back safely.

"Go, I'll cover the rear," Li Hai shouted, and then he rushed out to block the attack of all the natives and give Leng fan time for them to evacuate.

At the next moment, Leng fan and several of them successfully broke through the siege and were far away from the battlefield, but there was still some distance from the tunnel mouth.

"The natives must have set ambushes on every road, so we can't go on the normal road anymore, so we can only take the path. But once this path is ambushed, it's difficult to retreat." Li Hai analyzed.

Yan Xier said, "I think we'd better not go anywhere now, just wait here."

"Why?" Li Hai can't understand why Yan Xier made such a proposal.

Yan Xier explained, "because now all the Li family's children will think about going back, and they will definitely rush towards the space tunnel together, and the other party is not stupid. Since they want to leave us all, they are bound to pay all the obstacles. Whether it's the main road or the small Road, they can do all the interception for them. They have a large number of people, so they won't miss any road."

After hearing this, Li Hai immediately thought that Yan Xier's analysis was very reasonable. There were so many people on the other side, and they were more familiar with the terrain here. No road could escape their eyes, and they really entered their ambush when they ventured there.

"Why wait until when?" Li Zhenzhen asked.

Yan Xi'er replied, "when the Li family in the divine world knows what happened here, the strong Li family will definitely enter the forbidden area."

Leng fan suddenly interrupted, "at that time, I'm afraid the natives here will be slaughtered. In front of the great God will even be the strong man of the peak God King, and the world may be cleaned up."

Yan Xi'er nodded and said, "when people in this world make such a counterattack, their fate will be determined, unless there is a person who can fight with the peak God in V among them. However, they do not have this opportunity, and there can be no such person."

Leng Fan said, "maybe!"

Yan Xier asked, "are you pitying people in this world?"

Leng fan didn't avoid this problem, and frankly replied, "yes, I think they are very poor, waiting for their lives to be killed by V from birth. They shouldn't have such a fate. They should have the same right to live as all people in the divine world."

Yan Xi'er didn't refute, but replied, "but the current situation is like this, and you can't change their fate. If they want to change, they need to rely on their own efforts to defeat all the strong people in the Li family, so that they can be free and even break through the sky."

"One day, I believe they will wait for that day." Leng Fandao.

Li Hai said with a smile, "they won't have a reincarnation every thirty years. The strong here will be killed every thirty years. Do you think they will have a chance to practice to the God King? Unless the Li family hasn't sent anyone to practice for thousands of years, they may have this chance."

Li Zhenzhen nodded.

Leng Fan said, "maybe it is, but if one of the people in this world understands the field of time. Control time, and let their practice change from year to year, from ten years to a hundred years, or even from one year to a hundred years. At that time, the strong in this world will reach the realm of God King, and they are the descendants of ancient gods, and their talent will not be worse than you."

Li Hai's face was frightened after hearing this. If it was really as Leng Fan said, once the world was strong, the strength of the counterattack would also be overwhelming waves. After all, the thousands of years of killing made them hate the Li family already.

"It's no use talking about this now. We'd better pay more attention to the outside. Since we choose to wait here, we won't create complications." Yan Xier said.

Leng fan stood up and replied, "I'm not going to sit here and wait for death, and my experience is not over."

"Are you stupid? You went out to die by yourself." Li Hai shouted to Leng fan.

Leng fan replied, "in fact, when I just fought with those people, I noticed that they are essentially no different from us. As long as I change my clothes and stand in their crowd, they won't recognize me."

Yan Xi'er was surprised and said, "can it still be like this? It sounds feasible, but do you think the other party really doesn't have the mark to distinguish between companions and enemies? Don't underestimate these people, their wisdom will not be lower than any of us."

Leng Fan said, "they must have marks, but hundreds of thousands of people, I believe they will not have marks for everyone. At most, they will have marks to distinguish identity between the strong. I just mix with a large number of ordinary people, and I have no divine power, so they can't find me."

Yan Xier said, "although it's true, you'd better be careful and don't take risks."

Yan Xier knew Leng fan's plan, and she didn't want him to leave the Li family in this way, but she didn't want him to leave like this.

Li Haidao: "you're too adventurous. Now it's not training, but to live. This is not the divine world, and there will be no resurrection after death. Many of our Li family's children died here during training, but they have hardly been resurrected."

"Don't talk, someone is coming." Leng fan found a group of people moving towards them.

Yan Xier whispered, "did they find us?"

Leng fan pointed to the footprints under his feet, and they immediately understood why someone would search for them.

"I'll kill them." Li Hai found that the power emitted by the searchers was not strong, so he thought he could kill them.

But Leng fan grabbed him and whispered, "if you kill them, more people will come. Let me distract them. It's safer than killing them."

Yan Xier said, "can you get away?"

Leng Fan said, "don't forget what magical powers I have understood."

Leng fan understood the magic power of space and could jump in space quickly. It was difficult for the God King to keep him.

"OK, forget that you have the power of space." Li Hai replied.

Li Hai said so. Yan Xier just wanted Leng fan to stay and didn't know what excuse to use. Finally, she said, "be careful, come back early." But she knew that this time he left and didn't know how long he would appear in front of her again.

Leng fan nodded and saw him jump out directly, and then he began to run in the distance in full view of the public. Therefore, he immediately caught up with a large number of natives, and as he ran, more and more people chased him behind.

Yan Xier watched his figure disappear in front of her eyes, and her heart suddenly showed a trace of sadness. She was in a particularly bad mood, but she couldn't tell why she had such feelings.

At this moment, Leng fan is like a fish in the sea. He can finally leave the Li family. But to get rid of the Li family completely, it depends on how he leaves the forbidden area of the Li family, otherwise he is still in the cage drawn by the Li family.

Jumping in space, he suddenly showed his magic power while moving, and instantly lost the pursuers behind him. After he was safe, he immediately found a lonely native, stunned him and put on his clothes. Now he looks like an ordinary person. In addition, he did not emit divine power, so his identity was difficult to be found by native people.

Leng fan swam along the road alone, and a group of natives appeared in front of him. They stopped after seeing him. He was ready to be questioned by the other party, but the other party didn't say anything. He took out a stone like a goose warm stone and shook it on him. Finally, the stone didn't react, so they left directly.

"Can that stone distinguish the Li family?" Leng fan guessed.

The stone can really distinguish the Li family. As long as the people with Li family blood close to the stone, the stone will shine. Leng fan naturally has no blood of the Li family, so this stone has no effect on him. But Yan Xier is different. Once she gets close to the stone, she shines.

After Leng fan walked a distance, he found a camp in front of him, which looked like a place to treat the wounded from a distance. After approaching, it was determined that the camp was for the treatment of the wounded, and a large number of the wounded were sent here from all directions. There are a large number of doctors in the camp to treat the wounded, but the number of the wounded is increasing, and the number of doctors seems to be insufficient.

Leng fan smoothly entered the camp after being examined by stones at the gate of the camp, but after entering the camp, what he heard in his ears were screams, because almost all the injured people had varying degrees of trauma, which brought unbearable pain, of course, they would make painful cries.

"Hey" Leng fan looked at them with sincere sympathy. The world was the cage established by the Li family. No matter how they jumped, they couldn't jump out. Just as Li Hai and Yan Xier said, the slaughter every 30 years, even the strong who have the opportunity to become the king of God will die prematurely.

"Doctor, doctor, where is the princess injured, the princess injured..." a voice came into Leng fan's ear. He looked back and saw that the white princess who had fought with him not long ago was carried in from the outside with blood stains.

Leng fan immediately turned his head, because his appearance had been seen by the princess and the people around her. Once he was found, he had to run around again. So he could only use his divine sense to see the injury of the white princess, so he soon found that the injury of the white princess was extremely serious and could die at any time.

Several doctors gathered around. They examined the princess's injury. After their diagnosis, everyone's forehead was locked. It can be seen that they also saw that the princess's injury was too serious.

"What are you waiting for? Save people..." the young man in white who fought with the princess in white roared. His eyes were red and his body was murderous.

"Son of God, the seven souls and six souls of the princess have been hurt, and the Shenyuan has almost been abolished. I'm afraid it won't take an hour." A doctor said to the boy in white.

The boy in white pulled out his sword, put it on the doctor's shoulder and threatened, "if you can't save the princess today, you'll have to pay for your life. Don't want to run away."

The doctors were really frightened and immediately knelt on the ground to beg for mercy. All cried that they had done their best, at least they had no medical skills.

"Nonsense, put the sword away." A tall and burly general came out of the camp, slapped the boy, and then scolded, "there are few doctors in the camp. Do you still want to kill? So many soldiers do this?"

Seeing the general, the boy knelt down directly and said, "meet my father, but the princess is injured..."

The general walked up to the princess and said in silence, "do you know that three princes have died?"

Hearing the news, the boy's whole face was stunned.

The general continued, "this is the war of annihilation. No one can escape, even if you are a prince and princess. As a son of the world, don't you understand this truth? And you should be in the front line now. You should rush to the front, not here. Point your sword at yourself."

The general's words made the boy ashamed, but he looked back at the princess, looking at her pale face, and the vitality that was about to disappear. At this moment, he knew he could do nothing. He stood up, took the sword back into his sheath and said, "if the princess can't be saved, I don't want to live, but I can't die here. If I want to die, I'll die on the battlefield."