Are you really a pharmacist?

"Sigh, this is a personal attack!"

Hearing that, a black line appeared on Fang Tao's forehead. He was speechless.

"But once a fly has its eyes on someone, it's hard to shake it off."

Xia Li laughed. No matter how she looked at it, it seemed like she was watching a good show.

"Fang Tao, even if you're famous now, you don't have to be so arrogant, do you?"

Not far away, Liang Hui felt a deep humiliation in his heart when he saw Fang Tao completely ignore him.

However, Fang Tao did not seem to want to bother with him and did not even bother to take a glance at him.

"He's the Fang Tao who challenged 'Hua Tuo Shen Fang' and proposed a series of new ideas?"

Being called out by Liang Hui, Huang Xie noticed Fang Tao and asked.

"That's right, it's that brat who doesn't know his limits."

"This guy is in the limelight right now, I'm afraid even Master Huang would not be able to enter his eyes."

Immediately, Liang Hui said again.

"He really is a proud kid."

Hearing Liang Hui's words, Huang Xun looked at Fang Tao, a little unhappy in his heart.

"Fang Tao is very famous right now. We should leave Master Huang from here."

Liang Hui pointed to a fork in the road and said slowly.

Upon hearing these words, Huang Su's brows twitched again. "I would like to know what kind of person dared to challenge the authority of an expert."

After he finished speaking, he did not care about Liang Hui's "obstruction", and quickly walked towards Fang Tao.

"You're Fang Tao?"

Fang Tao was preparing to leave by another route in order to shake off the annoying flies, but at that moment, a figure appeared in front of him, followed by a haughty voice.

"What's the matter?"

Looking at the somewhat Huang Shu, Fang Tao asked indifferently.

"My name is Huang Su."

Seeing how Fang Tao was treating him so indifferently, Huang Shu thought that he still didn't know his name, so he said this.

As long as one was in the medical field, once one heard of his name, there was no one who wouldn't be polite.

However, this time, it was obvious that Huang Su had miscalculated.

"And then?"

Just as Huang Xie was waiting for Fang Tao to come to his side with a face full of shock and a flattering look, a calm voice sounded.

"I'm Huang Su, a powerhouse in the world of medicine, what's the meaning of your attitude?"

Hearing this, Huang Su was stunned for a moment. In the next second, he couldn't take it anymore and shouted loudly.

"This bastard's an idiot, right?"

Seeing the somewhat angry Huang Xie, Fang Tao looked towards Xia Li and asked indifferently.

"Hur Hur Hur, I don't know."

Xia Li immediately laughed and shook her head.

Just as Huang Xiu was about to explode, Liang Hui walked over and berated him.

"What does it have to do with me whether he is a master or not?"

Fang Tao looked over coldly.

His good mood was foiled by the two idiots.

Pointing at Fang Tao, Liang Hui shouted loudly, as if the other party had done something heinous.

"Oh? I'm such a person, what can you do to me? "

Fang Tao was so angry that he laughed instead, and walked towards Liang Hui step by step.

At this moment, his expression was somewhat cold, and his pair of calm eyes gave off an extremely dangerous feeling.

"What's wrong with laozi, why the f * ck do you have to say that?"

Arriving beside Liang Hui, Fang Tao mercilessly swatted down.


A resounding slap sounded in everyone's ears, as if a stone had smashed into water.

"Fang Tao, you actually dared to hit me!"

Being struck dumb by Fang Tao's slap, Liang Hui took a long time before he could react. With a howl of rage, he charged towards his opponent with the intent to fight.

"Damn you."

"If I ever hear you talk nonsense again in the future, I'll cripple you!"

With a cold expression in his eyes, Fang Tao said in a low voice.

Looking at the cold expression on Fang Tao's face and Liang Hui who was wailing on the ground, everyone present was stunned.

No one had expected Fang Tao to act so straightforwardly without warning.

"Fang Tao, what are you doing?"

Seeing that Fang Tao was looking at him, Huang Xie's heart trembled. He could not help but take a step back and ask weakly.

"Don't worry, the guests are all guests. I will still give you some face."

Fang Tao looked at the terrified Huang Su, and then let out a cold laugh.

Some people never know fear if you don't teach them a lesson.

It was the same for Liang Hui and the rest.

"Good boy, you're really arrogant."

Realizing that Fang Tao did not dare to do anything to him, Huang Qide was relieved and his confidence increased.

"I will let you know how miserable it will be if you offend me."

Huang Jia looked coldly at Fang Tao as he threatened him.

Hearing this, Fang Tao's expression turned cold. He frowned as he looked at the smug face of the fool in front of him.

Did you not understand the situation?

[I won't bother with you now, but you still dare to threaten me!]

Is that shit in your small forehead?

If such a person could become a Grandmaster, then so could Fang Tao.

"It looks very lively."

Right at this moment, another voice sounded out from not too far away. Zhuang Jiaqing walked over with a palm-sized flower pot in his hand, and a smile on his face.

Of course, he did not realise that Liang Hui was lying on the ground. He only saw that Fang Tao and Huang Shu seemed to be talking to each other in a "friendly manner", and quickly walked over.

"Professor Zhuang, is this your academy's teacher?"

Huang Xiu obviously recognized Zhuang Jiaqing, upon seeing him walk over, he immediately stepped forward, and pointed at Fang Tao furiously.

Zhuang Jiaqing was startled, what kind of tempo was this?

Wasn't the exchange going well?

Why did it seem like he had become an enemy?

"Master Huang, what do you mean by that?"

Zhuang Jiaqing asked in confusion.

"I'm very disappointed with the quality of the teachers in your academy."

Huang Xiu's face was filled with anger, and as he spoke, his face revealed an expression of disappointment.

"For someone like Fang Tao to become a teacher on the stand, it's simply something unimaginable."

The more he spoke, the angrier his expression became, as if he was about to eat someone.

"If the Chinese medical field is filled with people like you, then the entire Chinese medical field can end here."

Fang Tao laughed coldly in response to Huang Shu's words. Then he took a step forward and said coolly.

As a pharmacist, Huang Xiugui didn't have the intention to revitalize Chinese medicine. Instead, he relied on the reputation of Chinese medicine to show off and show off.

Of course, Fang Tao understood in his heart that those true doctors disdained to be with people like Huang Xiu.

"Professor Zhuang, listen up. Is this something a teacher can say? This is unbelievable! "

Hearing this, Huang Kai was even angrier, pointing his finger at Fang Tao as his hands began to tremble.

"Teacher Fang Tao, what's going on?"

Zhuang Jiaqing was currently a little confused, looking at the furious Huang Su and the carefree Fang Tao, especially the Liang Hui he discovered lying on the ground, curled into a ball.

This scene did not seem to be very harmonious.

"There's nothing to say about being bitten by a dog."

Fang Tao waved his hand and said casually.

"Hmph, Professor Zhuang, your academy has truly and utterly disappointed me."

If not for his fear of Fang Tao's strength, he would have long rushed up to him.

"No, Master Huang, calm down. I think there must be a misunderstanding!"

Zhuang Jiaqing immediately said.

"There's no misunderstanding. My mind is very clear right now, so I can take responsibility for nothing I say."

The anger on Huang Xie's face had already started to twist, almost to the point of screaming out loud.

"I can already see that your academy will soon disappear like this yellow grass."

The furious Huang Xie suddenly looked at the flower pot in Zhuang Jiaqing's hand, and coldly said.

With that, he snorted and turned to leave.

Having suffered so much humiliation today, where would Huang Su stay?

He swore that Fang Tao would not be able to establish himself in the medical world in the future.

Looking at Huang Xie who had turned around to leave, Zhuang Jiaqing looked at the flower pot in his hands, a little dazed.

It was obvious that it was because of Fang Tao that Huang Su no longer had any good impressions of the academy.

This was not a good thing for the medical academy evaluation in the second half of the year.

Thinking about it, Zhuang Jiaqing immediately turned, wanting to leave Huang Xie to rest.


Just as Zhuang Jiaqing opened his mouth, a light voice came from beside his ear.

Hearing that, Zhuang Jiaqing suddenly looked towards Fang Tao.

At this moment, not only Zhuang Jiaqing, everyone around, including Xia Li, were all looking at Fang Tao with puzzled expressions.


Huang Kai stopped in place, then turned back to look at Fang Tao, his expression grim.

"What, you want to apologize to me? I tell you, it's too late. "

Huang Qide looked coldly at Fang Tao and said haughtily.

"Apologize your sister."

However, in the next second, Fang Tao's disdainful voice rang out.

"You … "Brat, let me warn you, don't be too ruthless in your actions. Otherwise, you won't even know how you died."

Hearing this, Huang Qide was immediately angered. However, he did not dare to argue with Fang Tao and could only fire an empty cannon from his mouth.

To this, Fang Tao simply gave him a disdainful look.

"I really want to know now, are you really an alchemist?"

Fang Tao looked over at Huang Su with a strange expression on his face.

"Hmph, my achievements are something that you will never be able to achieve in your entire life."

Huang Xiu coldly snorted, raised his head and said.