sis wu pointed to the thermal container in her hand and said to the nurse, "miss nurse, we are servants of the su family. madam ordered us to come and bring some soup for mr su's nutrition."

when the nurse heard this, she sized her up before saying, "didn't sister lian just deliver it this morning?" why did you bring the soup over for dinner? i don't think i've seen you before. "

"oh, it's like this. someone sent some fresh and expensive ingredients to our family tonight, so the madam ordered the soup to be boiled and sent to the eldest young master. sister lian already came to the hospital today, and her family was busy, so she asked me to send it. if you have any questions, i'll call aunt lian and ask her to speak to you. " sister-in-law wu said as she took out her cell phone to call.

seeing that, the nurse did not doubt him, so she waved her hand, "no need, mr. su's ward is in the front room, you can go in. there's a nurse accompanying him. "

"okay, thank you." sister-in-law wu thanked him and did not waste any more time. she and luo qingyun quickly walked towards the sickroom at the end of the corridor.

the two of them walked to the door of the ward. wu xiu stood in front of them and knocked on the door. not long later, a nurse in her thirties opened the door and saw two strangers standing there. she asked in confusion, "who are you looking for?"

with her sharp eyes, wu xiu saw the name on her chest plate. with a face full of smiles, she said, "you must be guard cai. i am from the su family. madam ordered me to bring nutrition soup for eldest young master."

her gaze landed on luo qingyun at the side. without waiting for her to open her mouth to ask, sis wu immediately said: "this is my daughter, she is not feeling well today, she is in the hospital and is planning to go back with me, so i brought her here."

hearing this, guard cai nodded her head. "mr. su is asleep now. put the soup down."

"so it's like that, how long has mr. su been sleeping for? "before i left the house, madame told me to keep an eye on him and drink at least one bowl of soup." sister-in-law wu said ashe laughed. "you also know that mr su's mouth is open. madame is afraid that he won't like it, so she won't drink any of it then."

"if that's the case, then come in first. mr. su has already slept for two to three hours. he should wake up soon. " as he spoke, protector cai opened all the doors and let them into the living room.

after entering the living room, luo qingyun subconsciously wanted to go into the ward to see su chen hao. sister wu knew that she was anxious, so she quickly asked guard cai: "guard cai, have you eaten dinner yet?"

"how can it be so early to eat? i have to wait until seven o'clock before the successor arrives to go eat." guard cai said casually.

"is that so? then you all must have had a lot of work, eating so late." sister-in-law wu said.

guard cai smiled and said, "what is the hard work these days?" it shouldn't be easy for you to work at the su family, right? "

"isn't that so? money is hard to earn now. it's all working for others. it's not that easy." sister-in-law wu smiled along with her words.

"yeah, but i'm a much easier worker in the vip ward than i am in the ordinary ward, and my salary is also much higher. the environment here is good, and fresh fruits are being served all day long. the quality of the rich people here is also high, so it can be considered to be pretty good. " said guard cai.

seeing that she had a good personality and that she was a talker, sister-in-law wu decided to try to get along with her by exchanging a few words with her.

halfway through their conversation, sister-in-law wu suddenly said: "isn't it okay for us to chat outside like this? mister su is in his room. it's not like we don't know what's going on. "

these words were a reminder to guard cai. she slapped her forehead and said: "look at me. i'm too busy chatting with you. i need to go watch mr. su."

seeing that, sister-in-law wu quickly said: "i'm not busy, i want to ask you about being a nurse. you know how hard it is to be a servant, but i envy you for being like this. it's relaxed, your salary is high, and your work environment is also good. "tell me about the requirements to be a nurse, i'll go back and let my daughter learn too."

"this... i have to look at mr. su, i can't just talk to you. " even though it was enjoyable, the work was more important, so he didn't dare to delay.

"that's fine, i'll ask my daughter to watch over it for you. since mr. su has woken up, she can just inform us." sister-in-law wu quickly said.

hearing that, luo qingyun deliberately asked: "you just need to watch it? i don't know anything else. "

guard cai nodded. "just watch him. call us when he wakes up."

"okay. then you guys go ahead and chat, i'll go in and take a look. " luo qingyun replied quickly and lightly and hurriedly walked into the ward.

at this moment, the room was extremely quiet. from the humidifier on the head of the bed, a fine mist was ejected, emitting a faint fragrance that covered up the smell of disinfectant.

su chen hao slept soundly on the white bed with his eyes closed.

the top of his head was wrapped in layers of white gauze, and his originally plump face had become much thinner.

it seemed like he'd suffered quite a bit these past few days.

luo qingyun looked at su chenhao, who was lying on the sickbed, and felt his nose turn sour. hot tears rolled down his face.

when had such a handsome, elegant, and powerful man ever been so fragile?

to be able to see him like this and confirm that he was out of danger, her heart fell to the ground.

hearing the tone of the nurse and nurse, su chen hao seemed to have woken up a long time ago, and there were no other issues.

if so, why hadn't he seen her for a long time?

her mind was full of questions. she wanted to ask them when he woke up.

reaching out, she wanted to touch his face, but before her hand could touch his cheek, the person on the bed opened her eyes abruptly. her hand was already in her grasp, and her deep eyes stared at her with a kind of perplexity and the usual coldness.

"chen hao …" seeing that he had finally woken up, luo qingyun opened her mouth and immediately called out his name.

before anyone could respond, a sharp voice came from the living room outside, "why are you here? who allowed you to come? "

when luo qingyun heard this voice, her heart shook.

this was a voice that she was familiar with and that she didn't want to hear the most.

zheng baoru!

how could that be? why did she come to the ward at this time?

before she could react, a series of footsteps came from outside. in the next second, zheng baoyu had already arrived at the door of the ward. he immediately saw luo qingyun, who was standing beside the bed with su chen hao holding her hands tightly.

when he saw luo qingyun, especially the moment when su chen hao was still holding onto her hand, zheng baoyu felt as if his blood was about to boil. a surge of anger rushed up to her head, and it was almost madness.

su chen did not use much strength to grab her hand. after being pushed by zheng bao zhu, the two of them were instantly separated. luo qingyun's body staggered and her back hit the wall.

"who allowed you to come here?" zheng baozhu shouted at her in an uncontrollable manner.

then, she turned her head to look at the scared and confused guard cai. "how did you do that?" who told you to let them in? "

protector cai was so scared that his entire body started to tremble. he stammered, "she …" "they said that the madam ordered them to come over with soup for eldest young master …"

"are you a pig? they will believe anything they say. " then, he walked over to the bed and grabbed su chen hao's hand. he pretended to be concerned and asked, "chen hao, are you alright? did she do anything to you? "

su chen hao frowned. he pulled out the hand that she was holding and stared at luo qingyun, who was leaning against the wall. she was wearing a mask and her eyes were red.

"who is she?" he asked, his voice as low as ever, but hoa.r.s.e with sleep.

who is she?

when these three words reached luo qingyun's ears, she froze as if she was struck by lightning. she stood there dumbfounded.

how could this be?

he couldn't recognize her?

was it because he was wearing a mask?

she raised her hand, and was about to take off the mask on her face to speak, when she heard zheng baozhu say, "she … she's not someone that's important. don't worry about her."

then he shouted at guard cai, "what are you still standing there for? if you don't chase these two out and disturb mr. su's rest, your life won't be able to afford it. "

at this moment, guard cai realized the seriousness of the situation and quickly said to luo qingyun and wu xiu, "you two swindlers actually lied to me. get out of here."

with that, she picked up the walkie-talkie hanging on the wall, turned on the switch, and shouted towards the inside, "someone come quickly, there are intruders in mr. su's ward. hurry and chase them out."